Cancun is a paradise for beach, history and environmental enthusiasts and one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations. Cancún International Airport (IATA: CUN, ICAO: MMUN) is the primary airport that connects the city with the prime locations of the world. You can find flights to Cancun, Mexico from the noted airports in North America, Central America, South America, Asia, and Europe. In 2017, the airport served around 23,601,509 passengers, a 10.21% increase compared to 2016.

Take a look at the five best and Cheap Flights to Cancun, Mexico.

Best and Cheap Flights to Cancun from Las Vegas

There are not many flights offering nonstop or direct flight services to Cancun, Mexico from Las Vegas. The most popular air carrier serving the city is American Airlines. A flight ticket to Cancun in an economy class will cost you around $490, and the travel duration could be between 8 hours to 9 hours.

Considering the scarcity of airlines serving the area, booking cheap flights to Cancun is a tricky job. The rule of thumb is book Cancun flight tickets at least 21 days ahead of the actual flight day. The next proven idea is to make a booking on weekdays because Cancun is a favorite weekend getaway.

Best and Cheap Flights to Cancun from New York

In 2017, over 370,732 traveled from New York to Las Vegas. Unlike Las Vegas, from here you can find many passenger air carriers, including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Interjet and JetBlue Airways offering regular flight services to Las Vegas. So, it’s comparatively easier to find a cheap flight from New York to Cancun than to spot one from Las Vegas to Cancun.

However, the probability of finding a direct flight to Cancun from New York remains feeble here as well. Most of the flights that operate take a halt or stop between the two locations. The flight duration could be anything around 12 hours to 20 hours and the ticket costs can be in the range $1000-$1200 for the round-trip flight.

Best and Cheap Flights to Cancun from Los Angeles

The top-notch airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Interjet, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines offer their flight services between Los Angeles and Cancun. You can see nonstop flights as well as flights with one-stop available from Los Angeles International Airport to Cancun on a regular basis. The cost of a ticket lies between $1100 and $ 1900. Flight duration with a direct flight to Cancun would be around 8 hours while with an indirect flight the duration will extend to as much as 12 hours.

Best and Cheap Flights to Cancun from Denver

In 2017, around 228,297 passengers took flights from Denver to Cancun. Cheap flights from Denver to Cancun are available with leading passenger air carriers including Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines. Most of the nonstop flights are rendered by Frontier Airlines and United Airlines. There is a huge difference regarding fare and duration between the nonstop flight and flight with a stop between the two destinations. The cost of airline tickets with a direct flight would be approximately $500 while that with an indirect flight it might cost as much as $3000. Likewise, a direct flight takes as much as 03 hours while a flight with a halt takes as long as 09 hours.

Best and Cheap Flights to Cancun from Boston

There are multiple choices when it comes to booking a cheap flight to Cancun from Boston. The world’s best airlines, including Jetblue Airways, Aeromexico, United Airlines, Air Canada, American Airlines and United Airlines, to name a few offer their nonstop and one-stop flight services between the two cities. There is not much difference between the cost of airplane tickets between a non-stop flight and one-stop flight. It costs around $1150-$1400.

Cool Tips to Book Cheap Flight Tickets to Cancun

Take into Account the Season

If you are looking for an affordable vacation to Cancun, Mexico, it’s best to skip the peak season between December and March (Spring). However, considering the weather, this could be the best time to visit. The temperature floats around lows of 80s Fahrenheit. April marks the beginning of summer, and the temperature starts surging.

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Book in Advance

This simple formula works great. We recommend you to book your flight tickets to Cancun at least 21 days in advance. For much better airfares, consider booking even ahead of this period as not many people book so early. If things are well-planned, then this would help you to save a good amount of bucks that you can spend on fun and entertainment while you will land to Cancun, Mexico.

Consider Less Crowded Airports

This is a wonderful way to contain your flight budget. From cities that have more than one airport, skip airports that are quite popular. For instance, New York City is served by three airports, namely, John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), LaGuardia Airport (LGA) and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). Out of them, JFK is the most popular one than the rest two. You will find a significant difference between the airfares to Cancun from JFK and the rest two airports.

Over 35 million international visitors took flights to Cancun, Mexico in 2016. The number increased further

On the northeast coast of the Yucatán Peninsula in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo sits a beautiful and one of the most-visited tourist destinations not just in Mexico but on the entire planet.

Cancun is famous for its cultural, historical and natural diversity. It has got a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It receives annually 35 million international visitors.

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