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Book Cheap Flights to Bahrain on Cheapfaremart

Cheapfaremart enables you to book low-cost air tickets to Bahrain with the world’s top IATA-approved airlines including, but not limited to, Jetblue Airways, Egyptair, United Airlines and Finnair. The average Bahrain airfares can be $ 3000.00 and the one-way flight time could last between 47 to 49 hours. Owing to the long-distance involved the flight to Bahrain is made possible with a halt or two before hitting the final destination.

1. Last-Minute Flight to Bahrain

Do you think it’s too late to secure your Bahrain flight ticket? With Cheapfaremart, we believe it’s never because we have a tie-up with an array of airlines serving the city to help you with. Bahrain airfares comparison makes it easier for you to find the best flight deals on last-minute flight bookings.

2. Round-Trip Flight to Bahrain

You can book your Bahrain air plane tickets for round-trip flight at a highly competitive rate. If you have a planned vacation or trip, and you want to save on your flight tickets, book round-trip flight, and hotel rooms in advance. With us, you can also book a last-minute two-way flight, but as expected that will cost you a bit extra.

What is the Best time to Visit Bahrain?

The best time to visit Bahrain, United Arab Emirates is something that you must know before booking your flight tickets. Well, as expected, you have to wait for the winter as Bahrain is a part of a big desert landscape where summer temperature would be unexpectedly high. The winter descends in November and lasts till March. However, the best time to visit Bahrain also depends upon one’s purpose to visit. For instance, if you are eying on festivals or events, then you have to secure your flight ticket to Bahrain accordingly.

What are the Top Attractions in Bahrain?

1. Qalat Al Bahrain

Also referred to as Bahrain Fort, this is a UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site. The antiques unearthed after excavation since 1954 proves the existence of several civilizations including Kassites, Greeks, Portuguese and Persians. The heritage also reveals that some or all of these civilizations were well-acquainted with the science of metallurgy (extracting metals from raw materials).

2. The Bahrain National Museum

The museum has artifacts and archeological stuff suggesting that the first human civilization evolved here 9000 years ago. If history has anything to do with your interest, you must visit this museum. Once you have booked your air tickets to Bahrain, don’t forget to record the name of the museum in your to-do-things list.

3. Adhari Park

Adhari Park, an amusement park, proves that Bahrain is one of the best family vacation destinations in the world. If you have booked your Bahrain flight tickets with your kids why not let them have fun first. Visit this amusement park that houses outdoor and indoor rides, a Family Entertainment Centre, ten food outlets at the Food Court, dine in the restaurant, and coffee shops and a lot of parking area to accommodate vehicles ferrying you.

4. The Ain Umm Sujoor

If you think that environment has gained traction only just now, you could be wrong. This archaeological site located in the village of Diraz, Bahrain is home to two water wells in an oval area with size measuring 60×30 square meters. The well dates back to 3rd millennium BCE. It’s believed that people considered them as the holy structure and pay tribute to their gods for water.

Adventures in Bahrain

1. Evening Desert Safari

Experiences are immortal as they are the only things that last. A low-cost flight to Bahrain will make that happen. You can easily find a vendor ready to provide all arrangements for an evening desert safari in custom packages comprising pick up, dune bashing and driving, sunset photography, camel rides, belly dancing, fire show and Tanura show, bar (on payment basis), henna painting, hubbllee bubbles (shisha) – (on payment basis), Arabic coffee (gahwa) and fresh dates, traditional costumes, unlimited soft drinks, and much more.

2. Paragliding and Paramotoring

You often watched birds and wished that you could fly. Didn’t you? Of course, everyone has the fantasy. A Bahrain vacation will make your dream come true. The trip in the air will give you an adrenaline rush. Paragliding and paramotoring are a bit different. In the former, you float freely as per the wind, while in the latter you are equipped with a motor on your back that creates the thrust to guide your way.

3. Bahrain Desert Tour

A visit to Bahrain is incomplete without venturing into the desert and discovering its wonders. The tour will make you see a host of things from the Gulf’s first ever oil field to the legendary Grand Prix Circuit. Collect memories while you happen to be on camel farms. The innocent animals will touch your heart with their gestures.

4. Nature Flora and Fauna Trip

Did you know that Bahrain was the first country to discover oil in the Middle East? Get acquainted with the several firsts that are in the credit of Bahrain. Explore other attractions including The Tree of Life, Al-Areen Wildlife Park (Sanctuary) and the Bahrain International Circuit.

How to Reach Bahrain

The Bahrain International Airport (BIA) situated on the island of Muharraq, in the north-east is the only airport that connects this holy desert to the rest of the world. The airport handles on an average over 100,000 flights and more than 8 million passengers annually. Bahrain’s national carrier, Gulf Air operates and bases itself in the BIA.
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