Cheap Flights from New York City to Orlando

The displayed fares were last found on: Wed | 22 June 11:29 AM(EST) . Fares are round trip.

Above we have listed flights from New York City to Orlando (all round-trip). We have also displayed fares for flights from nearby departure airport (EWR) also.  Fares are non-warranted and subject to change as fares in the aviation industry are dynamic – based on demand and supply. The fare comprises base fare, fuel surcharges, airline/airport taxes, and our service fee.

A Quick Look at the Tourism Season in Orlando, Florida



Months: March to May. Easter and spring break recesses add to the crowd.



Months: January, and December. Christmas and New Year times are known exception.



Months: October to November. The condition is best for indoor and outdoor activities.



Months: June to August. It rains 15 to 17 days a month. Risk of storms and hurricanes loom high.

NYC to MCO: Insights on Air Ticket Cost

Ticket Cost by Month

  • Airfare in USD

Cheapest: January, February and March (weather is cold)

Priciest: November and December (due to the festive seasons and pleasant weather)

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Ticket Cost by Day

  • Airfare (USD)

Cheapest: Tuesday to Friday

Priciest: Saturday, Sunday, Monday (Orlando is a perfect weekend vacation destination)

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Ticket Cost by Departure Time

  • Airfare (USD)

Cheapest Time Slot: 6 PM to mid-night

Priciest Time Slot: 12 Noon to 6 PM

Remember, late arrival in Orlando may cost you in terms of hotel rental.

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Ticket Cost by Airline

  • Airfare (USD)

Cheapest: American Airlines (direct flights to MCO from LGA), connecting from JFK

Costliest: Air Canada

United Airlines, Silver Airways, and Air Canada operate connecting flights only.

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Departure Airport Choices in New York or Nearby It

Kennedy Airport

Official Name: John F. Kennedy International Airport

Airport Code: JFK

Location: The airport is in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens in New York. 16 miles (26 km) southeast of Midtown Manhattan.

Carriers operating nonstop flights to Orlando (MCO): Delta (DL), virgin Atlantic (VS)

Number of nonstop flights to Orlando (MCO) per day: 8

Nonstop Flight Time: 2 hours 50 minutes to 3 hours 6 minutes

Number of connecting flights per day: 600 (approx.)

Airlines operating connecting flights: American (AA), Delta (DL)

Connecting airport: ATL (Georgia), CLT (North Carolina), PHL (Pennsylvania)

Connecting flight time: starts from 4 hours 59 minutes

LaGuardia Airport

Official Name: LaGuardia Airport

Airport Code: LGA

Location: The airport is located in the northern part of the New York City borough of Queens.

Carriers operating nonstop flights to Orlando (MCO): American (AA), Delta (DL), Spirit (NK), JetBlue (B6)

Number of nonstop flights: 7

Nonstop Flight Time: 2 hours 44 minutes to 2 hours 57 minutes

Number of connecting flights per day: 600 (approx.)

Airlines operating connecting flights: American (AA), Delta (DL)

Connecting airport: RDU (North Carolina), MIA (Florida), CLT (North Carolina), ATL (Georgia)

Connecting flight time: starts from 4 hours 23 minutes

Newark Airport – Nearby

Official Name: Newark Liberty International Airport

Airport Code: EWR (New Jersey)

Location: Located between the cities of Newark and Elizabeth, in New Jersey. It’s 13 miles (21 km) from NY.

Carriers operating nonstop flights to Orlando (MCO): United (UA), Frontier (F9), JetBlue, Frontier (F9)

Nonstop Flight Time: 2 hours 45 minutes

Number of nonstop flights per day: 23

Number of connecting flights per day: 600 plus

Connecting flight time: 4 hours 12 minutes

Airlines: American (AA), Delta (DL), United (UA), Scandinavian Airlines (SK)

Stop-over or layover airport: CLT (North Carolina), ATL (Georgia), IAD (Washington)

Arrival Airport Choices in Orlando

1. Orlando Airport

Official Name: Orlando International Airport

Airport Code: MCO

Location: MCO is a major public airport located six miles (10 km) southeast of Downtown Orlando.

Number of arrivals from NY: The airport has approximately 83 arrivals in a week from New York City with American, Delta, and JetBlue

2. Daytona Beach International Airport

Official Name: Daytona Beach International Airport

Airport Code: DAB

Location: Three miles (5 km) southwest of Daytona Beach.

Airlines with most arrival flights from NY: American airlines (AA), Delta (DL)

NY to Orlando Flight: Number of Stops

Airline Departure Airport Arrival Airport Number of Stops
JetBlue JFK MCO Nonstop/Connecting
Spirit LGA MCO Nonstop
Frontier EWR MCO Nonstop
American JFK MCO One-Stop (CLT)
American JFK DAB One-Stop (CLT)

Pay attention to the layover time duration when going with a connecting flight. If you go with a nearby airport options, like selecting EWR instead of JFK or LGA, make sure you have ample time to reach to your departure airport.

NY to Orlando: Flight Time and Distance

Departure-Arrival Airport Flight Distance Flight Time
JFK to MCO 944 miles/1520 km 2 hours, 13 minutes
LGA to DAB 896 miles/1443 km 2 hours, 18 minutes
LGA to MCO 950 miles/1529 km 2 hours, 14 minutes
JFK to DAB 891 miles/1434 km 2 hours, 17 minutes
EWR to MCO 937 miles/1508 km 2 hours, 14 minutes

Note: The flight distance and flight time are tentative. You should check with your airlines to have the precise information.

NY to Orlando Flights: Tips on Securing the Lowest Fare

Some rules of thumb are worth applying in the flight booking process to bargain the best Orlando flight deals

1. Travel on a weekday

Weekend flights are pricier than the weekday flights. It’s an understood fact. Unless there are some restrictions on this front, it’s advisable to adjust your travel dates accordingly.

2. Travel in odd hours

Odd hour is slow for travel and cheap for ticket prices. You may find redeye flights to Orlando at a much cheaper rate than the regular flight.

3. Identify the best month to travel

The month of January, beginning about Jan 3. Most of February, excluding (Valentine’s Day weekend and the Super Bowl). Late August through September, excluding the Labor Day holiday. Starting two weeks of November and December are also a good time.

4. Be realistic in your approach

Patience is good. However, waiting for an unexpected fare drop many not be helpful. If you come across a good flight deal, confirm your flight ticket immediately.

5. Try booking from or to a nearby airport

There are alternative departure as well as arrival airport. For instance,  you can depart from EWR (Newark Liberty International Airport), an airport situated 13 miles from New York and arrive at MCO. You have airline choices as follows: Spirit, United, JetBlue Airways, Emirates, Singapore Airlines and JetBlue Airways.

Orlando Climate Information*

Temperature (92.6-43°F)

  • High Temp (°F)
  • Lower (°F)

Hottest Months: June, July
Coldest Months:January, February

Rainfall (2 to 30 days)

  • Heavy Rainfall Days/Month
  • Light Rainfall Days/Month

Wettest Months: April to July
Driest Months: January to March

Humidity (65-72)

  • Humidity

High Humidity Months: February, July, August
Least Humid Months: April, May

Fog Days/Month (7-29)

  • No. of days

Months with maximum fog days: May
Months with minimum fog days: July

New York to Orlando Flights FAQs

How many flights depart from New York to Orlando daily?

2000 flights (approx) including direct and connecting with JetBlue, Delta, American, United, Spirit, Frontier, Virgin Atlantic

Are direct or nonstop flights to Orlando available from NYC?

Yes. Take a look at nonstop flight options you may avail by airport and airline. Around 70 nonstop flights take off daily.

Route Airline
LGA to MCO JetBlue, American
EWR to MCO Spirit, Frontier, JetBlue, United
JFK to MCO JetBlue

What days do nonstop flights operate from New York to Orlando?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

How early can I get a flight from New York to Orlando?

Flights start operating as early as 7.15 am.

How late can I get a flight in the evening from New York to Orlando?

The latest flight departs at 1.24 pm.

Which airline has the best on-time-performance on this route?

Spirit Airlines. Take a look at the OTP of the operating carriers.

Airline OTP %
Spirit Airlines 80.83
American Airlines 76.9
United 76.9
JetBlue 71.37

What percentage of flights are delayed at New York JFK Airport?

20 percent flights departed late over the last one year (October 2018 – September 2019) from JFK (John F. Kennedy International) as tracked by the Department of Transportation (DoT).  The average delay minutes were 79.21 minutes. 1.63% of the flights, i.e., 17 got cancelled.

What percentage of arrival flights delay at Orlando MCO?

23 percent, according to the Department of Transportation (DoT). Average delay minutes were 66.99 minutes. 1.69 percent, i.e. 19, flights got cancelled.

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