London has a diverse chain of exclusive restaurants. It has some of the most exotic restaurants where you can relish the delicacies of the best recipes and drinks. This particular feature of London makes it the most sought-after spot for a family outing. While you make your booking for the trip to London, you must find out some budget places for food in London, and once your trip is over, you will be obsessed with those places.

Now, “Where to eat in London?” is a valid question and we need to be very careful while making our selection for the best eating place around the city. Though, there are numerous restaurants in London, but you need to be choosy so that you can grab one that caters to your need. For this, you must be aware about the best places to eat in London. The information is available online. You need to check for the best deals for those restaurants while you book cheap flight to London. To name a few we have enlisted them here:

1. Windermere Brasserie

You would like this place. It has well decorated guest rooms and apartments which will surely overwhelm you. You can make your business meeting or a friendly gathering. It suits best to your needs. To check for availability you can go online and check for the details. If you are looking for a long stay and nice food, you must go in for this hotel.

Cuisines: British, French
Average Cost: £50 for two people (approx.)

2. Kennington Lane Café

This is a nice spot for having the classic British recipes which ranges from fish, roasts to some of the best global recipes. The staffs are very friendly and they welcome you with open arms.  You just cannot afford to ignore this place, and it will make you stand, by and join the crowd. You can enjoy full breakfast at £6.60, veggie brunch at £6.70. All this includes black pudding, bubble mushrooms, beans or tin tomatoes, sausage and much more delicious stuff. They have salad lunches, dinners and desserts.

Average Cost: £20 for two people (approx.)

3. One Aldwych

You can have your afternoon tea in One Aldwych. For this you can do online booking while you check for London Flight Deals. It serves Cocktail Charlie which is at £59 per person with Lallier Grande Reserve Rose Champagne. You would always like to come again and again.

Cuisines: British
Cost For Two: £50

4. The Victoria

This restaurant is neat and clean and offers excellent food with drinks. Here, you can avail vegetarian food along with gluten-free options. It has a bar, pub, and gastro a pub. The Victoria has friendly staffs who welcome you open-heartedly. You can save huge money by booking online Flight Tickets to London. You must plan everything according to your days of stay.

Cuisines: Drinks Only
Average Cost: £20 for two people (approx.) | £4  for a pint of beer (approx.)

5. The Ledbury

A modern restaurant which is located on the Ledbury Road in  Notting Hill. The head chef is Brett Grahm who is world famous for his exceptional skill and cooking style. This place has a magnificent ambience. It serves you Green Beans, Nectarine and Grilled Artichoke Oil with Aged Beef Fat on Toast. Dried Ham and Truffle Grilled Cuttlefish with King Oyster Mushroom are some of the other stuff you can enjoy in The Ledbury. In the presence of impeccable service and exotic food you feel at home. When you Book Cheap Fight to London, you must make your booking with The Ledbury online.

Cuisines: British, European, French
Average Cost: £180 for two people (approx.)| £6  for a pint of beer (approx.)

6. Jamavar

It is an Indian restaurant which is located in Mayfair’s pricey Mount Street. It has some of the best Indian recipes in its menu. The food items are breathtaking, and the staffs, who serve the food are exceptionally professional and friendly. You can have lamb chops, fried soft shell crab with a spice along with vegan stuff. All this comes at reasonable price. It has such a clean ambience that will make your come here again and again. This place is most recommended if you are looking for a cheap and best place to have food with fun.

Cuisines: Russian, European
Average Cost: £30 for two people (approx.)

7. Liman Restaurant

It is a Mediterranean restaurant in London which serves some of the best Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine along with dessert. This restaurant is famous across the country for its hospitality and quality of food.  You must go in for this restaurant during your trip and hence, when you are exploring the best London Flight Deals you must choose this restaurant as a place to have food along with your family.

Cuisines: Mediterranean

8. Pizza Union

If you are addicted to Pizza, then you should make your wise choice for Pizza Union Cheap Ticket to London. You can have margarita at only £3.95. The most expensive pizza goes for only £8. They have a proper turnaround time and they, adhere to the same. By visiting this place, you would never repent on your decision.

Cuisines: Pizza, Italian
Cost For Two: £15

9. Kibele Restaurant & Bar

It is a well-known Turkish restaurant in London which is known for its food, décor and the service provided by the staffs. If you are fan of Turkish recipes, this is place is worth visiting. You also have vegan and gluten-free options along with other facilities like Romantic dining, business meetings, and special occasion dining.  You can make your time memorable by coming to this restaurant as it gives you immense joy and thrill.

Cuisines:  Turkish food
Cost For Two: £15

10. Hankies Café

This café is well known for serving Roomali roti, a traditional Indian roti which is thin and cooked on Roomali tawa and looks like a hankie. If you like Indian food, this place will relish your desire for the same. Right now, there is 50% off on food and you must make your bookings for the Flight Tickets to London with a view to visit this cafe. Booking a cheap ticket to London at Cheapfaremart take advantage of attractive discounts. This savings will be of great use while you would be on your trip to London.

Cuisines: Indian
Average Cost: £25 for two people (approx.)

So, explore the beautiful and exotic sites of the city and preserve the beautiful memories of its various restaurants.

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