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The fares listed are for round-trip Atlanta to London flights with carriers operating on the route. The fares are based on a trend (date and time mentioned), and are subject to change.  These ATL to London fares are inclusive of base fare, fuel surcharges, airline/airport taxes, and our service fee.

Airport in Atlanta

Atlanta Airport

Official Name: Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Airport Code: ATL

Location: ATL is 7 miles (11 km) south of downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Interesting Facts about the Airport: The airport is the world’s busiest airport by passenger traffic. It has 192 gates: 152 domestic and 40 international.

Airlines Operating Nonstop Flights: British Airways (BA), Virgin Atlantic (VS), Delta (DL)

Number of Nonstop Flights to ATL Per Day: 7

Airports in London

London Heathrow Airport

Official Name: London Heathrow Airport

Airport Code: LHR

Location: 18 miles from the center of London, UK

Interesting facts about LHR: Heathrow ranks as the second busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic

London City Airport

Official Name: London City Airport

Airport Code: LCY

Location: 9 miles from the center of London, United Kingdom

Interesting facts about LCY: By passengers and aircraft movements, London City Airport is 5th busiest airport in London after Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton.

London Gatwick Airport

Official Name: London Gatwick Airport

Airport Code: LGW

Location: 33 miles from London, United Kingdom.

Interesting facts about Gatwick Airport: Gatwick is the ninth-busiest airport in Europe. It covers a total area of 674 hectares (1,670 acres).

Flight Distance and Time

The flight time between Atlanta and London is 8 hours, 56 minutes. The flight distance is 4,217 miles/6787. The table below displays the flight distance and flight time for different departure-airport pairs.


Flight Distance

Flight Time


4,211  miles/6777

 8 hours 55 minutes


4,231  miles/6809

8 hours 58 minutes


4,229  miles/6806

8 hours 57 minutes

Also keep in mind the time difference between the two cities. London is ahead of Atlanta by 4 hours.

Note: The flight distance and time are for a nonstop flight (excluding any layover). The actual distance and time might vary, and are non-warranted. Check with your airlines to know precise information. 

Atlanta to London Routes by Airline

On ATL to LHR flight route, you may find nonstop as well as connecting flights with British Airways, Iberia, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, Finnair, Air Canada, Lufthansa, United Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, and Tap Portugal.

On ATL to LGW flight route, you may book your air tickets with Virgin Atlantic and American Airlines. However, only connecting flights are available with layover at Istanbul Airport (IST).

On ATL to LCY flight route, again the challenge is in getting nonstop flights. Connecting flights are operated by United Airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

Guide to Book a Cheap Flight to London from Atlanta

There are no secret means of getting a cheap flight from ATL to London. Pay attention to the clues given below to save big on your Atlanta to London flight ticket.

  • Book in Advance

The question may arise how much in advance. There is no fix rule to define the threshold time limit. However, you should consider buying your airline ticket at least 8 weeks to 12 weeks in advance if you want to travel with your favorite airline.

  • One-Way Vs Round-Trip

If you have a return journey, you may apply this permutation and combination to see what works cheaper and better. However, there is always a risk when you buy two separate one-way ticket to complete your trip. In case of any schedule change in the second or first flight, neither of the airlines will make any alternative arrangement.

  • Flight Coupons

Look for a valid flight coupon.  Travel suppliers and agencies vying to get the maximum share of the passenger traffic often issue flight promo-code. Check Cheapfaremart Promo Code page that holds all the flight coupons for different occasions.

  • Use Airfare Insights

Above we have displayed the change in Denver to London flight ticket cost by change of month, airline, day of departure and departure hour. Take note of these factors to bag the lowest fare on this flight booking website.

ATL to London Flights: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the cheapest airport to fly into London from Atlanta?

London Heathrow (LHR). It has multiple arrival options from Atlanta with several carriers including Spirit, Tap Air Portugal, Turkish and Scandinavian Airlines to name a few.

What is the cheapest airline to fly from Atlanta to London?

Spirit Airlines (NK) is the cheapest carrier. But it offers connecting flight options only with connections at Tampa (TPA), Boston (BOS) and/or Lisbon (LIS).

What airlines offer the shortest route from Atlanta to London?

All nonstop carriers offer the shortest routes including American Airlines, Finnair, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, KLM, and Air France. However, check flight time with your airline for more precise information. At the time of booking also you can check the duration.

What days are nonstop flights operate from Atlanta to London?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Yes, on all days you can find nonstop flights from Atlanta.

How early can I get a flight in the morning from Washington DC to Miami?

Flights start operating as early as 5.50 pm.

What days are nonstop flights operate from Atlanta to London?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Yes, on all days you can find nonstop flights from Atlanta.

How early can I get a flight in the morning from Atlanta to London?

Flights start operating as early as 5.50 pm.

How latest can I take a flight in the evening from Atlanta to London?

The latest flight departs from ATL around 10 pm.

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