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Oslo Travel Guide

Check Your Eligibility to Travel to Norway


  • Six months recommended


  • Two pages


  • Not required for stays under 90 days


  • None


  • 25 k Norwegian Kroner (or equivalent)


  • 25 k Norwegian Kroner (or equivalent)

Oslo, Norway: Overview

Oslo is the capital and most populous city of Norway. It constitutes both a county and a municipality. During the Viking Age (793–1066 AD), the area was part of Viken, the northernmost Danish province. The age saw large-scale raiding, colonizing, conquest and trading throughout Europe, and North America by its ethnic people so-called Norsemen.

Airport in Oslo, Norway

Oslo Airport

Official Name: Oslo Gardermoen Airport

Airport Code: OSL

Location:  The airport is located 22 miles (35 km) northeast of Oslo, at Gardermoen in the municipality of Ullensaker, in Viken county.

Hub For: Norwegian Air Shuttle, Scandinavian Airlines

Interesting Facts: The airport handles flight operations to 26 domestic and 155 international destinations. At 28.6 million passengers served in 2019, OSL became the second-busiest airport in the Nordic countries.

Operating Carriers from US Cities

Popular carriers are as follows:

  • LOT Airlines (LO): Officially LOT Polish Airlines, LOT Airlines is the flag carrier of Poland with its hubs Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) and Budapest Airport (BUD).
  • Virgin Atlantic (VA): Virgin Atlantic is a British airline. Flights to Oslo with Virgin Atlantic have their connection at its either London Heathrow (LHR) Airport or Manchester Airport (MAN).
  • Icelandair (FI): Icelandair is the flag carrier airline of Iceland, headquartered at Keflavík International Airport (KEF) near the capital city Reykjavik. The airport is also hub of the airport. All LOT Airlines flights departing from USA to Oslo have their connection at KEF.
  • Turkish Airlines (TK): It’s a flag carrier airline of Turkey with is hub at Istanbul Airport. All departure flights to Oslo, Norway from the USA are likely to have their hub at this airport.
  • American Airlines (AA): American Airlines is the flag carrier of the USA, and one of the best airlines in the North America by on-time performance. The airline operates its flights with connection at Amman (AMM) airport in Jordan. When it operates with British Airways, it may have its connection at the hub (LHR) of the latter’s.
  • United Airlines (UA): United Airlines is a major American Airlines. It’s departure flights to Kuwait are operated by Lufthansa or other carriers. The connection happens at the hub airport of the latter. For example, from EWR, it takes a stop in Germany (FRA).

No carriers operate nonstop flights to Oslo from any of the cities/airports in the USA.

Best Time to Visit Oslo

The best time to visit Oslo is in between May and August on account of temperate climate suiting your travel pursuits. During this time, you might find room rates within the range of $150- $200. Also, in this duration, you can find the midnight sun which happens in between June and July.

But if you are interested in winter sports like skiing, you can go in between September and April and participate in the Holmenkollen Ski Festival, celebrated every year in the month of March. The music lovers can plan an October visit to Oslo for participating in the Oslo World Music Festival.

Top Attractions in Oslo

Oslo stands as a body of the embodiment of everything rustic and beautiful. With museums, rustic city culture, favorable weather to embrace you with love and affection, Oslo is the place to be. There are a couple of places you should visit before you leave the city.

1. Oslo Cathedral

After being consecrated in 1697, the place has been rebuilt so many times. The last time it was renovated from the insides, it was after World War II. Now the inside walls are lined with cafes, antique dealers, and galleries.

2. Aker Brygge

The stunning architecture which makes a perfect blend of new and old, like the Norwegian city itself, is the heart and soul of the city beauty. It was built around the abandoned shipyard and now hosts Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern arts divided into two buildings, the first one for renowned artists and the other one for exhibitions.

3. Oslo’s National Museum of Art, Architecture, and Design

A must-see venue on the Kristian Augusts Gate, hosts some exhibitions each year. This venue includes National Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Arts, National Museum: Architecture, and Museum of Decorative Arts and Designs.

Adventures in Oslo

After done dealing with major attractions to cover on your trip and now wondering which places to go to get a bit of that adrenaline rush? So, let’s get on our list with crazy.

1. Holmenkollen

It’s a place in Oslo, which gets you every aspect of adventure you want in your life. Winters being its busiest season, it offers the steel ski jump and a gateway to vast trails for hiking and skiing. Even the summers have lots of option for cycling, hiking, canoeing, and fishing.

2. Cross Country Skiing

Often heard about that if you miss this experience, your journey is incomplete. This is how integral Cross Country is Skiing to Norwegian culture, which is why you should take your trip to these cross-country locations. Hop on the metro train to Frognerseteren which is the starting point of 2600km of ski trails.

3. Megazone

If you are done with your share of outdoor activities, and you want to try out laser games, obstacle course, paintballs, mechanical bulls, and sumo wrestling, this is the place where you would like to be. If you are on a bachelorette party, you can also find some offers on prebooking.

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