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 Air India Flight Booking

Air India Airlines Insights

  • Primary Airports: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Indira Gandhi International Airport, Chennai International Airport
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, India
  • Most Traveled Routes: Hyderabad - Delhi
  • Popular Destinations: Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad

In-Flight Experience with Air India Airlines

  • First Class Cabin: The First Class of Air India Airlines offers you the ultimate experience. You can enjoy traveling in 180-degree reclining seats, having enough legroom. You are served with delectable meals and vintage wine or smooth champagne. In-flight entertainment boasts five channels, offering a diverse range from Hollywood movies to music videos.
  • Business Class: Business Class provides spacious seating with superior reclining, and you can enjoy a comfortable flight all the way. The Audio Video On Demand (AVOD) system makes for an enjoyable flight, including a variety of music, movies, and TV shows.
  • Economy Class: Spacious seats ensure a comfortable, rejuvenating experience. The movie screens throughout the class create an immersive cinematic atmosphere for in-flight entertainment. Fliers can enjoy the perfect blend of comfort and affordability.
  • Connectivity: While phones are allowed on the flights, you have to keep them on airplane mode. Such devices and other electronic equipment are not allowed onboard during take-off and landing for safety reasons.
  • Other Services: You can get disability assistance, such as free use of wheelchairs and other types of health and medical assistance. These can make your flying experience as hassle-free and comfortable as possible. 

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Top Things to Know Before Flying with Air India Airlines 

  • Fleet: Air India is one of the world's largest airlines and boasts a robust fleet of over 110 aircraft. Its diverse range of aircraft facilitates over 30 international and 60 domestic destinations across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
  • Air India Airlines’ Extensive Services: Air India flights offer extensive services catering to various preferences. Every traveler's journey through the clouds is personalized, with warmth and hospitality winning over the fliers. 
  • Preferred Seats: You have the choice of either a window or aisle seat; you can reserve the seat of your preference right from your home, hotel, or wherever you are, using the online check-in service, which is available from 48 hours to 2 hours before departure.
  • Membership Exclusives: Frequent fliers can take advantage of the Flying Returns miles program. It lets you accumulate and use miles for various benefits, including flights with partner airlines or stays at Citrus Hotels and Resorts at half the cost. You may also use the earned points with chosen non-partner airlines, which is an exclusive perk for loyal Air India passengers.
  • Baggage Policies: Know all about Air India's policies on carrying liquor as part of your hand baggage from the official website of the airline. There are restrictions for direct transit at Indian stations. International fliers on HUB & SPOKE flights can purchase liquor after security checks at Indian transit stations if it matches the stipulated weight limits (8 kilograms max). Check the official portal of Air India for specific details about the baggage allowance policy. 
  • Duty-Free Shopping: This airline offers duty-free shopping through its Sky Bazaar program, which lets shoppers purchase everything from perfumes and jewelry to liquor. 

Air India FAQs

Q1. Is flying with Air India Airlines good?

Yes. Whether it is delectable cuisine, in-flight entertainment, or extra comfortable seating, the airline ensures that you are going to have an amazing time on board. 

Q2. How to save time when onboarding with Air India Airlines?

Use the web check-in facility, pick your seat from home, and print your boarding pass immediately. You can avoid the long queues, saving energy and time.

Q3. Does Air India have good dining options? 

Absolutely! The dining options on First Class Air India flights, are exquisite, featuring dishes like Chicken Malai Kebab and juicy Grilled lamb. Fliers are greeted with delightful cocktails in Business Class, followed by a selection of snacks and full meals. You can request special meals, including options for diabetes, children, and more. You can get complimentary wine on entry in the Economy Class and enjoy Continental or Indian cuisines. Meals, from salads to desserts, are prepared by top chefs.

Q4. How good is Air India’s in-flight shopping experience?

The shopping experience is exciting, offering you the scope to buy last-minute gifts for yourself or your loved ones. It enhances the in-flight experience and makes the journey worthwhile for every traveler.

Q5. Does Air India have a loyalty program? 

Flying Returns is the frequent flier program Air India offers its loyalists. This program comes with a host of benefits. Earn points, fly at affordable rates, and make the most of the privileges offered. 

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