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 Air Europa Flight Booking

Air Europa Airlines Insights

  • Primary Airports: Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport, with Barcelona–El Prat Airport, Tenerife South Airport
  • Headquarters: Palma, Majorca, (Balearic Isles) SpaiMost Traveled Routes: Malaga to Palma De Mallorca, Miami-Barcelona, London to Buenos Aires, Gran Canaria to Madrid
  • Popular Destinations: Barcelona, Madrid, Buenos Aires, London, Malaga, Tenerife

In-Flight Experience with Air Europa Airlines 

  • Club Business: Passengers with first-class Air Europa Airlines reservations are in for a treat. Enjoy the solitude provided by spacious seats and privacy screens, and sleep peacefully on plush seats that transform into fully flat beds. Enjoy gourmet cuisine curated by Spain’s celebrated chef, Berasategui, paired with the finest Spanish wines. Relax in luxury with personalized lights, stowage spaces, work tables, USB ports, amenity kits, free Wi-Fi, a 16-inch screen, a touchscreen remote, and private aisle access.
  • Economy: Economy passengers on Air Europa Airlines flights can enjoy luxury and comfort without the high price tag. Flexible headrests and extra seat pitch offer sufficient legroom to stretch and relax. Sip on aromatic, freshly brewed coffee and tuck into sandwiches and snacks served by the gracious and hospitable crew.
  • Entertainment Services: Club Business passengers can choose from a wide range of entertainment options, like movies, music, TV shows, documentaries, and games, on their personal screens. Economy Class passengers on Air Europa can enjoy the free content offered by the airline on their personal devices or the overhead monitors placed throughout the airplane. On long-haul flights, Economy passengers also have personal seatback screens.
  • Connectivity: If you have an Air Europa Airlines flight booking, you can check on the airline site if your flight has Wi-Fi. You can purchase the package you want, and the airline will send you the voucher to be redeemed on board. Stay connected to work or family, browse the net, check and send emails, etc.
  • Other Services: Air Europa offers luxury car service, an exclusive hotline, and personalized service to Club Business passengers, in addition to lounge access, fast-tracked check-in, boarding, disembarking, and baggage handling facilities.

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Before You Take Off, Here Are Some Must-Know Things About Air Europa Airlines

  • Be Flexible with Dates: Being flexible with your travel dates can help you access the best deals. Traveling mid-week or during off-peak seasons often have lower fares.
  • Advance Booking: Booking your Air Europa Airlines flights 2-3 months before departure can help you secure the ideal deals.
  • Fleet: Air Europa has proved itself to be an airline that delivers excellent service, and they have an impressive fleet of Boeing 737s and 787 Dreamliners. While the 737s are used for short and medium-haul flights, the 787s are wide-body aircraft used for long-haul flights.
  • Routes: Air Europa flies to more than 130 destinations worldwide, including cities in Africa, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. Miami, Tenerife, Bilbao, Orlando, Valencia, and Rome are some of the most popular destinations.
  • Fare Options: Air Europa reservations for Economy Class can be made for three fare types: Lite, Standard, and Flex. Lite constitutes the cheapest ticket, and Flex is the most expensive economy ticket. Baggage allowance, refunds, and other benefits vary according to the fare. 

Lite fares are unavailable for long-haul flights. In the Business cabin, you can also choose between Standard and Flex. The latter offers more flexibility for ticket changes, cancellations, and refunds.

  • Frequent Flier Program: Air Europa SUMA is the frequent flier program offered by Air Europa. Passengers can earn miles by booking flights on Air Europa and its partner airlines or spending money at partner establishments, using them for lounge access, lower flight charges, etc.
  • Upgrade to Business: if you have an Economy ticket, you can upgrade to Business Class at a special price or bid to access a Business Class seat. Check the airline website for instructions.

Air Europa FAQs

Q1. What are the rules regarding baggage allowance on Air Europa?

The airline has very specific rules regarding baggage, varying according to routes and cabin classes. Check the airline website and your ticket to know your allowance so that you can plan accordingly.

Q2. What is the Air Europa On-Board Boutique?

Passengers flying Air Europa can purchase couture perfumes, cosmetics, boutique jewelry, watches, and other luxury items from the On-Board Boutique at an exclusive 10% discount. They must pay by card or e-wallets, as cash is not accepted.

Q3. How can I get more space on the flight?

Air Europa allows passengers to book their XL seats by paying a small premium. This gives you more legroom and ensures a pleasant flight. You can purchase one or two additional seats if you need more width.

Q4. What are the precautions to be taken by passengers with injuries or special support/comfort devices?

A medical certificate isn’t required for passengers with injuries or special support/comfort devices. However, please purchase the necessary seats so your leg can be elevated throughout the flight. Support devices like Crelling harnesses, corset seats, travel seats, coccyx pillows, etc., are allowed, subject to specifications. Check the airline website for more details.

Q5. Does Air Europa serve special meals?

Passengers can pre-order special meals according to their medical and religious dietary restrictions. Please note that some of these mails may only be available in Business Class. Check the airline site to stay updated.

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