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San Francisco, California, USA: Overview

San Francisco is a popular city in the US state of California and the highest rated American city on the world liveability index. The city is popularly known as The City, SF, or Frisco and San Fran. It’s a city of historical, cultural and commercial importance in Northern part of California. It’s the birthplace of United Nations.

As of 2020, San Francisco has the highest salaries and disposable income, and the city attracts tourists from all over the world.

San Francisco has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate (Köppen Csb) characteristic of California’s coast. Winter is mild and summer dry. The climate is strongly influenced by the cool currents of the Pacific Ocean on the west side of the city.

United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, SkyWest Airlines, American Airlines, and several flag carrier airlines connect San Francisco with the rest of the US and world with direct or connecting flight operations.

Airports in San Francisco

San Francisco International Airport

Official Name: San Francisco International Airport

Airport Code: SFO

Location: It is 13 miles (21 km) south of downtown San Francisco, California

Hub for: Alaska Airlines (AS), United Airlines (UA)

Quick Facts about SFO: The airport is a hub for Alaska and United Airlines

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Oakland International Airport (Nearby)

Airport Code: OAK

Location: 10 miles (16 km) south of Downtown Oakland and across from San Francisco on the other side of San Francisco Bay.

Focus city for: Allegiant Air, Southwest Airlines

Quick Facts: Southwest has 137 daily departures on peak-travel days of the week making it Southwest’s largest operation in California (by peak daily departures)

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San Jose International Airport (nearby)

Official Name: Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport

Airport Code: SJC

Location: It is 45 miles (72 km) from the city center of San Francisco, California

Focus city for: Alaska Airlines (AS)

Quick Facts about SJC: It’s a focus city for Alaska Airlines

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What is the Best time to visit San Francisco?

Warm-or cool-summer Mediterranean climate is the unique characteristic of San Francisco that leaves it with a pleasant weather with average temperature not exceeding 72°F (22 °C) in summer. Neither does it slumps down below 27 °F (−3 °C) owing to its geographical location at the north end of the San Francisco Peninsula bordered by the Pacific  Ocean and San Francisco Bay. So the cool current ocean does the job well to make sure you have a good vacation. Winters are a bit rainy and can be mild to chilly. However, the sun and cloud take their turn to amuse you with frequent sunny hours, rain, and snowfall. To avoid rain, spring would be the best time to book your flight tickets to San Francisco. However, people interested in exploring the serenity of beaches prefer summer. Mild temperature and lack of rain also makes spring appropriate for trips. San Francisco is ready to hug you round-the-year so you don’t need to be worried while booking flights to San Francisco.

What are the Top Attractions in San Francisco?

Included in the world’s top 50 most liveable cities list, and home to headquarters of several Silicon Valley Fortune 100 companies, San Francisco attracts fifth-highest number of overall tourists in the United States. See what attracts them the most before you grab your top deals on flight bookings to San Francisco. Obviously, we can’t pen down all of them. Here is a glimpse.

1. Golden Gate Bridge

Connecting the Pacific Ocean with the San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge (completed in 1937) is a symbol of excellence in the architectural world. Located at the height of 4,200 feet, this bridge remained the longest suspension bridge (Length 1.7 mile (2.7 KM) until 1964. The aerial view of the water it spans has given it the adjective Golden Gate. The inspiring geometry of the bridge — orange arches, parallel supports reducing at the center and maximizing at the tower-ends – are sure to make you wonder at the artistic sense of the engineers who conceived and shaped it.

2. Alamo Square

Unless you visit Alamo Square, you won’t have a clear understanding as why San Francisco is credited for pushing film and pop culture. Alamo Square is a residential neighborhood and park spread on 12.7 acre with Victorian architecture. The park borders many architecturally significant mansions including the William Westerfeld House, the Archbishop’s Mansion, to name a few.

Learn more of it plunging into the culture. Bars, lounges, and restaurants serving Mexican food and a variety of coffees and Japanese delicatessen will make your trip entertaining, while trails, picturesque picnic spaces, playgrounds will compel you not to leave the place early.

3. Golden Gate Park

Spread of 174 acres, the Golden Gate Park is home to picturesque picnic spaces, playgrounds, sports courts, gardens, and museums. Sounds plain? Without wasting your time, head to the Japanese Tea Garden featuring five acres of manicured gardens outfitted with cherry trees, bamboo-lined pathways, koi ponds, a five-story pagoda, Zen Garden and actual tea house, among others.

Love flowers? Don’t miss the Conservatory of Flowers. This historic public conservatory in the Western Hemisphere will let you witness vibrantly colored blooms and species that you might have only read in your botanical books. The place nurtures and conserves over 2,000 species of plants that otherwise would have gone missing.

If history and astronomy appeal you, consider paying a visit at California Academy of Sciences. If you have kids as well, aquarium, planetarium, and natural history museum are likely to evoke their curiosity. So be ready to answer them!

Dining in San Francisco

Designated as one of the best foodie cities in the USA, San Franciso is a place where diversity has got its new address. Discover all sorts of domestic as well as international culinary offerings. However, every attempt is made to source ingredients locally, and that is appreciable. So ingenious and exotic both go hand-in-hand to make sure you have a fabulous vacation.

Do take your chance to stop by a farmers market to witness more of the culinary diversity. Such marketplaces are in abundant in San Francisco with more than 50 located in the Bay Area alone. Besides showcasing farm produces, the market serves as a platform for city’s chefs to make the world acquainted with their art.

Nightlife in San Francisco

Love music, mingling, cocktails and fun? San Francisco is all set to make your dream come true. There are multiple clubs, bars and lounges brimming with a variety of food and drink options. Dance like nobody’s watching to the latest music with DJs or live bands ready to follow your command. Honor gay rights? Night clubs and bars at Castro District welcome you.

To make the most of nightlife, do some google to find the best picks. Sites like Yelp can help you collect reviews that matter.

Shopping in San Francisco

San Francisco offers some of the best shopping in the world. Here are reasons that why you would love spending time and money in San Francisco.

1. Westfield San Francisco Centre

The lavish Westfield San Francisco Centre mall and its nearby downtown San Francisco shopping environs (Union Square) are to take your shopping experience to a whole new level. Availability of contemporary and exotic merchandises is guaranteed. The presence of Nordstrom’s, Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria’s Secret and Bebe, and high-end retailers like Kenneth Cole and Club Monaco, make sure that your shopping appetite gets satiated.

2. Chestnut Street Shopping

Shops, beauty outlets and restaurants, you are likely to find them all from the list of brands that you follow on your Facebook, but the shopping experience would be a distinct one characterizing the neighborhood feel. Rubbing shoulders with locals make the shopping experience more memorable. Like to have a lunch break? Chestnut offers a great deal of choices both in terms of sitting ambience and tastes. Either sit in an open, airy colorful Mexican restaurant or find the cozier place. Meats and seafood offered by Cozmo is really incredible, and when it gets paired with California wines, it becomes irresistible at all.

3. Union Square Shopping

This Mecca of shopaholics in San Francisco awaits you. Shop through your favorite stores from the likes of Macy’s, Saks, Neiman Marcus and Levis making your way through palm trees and pavements bordered by colorful flower stands. America’s greatest superstores like Virgin Megastore (Selling entertainment products like Books, Consoles, DVDs, Games, Magazines, Music, etc.), Gump’s and Britex Fabrics along with boutiques for Coach, Bulgari, Cartier, to name a few, also make their presence strongly felt with their collections.

4. Chinatown Shopping

Stepping into Dragon Gates, you witness a vivid, bustling world of shopping in San Francisco’s Chinatown sandwiched between North Beach and Union Square shopping. The place showcases diversity. From home decorative artifacts, like carved Buddhas, paper parasols and regal mahogany furniture, to apothecaries, including sophisticated green teas, rose-scented black teas and an array of ailment-banishing brews, to confectionary items, there is nothing that it doesn’t list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How far is San Francisco?

Answer: The approximate distance and flight time between San Francisco (CA) and some popular US cities are as follows:

Departure City Flight Distance Flight Time Time Difference
From New York 2,580 miles (4152 km) 5 hours 40 minutes SFO is 3 hours behind
From Atlanta 2,139 miles (3442 km) 4 hours 41 minutes SFO is 3 hours behind
From Philadelphia 2,521 miles (4057 km) 5 hours 33 minutes SFO is 3 hours behind
From Dallas Fort/Worth 1,464 miles (2357 km) 3 hour 19 minutes SFO is 3 hours behind
From Miami 2,585 miles (4160 km) 5 hours 38 minutes SFO is 3 hours behind
Las Vegas 414 miles (666 km) 1 hour 09 minutes SFO is 0 hours behind


Question: Can I find a nonstop flight to San Francisco from Las Vegas, NV?

Answer: Yes. Alaska, Frontier, Southwest, and United operate nonstop flights from Las Vegas to SFO.

Question: Which airline operates maximum flights to San Francisco in the USA?

Answer: United Airlines (41.31%), Alaska Airlines (13.21%), Delta Air Lines (10.71%), SkyWest Airlines (9.83%), and American Airlines

Question: Which airline has the cheapest air ticket to San Francisco?

Answer: Southwest Airlines (WS), Spirit (NK) and JetBlue (B6) all three popular low-cost carriers have flights to the nearby airport.

Question: What cities have nonstop flights to Oakland International Airport?

Answer: Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston (IAH & HOU), Las Vegas, Dallas Fort Worth, Atlanta, Hawaii, Honolulu, Salt Lake City and Portland to name a few.