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 Royal Jordanian Flight Booking

Royal Jordanian Airline Insights

  • Primary Airports: Queen Alia International Airport, King Hussein International Airport
  • Head Quarters: Amman, Jordan
  • Most Traveled Routes: Amman to Cairo, Amman to Beirut, Amman to Istanbul
  • Popular Destinations: Amman, Aqaba, Petra, Cairo, Beirut, Istanbul, Dubai, London, New York

In-flight Experiences with Royal Jordanian Airlines

  • Crown Class (Business Class): Savor an opulent voyage with Royal Jordanian's exquisite Crown Class. Relish the ultimate in-flight comfort with roomy seats that unfold into completely flat beds and come with 17-inch personal entertainment screens. Enjoy a customized dining experience with various mouthwatering meals prepared by gourmet chefs. Treat your palettes to the richness of a three-course dinner paired with carefully chosen wines and other alcoholic beverages. Enjoy priority boarding, device power outlets, and exclusive lounge access.
  • Economy Class: Enjoy a comfortable and restful ride with Royal Jordanian Economy Class, which has ergonomic seats. Savor a variety of entertainment choices, including TV series, music, and movies, on 12-inch personal screens. Delight in an extensive array of meals and snacks that you can order from the in-flight menu. Maintain a connection with the world below using the onboard Wi-Fi, which allows you to browse, send emails, and access social media.
  • In-Flight Entertainment: Royal Jordanian offers a comprehensive selection of entertainment options in several languages. You can watch blockbuster films, classic cinema, popular TV series, and top-charting music across genres and countries. The touch-screen technology provides a smooth and comfortable viewing experience. Moreover, you can play games online, and the AVOD system guarantees an unmatched entertainment experience.  Additionally, a range of periodicals, novels, and newspapers in several languages are available to passengers.
  • Connectivity: Use Royal Jordanian's in-flight super-fast Wi-Fi services to stay connected during your trip. These services let you work, browse, and contact loved ones while you're thousands of feet in the air. The service is called SkyConnect and is available on the Embraer E175, Embraer E195, Airbus A319, Airbus A320, and Airbus A310 aircraft.
  • Supplementary Services: Royal Jordanian offers complete travel insurance options to provide travelers peace of mind. These extra services, which cover a variety of concerns like luggage and trip cancellation, provide a worry-free travel experience.

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Before You Take Off, Here Are Some Must-Know Things About Royal Jordanian Airlines

  • Modern Fleet: Royal Jordanian takes pride in its extensive and modern fleet, built to provide passengers with the highest level of comfort and state-of-the-art facilities. Travel in style on aircraft like the Airbus A320, Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and Airbus A321.
  • Comprehensive Services: As a leading airline, Royal Jordanian offers a comprehensive range of services suited to various passenger needs and preferences. Every visitor will have a unique and fascinating experience with Royal Jordanian, which offers everything from luxurious first-class amenities to cozy economy-class travel. Enjoy complimentary snacks, beverages, and special services catering to passengers' specific requirements.
  • Seat Selection: During online check-in or at airport kiosks, passengers flying with Royal Jordanian can select the seats of their choice. The airline also provides a complimentary seat selection option when booking a flight. Comfort for passengers is a top priority for Royal Jordanian, with enough legroom in every seat.
  • Benefits of Membership: Royal Jordanian has a frequent flier loyalty membership program called the Royal Plus plan. Members of this loyalty program can access special discounts on airfare, unique privileges like lower hotel stays and rentals, and additional benefits with its different tiers: Silver Jay and Platinum HAWK. Members can access unique Royal Jordanian Airline deals and extra advantages with each tier.
  • Baggage Policies: Before proceeding with your Royal Jordanian Airlines reservations, familiarize yourself with the airline’s baggage policies. Following the guidelines, you might be able to check your luggage for free. The amount of luggage you are allowed to check will vary depending on your itinerary, degree of loyalty, ticket type, and purchase date.
  • Duty-Free Shopping: Browse Royal Jordanian's extensive selection of duty-free products, which includes travel necessities, makeup, alcoholic beverages, and mementos. Travelers can shop conveniently while on board by browsing or placing online orders for in-flight delivery. Earn points in the Royal Plus program with every purchase, redeemable for rewards and perks in the future.

Royal Jordanian FAQs

Q1. Can I pre-book my choice of seat on Royal Jordanian flights?

Yes. You can easily select the seat of your preference on Royal Jordanian flights, depending on availability. Also, some seats might come with additional charges. 

Q2. Does Royal Jordanian Airlines provide services for special needs people? 

Yes. Royal Jordanian Airline flights are well equipped with the amenities required for special needs people, including wheelchairs, hearing aids, medical help, and more. 

Q3. Does Royal Jordanian provide any sleep time amenities?

Yes. Royal Jordanian provides blankets and pillows for added comfort and refreshments as well during the night.

Q4. Can I take my pets onboard on Royal Jordanian flights?

Royal Jordanian flights allow your furry friends to travel onboard with you with added carriers and guidelines. 

Q5. Where can I book cheap flights with Royal Jordanian Airlines?

Cheapfaremart is your one-stop platform for economical airfares and affordable deals for Royal Jordanian flights.

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