Red Eye Flight Deals

The displayed fares were last found on: Sun | 25 August 12:35 PM(EST) . Fares are round trip.

  • ONTOntarioSun | 24 Nov10:50 PM
    JFKNew York CityMon | 02 Dec
    $ 578.57
  • HNLHonoluluFri | 22 Nov11:03 PM
    SFOSan FranciscoTue | 03 Dec
    $ 447.64
  • HNLHonoluluWed | 20 Nov10:59 PM
    ONTOntarioThu | 28 Nov
    $ 396.14
  • YVRVancouverThu | 21 Nov10:30 PM
    ORDChicagoWed | 27 Nov
    $ 337.51
  • SFOSan FranciscoThu | 21 Nov11:59 PM
    ORDChicagoMon | 02 Dec
    $ 424.36
  • LAXLos AngelesWed | 20 Nov10:15 PM
    BWIBaltimoreThu | 28 Nov
    $ 338.66

On this Cheapfaremart webpage, we have listed red eye flights available from your city to eastbound destinations. All airfares are for round-trip flights and contain fuel surcharges, our service fee and taxes. Flight services and respective airfares are subject to change based on the availability of flights with airlines. Cheapfaremart, its employees, and affiliates shall not be held accountable for any such variations.

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What is a red eye flight? A red eye flight usually departs after 9 pm in the evening and arrives at the destination airport before or around 6 am next day. The overnight journey in the air leads to sleeplessness and reddening of eyes. Hence, the flight got its name – redeye flight.

This pain results into potential gain. It leaves you with sufficient time on your next day. Business professionals prefer a red-eye flight as it helps them to catch up with their work on both days – the day they leave their their city and the next day when they arrive at their destination. Their productive time stays with them.

How time difference affects a redeye flight

Time-difference between zones plays an important role in defining the time lost or gained by passengers while traveling with a red-eye flight. The US has six different time zones as highlighted below.

US time zone map

Passengers traveling from the cities located in a time zone of Hawaii, Alaska or Pacific to cities in Eastern Coast like New York City, Philadelphia or Miami lose their time while those traveling opposite to it gain time as they travel to a time zone which is late.

Let’s understand this with an illustration.

“Lisa asks her secretary to book a round-trip flight ticket on her behalf on a Sunday from HNL Airport of Hawaii to JFK Airport of New York (From Hawaii to Eastern Time Zone). The purpose of the visit is to attend a corporate meeting on the upcoming Monday scheduled between 11 am and 1 pm. What flight departure and arrival timings will suit Lisa the most on her forward and backward travel?”

Note: NYC is 6 hours ahead of Hawaii and flight time is 9 to 10 hours approximately.

From West to East of Lisa’s Journey (Forward)

Her secretary found 3 flight departures – 9 pm, 7 pm, and 5 pm on Sunday.

Applying time difference on flights from HNL to JFK let’s see the most suitable option

Actual Departure Time  @ HNLDeparture Time as per Eastern Time Zone (@JFK)Expected Arrival Time @ JFK Actual Arrival Time @ JFK
9 pm (Sunday)3 am (Monday)6 am to 7 am (Monday)12 noon to 1 pm (Monday)
7 pm (Sunday)1 am (Monday)4 am to 5 am (Monday)10 am to 11 am  (Monday)
5 pm (Sunday)11 pm (Sunday)2 am to 3 am (Monday)8 am to 9 am (Monday)

Obviously, of the 3 choices, the 3rd option would be most ideal that will give Lisa enough time space to reach the meeting venue. In no circumstances, she can take a flight departing later than 9 pm. Though she will have her night in the air, the boarding time is much earlier than what we defined (9 pm or later) for a redeye flight.

Conclusion: A domestic flight from West to East with a flight duration greater than 4 to 5 hour does not fit in the criteria of red-eye flight. Flights connecting Hawaii with Easter Time zones will always exceed this flight time. Flights from Hawaii to Mountain or from Pacific to Eastern Time may be redeye flights.

Popular Eastbound Domestic Destinations by Redeye Flights

Flight RoutesFlight DistanceAirlines
From SEA to ORD3 hours 21 minutesAlaska Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Frontier, Spirit Airlines
From ANC to DEN4 hours 45 minutesAlaska Airlines, United Airlines
From LAS to HOU2 hours 33 minutesAmerican Airlines, United Airlines, Frontier, Spirit Airlines
From JNU to SLC3 hours 38 minutesAlaska Airlines, American Airlines
From DEN to PHL3 hours 05 minutesFrontier Airlines, United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, American Airlines
From DFW to MIA7 hours 55 minutesAmerican Airlines, Frontier Airlines, United Airlines
From SFO to DEN5 hours 58 minutesFrontier Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines
From PHX to ORD2 hours 55 minutesFrontier Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines

From East to West of Lisa’s Journey (Return)

Lisa’s secretary found 3 flight departures again – 9 pm, 10 pm, and 11 pm on Monday.

Applying the time difference factor on flights from JFK to HNL

Actual Departure Time  @ JFKDeparture Time as per Hawaii Time Zone (@  HNL)Expected Arrival Time @ HNL Actual Arrival Time @ HNL
9 pm (Monday)3 pm (Monday)6 am to 7 am (Tuesday)12 mid-night to 1 am (Tuesday)
10 pm (Monday)4 pm (Monday)7 am to 8 am (Tuesday)1 pm to 2 am  (Tuesday)
11 pm (Monday)5 pm (Monday)8 am to 9 am (Tuesday)2 am to 3 am (Tuesday)

Though after finishing the meeting Lisa can take a flight anytime. All three options fit well in the definition of red-eye flight (departing late night and arriving early morning), and will make her resume her office on the next Tuesday.

Conclusion: From east to west, the flight duration has to be at least 6 hours or more to be called as redeye flights. So flights from Eastern to Pacific Time zones may not be a redeye flight.

“So flight direction, time difference and flight time all has to be taken together in defining a redeye flight.”

Popular Westbound Domestic Destinations by Redeye Flights

Flight RoutesFlight TimeAirlines
From JFK to HNL10 hours 9 minutesAlaska Airlines, American Airlines, Jetblue Airways
From JFK to ANC7 hours 16 minutesAlaska Airlines, American Airlines
From MIA to HNL10 hours 13 minutesUnited Airlines, American Airlines
From JFK to JNU6 hours 15 minutesAlaska Airlines, American Airlines
From ORD to ANC6 hours 16 minutesAlaska Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines (Nonstop)
From BOS to DLG7 hours 55 minutesAlaska Airlines
From MIA to SEA5 hours 58 minutesFrontier Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines

Popular Redeye Flight Routes to Europe from US

Many flagship as well as low-cost carriers operate red-eye flights from the cities or airports in the Eastern Time zone to cities or airports in Europe. Some popular flight routes are mentioned for your reference.

Flight RoutesFlight TimeAirlines
From PHL to DUB7 hours 03 minutesAer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia, American Airlines, Finnair, Jetblue Airways, United Airlines, Lufthansa
From JFK to CDG7 hours 46 minutesNorwegian Air Shuttle, American Airlines, Finnair, British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, Tap Portugal, Icelandair
From JFK to LGW7 hours 26 minutesFinnair, Cambodia Airlines, British Airways, American Airlines
From PHL to CDG7 hours 57 minutesBritish Airways (nonstop), Iberia, Aer Lingus
From BOS to MIL8 hours 10 minutesTurkish Airlines
From MIA to MAD9 hours 21 minutesIberia, American Airlines
From ATL to LHR8 hours 55 minutesBritish Airways, Iberia, Finnair, American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, Austrian Airlines

Popular Redeye Flight Routes to South America from US

Many flagship as well as low-cost carriers operate red-eye flights from US cities to those in South America. Some popular flight routes are mentioned for your reference.

Flight RoutesFlight TimeAirlines
From PHL to SDU10 hours 04 minutesUnited Airlines, American Airlines, Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras,  Latam Airlines Brasil, Lufthansa
From JFK to LIM7 hours 46 minutesAmerican Airlines, Latam Airlines Group, United Airlines, Interjet, Copa Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Avianca
From ATL to SSA9 hours 19 minutesJetblue Airways,  Jetblue Airways, Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras, United Airlines, American Airlines, Latam Airlines Brasil
From ATL to EZE10  hours 30 minutesAerolineas Argentinas, American Airlines, Latam Airlines, Latam Airlines Argentina, United Airlines, Latam Airlines Brasil
From JFK to BOG5 hours 27 minutesAvianca, United Airlines, Interjet, Jetblue Airways, Copa Airlines, American Airlines, Aeromexico

Flexibility with Red Eye Flight Bookings

Red-eye destinations are perfect for a weekend vacation. With Cheapfaremart, plan your family or corporate vacation. Choose either round-trip or one-way flight with an airline that takes less flight time. We have made booking red eye flights easier than ever.

Our flight booking engine responds intelligently to your flight search query and presents the best airlines for red eye flights. Pick from the list of red eye flights comprising of nonstop and direct flights.

Red Eye Flight Deals: Booking Choices by Urgency

We understand your need and value your time and help you cope with any kind of urgent travel requirement. Contact our customer service officer to know about the last minute red eye flight deals available and book cheap red-eye flights.

Red Eye Flight Deals: Booking Choices by Travel Class

Discover top red eye flights available under Economy, First and Business Class and do an effective comparison with options available with different red eye airlines. Book your red eye flight ticket for your domestic or international travel with Cheapfaremart to save big.

The Benefits of Red-Eye Flights

  1. Save money as red eye flights are comparatively cheaper than regular fights
  2. No productivity loss as you complete all important tasks of the day
  3. Skip expensive hotel/service apartment rental for a day
  4. Make the most of your next day business hours
  5. Safe flight experience as atmosphere remains quieter at night
  6. Low probability of delays in arrival or departure

Making the Most of a Red-Eye

To make the most of your red-eye flight, we recommend you to book a window seat so that you don’t get distracted by the frequent movement of the fellow passengers. Most of the airlines will charge an additional amount for that. Considering the value of a sound sleep, it’s adjustable. If you love listening to music, get earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones.

Get to know about the time zone differences and adjust accordingly. Plan your upcoming business day in advance. On reaching the destination, make sure you grab a light breakfast before venturing out for sightseeing or intended purposes. Try to skip sleep until close to your typical bedtime.

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