Seattle (SEA) to Victoria (YYJ) Flight Deals

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Seattle to Victoria Flight Information

Seattle to Vancouver (SEA to YYJ) is the shortest route in North America

Flight distance

84 miles (135 km)

Travel Time: 45 minutes

Time Difference: 0 Minutes

Departure and Arrival Airports

Departure Airport in Seattle

Seattle–Tacoma International Airport

Official Name: Seattle–Tacoma International Airport

Airport Code: SEA

Location: 14 miles (23 km) south of Downtown Seattle and 18 miles (29 km) north-northeast of Downtown Tacoma in SeaTac, WA.

Hub for: Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines

Quick Facts: The airport handles flights to 91 non-stop domestic and 28 international destinations. Thirty-four airlines operate from its terminals.

Arrival Airport in Victoria

Victoria International Airport

Official Name: YYJ

Location: It is 12 nautical miles (22 km; 14 mi) north northwest of Victoria on the Saanich Peninsula, with the bulk of the airport.

Quick Facts About YYJ: YYJ does not have United States customs and border preclearance. Passengers fly first to Vancouver International Airport (YVR), which does have U.S. preclearance.

Operating Airlines

Airlines Flights by Stop Departure Airport Arrival Airport Connection Airport
Alaska Airlines (AS) Nonstop SEA YYJ Not applicable
Air Canada (AC) 1-Stop SEA YYJ Vancouver (YVR)
WestJet Airlines (WS) with Alaska Airlines 1-Stop SEA YYJ Vancouver (YVR)
United Airlines (UA) with Air Canada (AC) 1-Stop SEA YYJ Vancouver (YVR)

Victoria Climate Information

Temperature (°F)

  • Higher
  • Lower


  • Days/Month
  • Inches


  • Humidity (%)

Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of departure flights take off on time at Seattle International Airport?

Eighty two-percent of the total domestic departure flights (22,296k) were on time at Seattle International Airport were on time. The delayed departure minutes stood at 57.24 minutes.

Which is the best airline to fly from Seattle to Victoria?

Alaska Airlines (AS) tops the list of carriers operating on this route by on-time performance. The data is sourced from OAG OTP Report (June ’18 – May ’19)

Airlines On-Time Flight % Total Flights
Alaska Airlines (AS) 80.7 456,996
Westjet Airlines (WS) 77.1 264,070
United Airlines (UA) 76.9 1,769,122
Air Canada (AC) 66.6 588,181

Which airline has the cheapest flight ticket?

Air Canada (AC).