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 Turkish Airlines Flight Booking

Turkish Airlines Insights

  • Primary Airports: Istanbul Airport, Antalya Airport  
  • Headquarters: Yesilkoy, Istanbul, Turkey 
  • Most Traveled Routes: Istanbul to London, Istanbul to New York, Istanbul to Casablanca, Istanbul to Seoul 
  • Popular Destinations: London, Frankfurt, Cairo, San Francisco, Dubai, Doha, Bangkok

In-Flight Experience with Turkish Airlines

  • Business Class: Wide, lie-flat seats with adjustable armrests and touchpad control ensure ultimate comfort on Turkish Airlines flights. Rotating tray table, privacy screens, reading lamp, suit hanger, mirror, charging outlets, and ample storage space add to the experience. Also, enjoy stylish Ferragamo personal kits, noise-cancelling Denon headphones, and organic slippers. Orthopedic mattresses and soft quilts promise uninterrupted rest. 
  • Economy Class: Embrace complete relaxation with easy-to-recline and spacious seats featuring adjustable headrests and armrests. Convenient charging ports keep your devices juiced. On select routes, travel kits containing socks, sleeping masks, earplugs, and toothbrushes are provided. Headphones are available on international flights.
  • Dining: Relish delectable seasonal dishes prepared by gifted chefs. From omelets, bread, kebabs, and grilled dishes to sandwiches, cutlets, pasta, ravioli, crepes, and pancakes, you will be spoilt for choice. Refreshing mocktails, cocktails, teas, coffees, and soft beverages are served too. You can request special meals in case of dietary restrictions or allergies. 
  • Entertainment: Making Turkish Airlines reservations means you will never notice how time flies in the air. Enjoy it all onboard, from the latest blockbuster movies and chart-topping songs to popular television shows and interactive games. The airline features music albums from over 2000 artists and has special programs for children.
  • Connectivity: Stay connected with loved ones or work on important projects even when you are up above the clouds, thanks to Turkish Airlines’ in-flight connectivity facility. Access high-speed internet via smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Both paid and complimentary passes are available for passengers, based on the cabin class and Miles&Smiles membership. 

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Before You Take Off, Here Are Some Must-Know Things About Turkish Airlines

  • Booking Management: It is easy to purchase tickets, upgrade your cabin class, check flight status, and change a reservation on the Turkish Airlines website. If required, you can cancel a booking and request refunds without hassle. In case your itinerary is not finalized but you find a suitable flight at an attractive price, you can hold the price for a certain period. 
  • Additional Services: When making Turkish Airlines reservations, you can personalize your trip with extra services. Their website makes it easy to choose seats in advance, rent cars, book hotel rooms, and buy travel insurance to stay financially protected against unexpected events. You can also buy lounge passes and pick from an exciting add-on menu.  
  • Special Assistance: Whether you are traveling with kids or pets or have a disability, Turkish Airlines offers special assistance to make your journey glitch-free. Exclusive services are also available for expecting women and unaccompanied minors. Just check the website for regulations, essential paperwork, eligibility conditions, charges, etc.   
  • Baggage: The free baggage allowance on Turkish Airlines flights varies based on the origin and destination, cabin class, and any special membership. The website covers all relevant information and helps you calculate extra luggage fees. You will also find the terms and conditions related to sports or musical equipment and a list of prohibited items. Moreover, check how to track bags and what to do if something is damaged or lost.   
  • Miles&Smiles: Besides earning miles when flying with Turkish Airlines and partner carriers, you can use Miles&Smiles credit cards to shop from program partners and accumulate points. Redeem them to upgrade your cabin class, book the next trip, select special seats, and pay for extra luggage. 
  • Fleet: Turkish Airlines boasts a technologically advanced and high-end fleet composed of Boeing and Airbus aircraft. With models like Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, Boeing 777-300 ER, Airbus A350-900, Airbus A321neo, and Boeing 737-900ER under the carrier’s belt, you can expect safe and comfortable journeys with memorable views. 

Turkish Airlines FAQs

Q1. Can I carry my diving gear in the cabin on Turkish Airlines flights?

No, sports equipment is only allowed as checked baggage and accommodated in the aircraft’s hold. To avoid damage, it must be packaged carefully. 

Q2. Can I get a discount when making a Turkish Airlines flight booking for kids?

Depending on the fare class and route, discounts may be available for kids between 2 and 12 years. However, you need to provide proof of age before flying and contact a sales office or call center for the latest information. 

Q3. Do I need to submit a medical report to Turkish Airlines if I fly during pregnancy?

A medical certificate is not required if you are yet to reach the 28th week of your pregnancy. Beyond that, a doctor’s approval is necessary. 

Q4. Does Turkish Airlines allow online check-in for a group reservation?

You can check in online for up to 9 passengers in one go. Remember to mention their surnames and ticket numbers one by one. 

Q5. Am I allowed to carry perfumes in my hand baggage on Turkish Airlines flights?

Yes, as long as the container capacity is not more than 100 ml and it is sealed tightly. 

Q6. Can I request nut-free meals when flying Turkish Airlines if I have an allergy?

You should place your request at least 48 hours before departure in that case. However, if prone to severe allergies, consult your doctor, carry the necessary medicines and prescriptions, and inform the cabin crew in advance. 

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