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A Quick Look at the Orlando Tourism Season


March to April (spring break)

May-end to early Aug (summer break)

Feb or March (winter break)




November through early December



Late May to mid-June

Mid-to-late August



June 1 through November 30

(Officially called as Hurricane season)

Follow the local weather alerts

Orlando Climate Information*


  • High Temp (°F)
  • Low Temp (°F)

Hottest Months: June and July
Coldest Months:January and February


  • No. of heavy rainfall days/month
  • No. of light rainfall days/month

Wettest Months: April to July
Driest Months: January to March


  • Humidity

High Humidity Months: February, July, August
Least Humid Months: April, May


  • Thunderstorm Days/Month

Months with max thunderstorm days: June to August
Months with least thunderstorm days: January to April, September to December

Cheapest Months to Fly to Orlando, Florida, USA

The Orlando airfare trends from cities or airports located in all key US time zones have been displayed to help you figure out the cheapest months to fly to Orlando. Orlando, which is home to Walt Disney World, the Universal Orlando Resort, and other top attractions, is one of the most-visited cities in the world.

Denver to Orlando (DEN to MCO)

  • Airfare (USD)

Except for January, September and October, the cost of plane tickets from Denver to Orlando stay above average.

Chicago to Orlando (ORD to MCO)

  • Airfare (USD)

January to March and September to October are the best times to visit Orlando from Chicago for budget travelers.

New York to Orlando (JFK to MCO)

  • Airfare (USD)

The cheapest month from NY is October, followed by January and February. Traveling in June could be expensive.

Honolulu to Orlando (HNL to MCO)

  • Airfare (USD)

January and October are the cheapest months to fly to Orlando while July is the most expensive month, followed by November and December.

Alaska to Orlando (ANC to MCO)

  • Airfare (USD)

Expect cheap airline tickets to Orlando in January and October. November and December are the most expensive  months followed by July.

LA to Orlando (LAX to MCO)

  • Airfare (USD)

Expect cheap flights from LAX in January and February. Traveling in June, November and December could ask for more bucks as fares go up.

Note: Airfares to Florida searched on September 16, 2019 (7.40 AM EST)

Cheapest Airlines to Fly to Orlando, FL

You may find cheap airline tickets to Orlando with the following low-cost carriers:

  1. Frontier Airlines
  2. JetBlue
  3. Southwest Airlines
  4. Spirit Airlines

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Cheapest Day to Fly to Orlando

Honolulu to Orlando (HNL to MCO)

  • Fare in $

Monday and Thursday are the cheapest days to fly to Orlando from HNL, Hawaii.
Data Reference: 1

Alaska to Orlando (ANC to MCO)

  • Fare in $

Saturday is the cheapest day to fly to Orlando from ANC, Alaska.
Data Reference: 2

Los Angeles to Orlando (LAX to MCO)

  • Fare in $

A Monday or Tuesday could be the cheapest day to fly from LAX to MCO.
Data Reference:3

Denver to Orlando (DEN to MCO)

  • Fare in $

From Denver, Colorado, you can find cheap flights to Orlando on a Sunday. Thursday and Friday could be the most expensive.
Data Reference:4

Chicago to Orlando (ORD to MCO)

  • Fare in $

From Denver, Colorado, you can find cheap flights to Orlando on a Sunday. Thursday and Friday could be the most expensive.
Data Reference: 5

New York to Orlando (JFK to MCO)

  • Fare in $

From JFK, Tuesday could be the cheapest day and Thursday, the most expensive one to fly to Orlando from NY.
Data Reference:6

Orlando Top Attractions

1. Magic Kingdom Park

Visit and revisit your childhood memories being part of this amazing theme park. Touch and experience Cinderella Castle and Space Mountain. A ride of Seven Dwarf Train will give your adrenaline a rush. Get a chance to meet your favorite Donald, Goofy and several characters whose style you always used to imitate. Fireworks there will dazzle your night making it unforgettable. The poplar saying “seeing is believing” is no more relevant, rather it should be experiencing is believing. By connecting you with top flight deals on Orlando flights, we let you experience all of the nature’s blessings.

2. Forever Florida

If flora and fauna attracts you the most, this is the place you can’t afford to skip. Explore the length and breadth of this wild life conservation area spread over a terrain of 4, 700 acre. Watch the activities of alligators, black bears and several species including the endangered ones majestically being on the horseback. Want to return with something incredible? The adjoining café and gift shop are there to fulfill your wish. You can witness the pristine beauty by booking flights from Miami, New York City, Dallas, or any other places.

3. SeaWorld

Discover the aqua world. Witness great dolphin, whale shows and touch pools. You might be alien to whales, otters and sea lions but after visiting this world you won’t be alien to their feelings. They understand well the gesture of love and reciprocate in ways that are most likely to leave you questioning the human psyche itself. Also, enjoy the breath taking roller coaster rides.

Shopping in Orlando

1. Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores

Discounts give reasons to shop without reasons, isn’t that so?  If you are a shopaholic these shopping venues are meant for you. Discover merchandises from your favorite retailers including Guess, Gap, Converse, old Navy and many more. The place attracts and enjoys locals and tourists without any disparity.

2. The Mall of Millenia

Packed with over 150 shops with merchandises on sale exclusively from renowned lifestyle and fashion brands like Chanel, Prada, Burberry, Gucci, Macy and Bloomingdale, this is the place to satiate the shopping lady inside you. Got exhausted with the daylong shopping? No worries. Step into the world of gastronomy leaded by The Cheesecake Factory, Brio and California Pizza Kitchen to name a few.

3. The Florida Mall

The place, frequented by locals and tourists alike, is the perfect destination to usher in the elite shopping experience. There are as many as 250 department and anchor stores from Macy’s, JCPenney and Dillard’s. Graced by stores run by ZARA, Apple, H&M, coach and others, the mall allows shoppers flexibility and choices both in equal measures. Once you are over with shopping, now it’s the time to let you hair down. Discover how.

Dinning and Nightlife Scene in Orlando

1. Victoria & Albert’s

A visit to Orlando without having a dinner at Victoria and Albert’s is something hard to digest. Cuddled in Walt Disney World Resort, this AAA-rated restaurant is famous for its warm and rewarding hospitality. Discover the taste of the contemporary American cuisines with exquisite wine. No matter, how frequently you choose to become their guest, their connoisseurs will never disappoint you. You are likely to witness new platter with new world of taste.

2. Ruth’s Chris Steak House

It serves a wide range of high-end steakhouses along with mouth-watering cuisines prepared from chicken, lamb, fish and lobster. Getting into this legacy restaurant, but missing on to taste the amazing crab cake will be a no mean blunder.

3. Independent Bar

Leaving the stress behind get lost into the world of music. Drinks served are efficient to take away the little inhibition someone might have. Shake the leg on the vintage rock, music from 80’s, 90’s or the top 40 — the choice remains with you. The ambience and acoustics complement each other, thereby providing the right platform to enjoy the life to the fullest.

4. Eve

Whether introvert or extrovert, this nightclub suits every persona. It houses a grand 5,000 square foot main level including three bars, multi-tiered seating, private VIP area and a massive dance floor. Listen to the music and relish your memories, or dance to the perfect tune to make head turns. Perch on the spacious balcony overlooking Orange Avenue, if you want to witness the performance of others.

Day Trip Destinations From Orlando

1. Tampa Bay

A 80-minute drive from Orlando, Tampa Bay is a must-see destination for travelers. The picturesque landscape houses St. Petersburg and Clearwater Metropolitan Statistical Area along with spotlessly clean Adventure Island and three beaches. The place is abuzz with the sporting events and activities related to football, baseball and hockey. Don’t miss if you happen to be at such an occasion.

2. Blue Spring State Park

A 50-minute drive from the north of downtown Orlando, this park is spread over 2,600 acres of land.  If adventure is in your DNA, you would love coming here again and again to be part of the activities like Scuba diving, swimming, fishing, camping and wildlife watching. Enjoy good times with family and friends in the large picnic area. Just want to get revitalized for the next day’s journey? Then, burn your stress in the air-conditioned cabins enjoying the world-class hospitality.

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