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Book Cheap Flights for Father's Day Celebration

Discover discounted flights on Father’s Day with Cheapfaremart and celebrate your day with the person who is a world of inspiration and encouragement to you.  Exactly, there couldn’t be a better way to express your respect and celebrate the day.

Choose your weekend getaway destination and surprise him. We have exclusive Father’s Day airfare deals for you. Compare airfare deals with different airlines and confirm the cheapest air tickets on this auspicious day. Be ready to make the most of the Day without hurting your wallet. Book now and save!

Father's Day Date

Sunday, June 19 2022

Ideas for Father’s Day Celebration

You want a place oozing with love; you want a place that is peaceful where you can talk to him and express your gratitude and spend quality time without the interference of anybody. At the same time, you want him to enjoy what he loves and what he cherished. Here are some cool Father’s Day celebration ideas that our colleagues at Cheapfaremart think will make your father feel delighted.

1. If He Loves Space and Astronomy

If stars and sky interest him the most, Orlando, Florida could be one of the best places to go for. It has got a dedicated space – the world knows it as Space Coast. Tour the John F. Kennedy Space Center, one of the ten National Aeronautics and Space Administration Field Centers. Since 1968, the center has supported many of NASA’s endeavors by serving as the launch pad for several spaceflights comprising human and robots both. It’s always a matter of curiosity to learn about how astronauts manage their research and life in the outer space. The American Space Museum & Space Walk of Fame is purposed for answering that curiosity of mind. Both places display items donated by astronauts and space workers that comprises of their special suits and accessories they put on cope with the extreme gravity and temperature.

Some more suggestions that will interest him are National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC, US; City Of Science And Industry, Paris, France; Science Museum, London, UK; Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, China and Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, US.

2. If He Loves Nature

If that’s true there wouldn’t be a better Father’s day gift than planning a visit to a nature reserve. Americas are blessed with many such places. You will find here everything from the wildest waters to the deepest valleys. In the US, you have options like Yosemite, California; Yellowstone, Wyoming; Olympic, Washington. In neighboring Canada, you have choices like Banff National Park, Alberta and Mount Revelstoke, British Columbia. Some world-renowned natural reserves in Europe include Saxon Switzerland National Park, Plitvice Lakes National Park (Croatia), Belluno Dolomites (Italy), and Wild Taiga (Finland).

3. If He Loves Antique Arts and History

If your father’s dream vacation destination is New York, you shouldn’t miss Museum of Modern Art and Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you are planning to celebrate Father’s Day in Paris, there couldn’t be a better museum to track history than Musée du Louvre, Musée Marmottan-Claude Monet and Musée National Rodin (Paris). If you have got some excellent Father’s Day flight deals on a Rome flight, you can add Musée National Rodin and Galleria Borghese in your things-to-do list while in Rome. If you are in London, you can’t afford to miss Design Museum.

4. If He Loves Foods

Every destination is characterized by its own gastronomy. When planning your vacation to a particular destination, make a list of foods and recipes your father love and accordingly decide the restaurants where you would love to eat together. If kids are visiting along you, also take care of their preferences. At Cheapfaremart, we keep sharing recommended restaurants and places to eat. For instance, if you are in San Francisco, you can take clues from our blog Budget Friendly Places In San Francisco For Perfect Dinner. We keep it a practice to include top places to eat in our destination pages so that you can plan your vacation better and savor on the best foods. However, order foods that are good for his health. If he is on some sorts of medication, you should be extra conscious about it.

5. If He Loves Shopping

Remember the days when your dad used to pamper you getting your favorite dresses. Now, it’s your turn. Pick the best Father’s Day gift that will make him look young and stylish. It would make him really happy. At Cheapfaremart, we strive to provide information regarding top shopping options at a place. On our destination-specific pages, like Top Deals on Los Angeles Flight Bookings, you can find a dedicated section suggesting you where, what and how to buy.

6. If He is Particular About Ambience and Comfort

While searching for discounted flights on Father’s Day, look for the right place where you would stay with your father. There are a few common things to keep in mind when you choose a hotel, resort or any serviced apartment: 1. amenities to add to their comfort; 2. proximity of the top attractions; 3. access to transport, market, healthcare facilities, etc. Stay tuned to our blogs related to travel guide that often discusses these things at length.

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