Ever thought of a museum submerged in the ocean? This unique idea came to the director of Cancún National Marine Park, Jaime Gonzalez Canto. There was a noble objective behind of preserving the nearby coral reefs by offering an alternative destination to divers. The Cancun Underwater Museum, in Spanish Museo Subacuático de Arte, known as MUSA was started in 2009 and officially opened in November 2010. Though nearly 500 statures placed inside are liable to spoil with the coral reefs growth as some experts argue, the effort to preserve the natural habitat and ecosystem is worth getting appreciated. It’s this effort that brings thousands and millions of tourists to struggle for getting flight tickets to Cancun.

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Cancun Underwater Museum Facts You Didn’t Know

Fact #1

Wondering who made this a reality? The marvelous structure was accomplished by Jason deCaires Taylor in a record 18 months during which he worked with his entire team for around 120 hours beneath the sea. There had been consumption of 120 tons of concrete, sand, and gravel, 3,800m of fiberglass, and 400kg of silicone.

Fact #2

Did you know about the number of sculptures present inside the museum? Well, MUSA has got two underwater areas developed so far: 1. Manchones reef with 477 sculptures; 2. Punta Nizuc with 23 structures. So, a total of 500 structures are beneath the surface of water. However, the museum has a permit to create ten such areas with 1, 200 structures. So, it’s set to grow bigger with time. A new art gallery called Chitales is about to come up with the dedicated effort of Cuban sculptor Elier Amado Gil.

Fact #3

Thinking how one would be able to see the museum submerged between three and six meters deep in the ocean? You can have the pleasure to watch the picturesque and enthralling museum by riding a glass-bottom boat. So, even if you are scared of snorkeling and diving, or just don’t want to get wet nothing can take away the pleasure of you. You can watch the entire museum from the comfort of the couch while sitting inside the glass vessel. So, if you couldn’t make your way to navy, this is the way to experience the life of naval personnel.

Fact #4

Thinking the saline water of the sea will erode the structures? It’s not going to happen. The immersed statues are crafted with pH-neutral cement.
Their surface is friendly to coral, seaweed, and algae. Stable structures with a stable base are known to be ideal surfaces for artificial reefs. The statues have got holes in them, which allow marine wildlife to colonize and feed off the coral.

Fact #5

What’s the theme of the museum? Well, the museum is dedicated to the local fishing community. Each statue has the reflection of their lives, and the credit goes to Taylor who before pursuing the job went through the details of the lifestyle and culture of the community. Out of the various statues, there is one of a little girl with a faint smile on her face looking up to the surface; six businessmen with their heads in the sand, not paying attention to their surroundings; and a man behind a desk with his dog lying him.

Fact #6

What’s the big picture behind this jaw-dropping museum? The Silent Evolution is a place with a strong message that our existence is solely dependent upon nature. It’s a brainchild of Jason deCaires Taylor consisting of more than 400 human figures that show how humans have destroyed nature specifically the coral reefs, and show no sympathy.

Fact #7

How much crowds does the museum receive? The museum is the world’s largest underwater museum and is visited by more than 100,000 visitors yearly on an average. The place has got its place cemented in both categories, namely, family vacation destination and honeymoon vacation destination.

Fact #8

How much effort was put into its making? Well, a forty-ton crane was deployed to place these statues on the floor of the ocean. Some are so heavy that they had to be lifted into the water using lift bags. Hence, you can imagine the kind of effort put in place to get the idea converted into a tangible museum.

Cancun Underwater Museum Tickets Prices

Wondering about the ticket prices to see this one-of-the-kind museum on the planet? Well, for adults it’s $58.00 and for children it’s $29.00. The timing of the museum is 9 AM to 5 AM, so you have abundant time.

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How to Reach

Booking a flight ticket to Cancun International Airport makes you reach this one of the most attractive places in the world. A 20-minute ride by car takes you to the Hotel Zone, which is 20 Km away. The distance between the Hotel Zone and the museum (Blvd. Kukulcan, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico) is 5.9 km. So it would take roughly 9 to 10 minutes to reach there.
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