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 Egyptair Flight Booking

EgyptAir Airlines Insights

  • Primary Airports: Cairo International Airport
  • Headquarters: Cairo, Egypt
  • Most Travelled Routes: Cairo-New York City
  • Popular Destinations: Khartoum, Cairo, Istanbul

In-Flight Experience with EgyptAir Airlines

  • First Class: Passengers of first-class EgyptAir Airlines can access first-class lounge service, and on flights, the seats are 20 inches wide with full flatbed recliners and leg room. With personal video space, you can have the best inflight experience possible. You also get the perks of priority check-in and baggage handling.
  • Business Class: The passengers of Business Class can enjoy specially designed seats that have seat memory for remembering optimum seat positions for take-off, sleeping, and relaxation modes. Additionally, they come equipped with a leg and headrest, which can be moved in 6 directions to maximize comfort. The lumber massage built into the Business Class seat keeps the fliers rejuvenated.
  • Economy Class: The passengers of Economy Class can relax in their seats that are equipped with individual footrests and a headrest that can move in 4 directions. Passengers can enjoy their favorite entertainment content on ten-inch flexible displays, which can be adjusted for optimum viewing angles.
  • Entertainment Services: The Egyptair flights provide high-end music systems and movies of all kinds including new releases to all classic movies of various languages. The in-flight entertainment also provides kids content so everyone on board has something to enjoy.
  • Connectivity: For every two seats, there is a dedicated power outlet for passengers to recharge their devices like phones and laptops. There is also flexible telescopic light that allows for reading at various angles.
  • Other Services: If there are any babies or expecting mothers, specialized staff are available to look after them. Carrycots are available at the front of all cabins, and seat preferences are allowed accordingly. Request for such seats 48 hours before the time of your departure. 

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  • Keep Your Travel Plans Flexible: Try various combinations (across weekdays and off seasons) of travel dates to get the best deals.
  • Early Booking: Book your EgyptAir flights well in advance to avoid last-minute price surges. The closer you get to the departure date, the more expensive the tickets become. 

Before You Take Off, Here Are Some Must-Know Things About EgyptAir Airlines 

  • Fleet: The A330-300 SPECS has a total of 301 seats, of which 36 are Business Class, providing luxury experience, and 265 are Economy type. There are other flights as well, like the B787-9 Dream Liner, with a total of 309 seats, of which 24 are Business Class and 120 are Economy Class.
  • EgyptAir Airlines Meals: In this airline, special meals can be curated for you upon request. Preferences can be based on your religion or dietary restrictions, such as having a special diabetic menu, low-cholesterol food items, or a Hindu menu. You can even request food for infants and pure vegetarians. 
  • Preferred Seats: When you book Egyptair flights, you can pick your favorite seat – whether it's a window seat, aisle, or extra legroom. If you're traveling internationally in an economy with a full flex fare, are a Platinum Frequent Flyer member, or are in business class, you can reserve seats for free. However, if you're in an international Economy Class, you'll need to pay a small fee to book your preferred seats.
  • Membership Exclusives: EgyptAir Plus is an exclusive membership program to reward fliers for their continued loyalty and is spread across multiple levels like Blue, Silver, Gold, Elite, and Platinum. Depending on the enrolment category, passengers can avail of different flight offers and benefits through redemption of their earned miles.
  • Baggage Policies: The Baggage policy entitles you to checked baggage weighing not more than 23 kg for Economy Class and 32 kg for Business Class. Further, the baggage policy allows Business Class travelers 2 pieces of checked-in luggage and 2 pieces of hand luggage, while economy fliers will need to check their check-in luggage limits depending on their fare before their flight. Please refer to the website for more details. 
  • Duty-Free Shopping: Indulge in shopping while cruising through the clouds on Egyptair flights. You can browse and buy from a stunning collection of perfumes, cosmetics, and more. To top it all off, the cabin crew will assist you in bringing all your purchased products to your seat. 

EgyptAir Airlines FAQs

Q1. How can I check the status of my flight?

Once an EgyptAir flight booking has been made, the flight status can be found by visiting the airline’s website. Enter either the flight route or the flight number, and you’ll get all the essential information.

Q2. When can I do my web check-in?

All passengers can do their web check-in starting 48 hours and extending up to 90 minutes before the flight’s scheduled departure time. Keep in mind that the boarding gates close half an hour before the departure time.

Q3. Can I travel with my pets in an EgyptAir Airline?

Only cats, dogs, and falcons are allowed with their passengers as pets. Any other kind of pet must be shipped as cargo, and you must obtain permission to take your pets at least 48 hours before the date of departure.

Q4. How do I check lounge offers?

To know about the lounges of Egyptair, you can check out the global lounge directory. You will be able to know about the availability of the lounges in different locations, the opening hours, exciting offers, and more. 

Q5. How to get cheap EgyptAir Airlines flights?

To get the best EgyptAir Airlines tickets, look for online promo codes and discounts that are available at Cheapfaremart, one of the best flight ticket booking platforms. You will be able to get deals at never-before prices.

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