Are you in quest of unraveling the history of some of the oldest civilizations or evolution of dinosaurs? Does the riddle of science invoke the curious child sitting in you? So what could be a better place than Las Vegas Natural History Museum? See what you can discover with Las Vegas flight tickets.However, this museum contrasts with others in the world. Because of its composition, it has become the top attractions in Las Vegas that is admired by family, kids and research scholars. This is, an all-time favorite, every time you visit, you will have a different experience, and your mind will crave for booking flight tickets to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Natural History Museum Facts

The Museum Houses the Treasures of Egypt

For you and your kids, it’s an opportunity to get acquainted with the history of Egypt’s rich cultural heritage. Witness the famous artifacts including Tutankhamun, and replicas of best-known pieces including the Golden Throne, chariots, the Golden Shrine and outer sarcophagus.Talking about Egypt, and not to find mention of the mummy is something indigestible. Luckily the museum adopts a scientific approach. Taking advantage of its state-of-the-art technology you can scan the mummy replica in real time and view actual medical imaging taken of a real mummy.

It’s One-of-its-Kind Museum in the World to Shed Light on Tyrannosaurus

How would have it been like finding a gigantic creature as tall as 35-foot?  Visit Engelstad Family Prehistoric Life Gallery and get to know about this extinct creature called Tyrannosaurus. The replica moves its head and roars at visitors. The presence of a Triceratops, Ankylosaur and a ferocious raptor give a further glimpse into the past.It’s not that only territorial animals of the era were of astronomical physique, even their aquatic counterparts were no less awe-inspiring, and perhaps, dreadful. Don’t believe? Meet the Ichthyosaur, a gigantic marine reptile that swam in the waters of Nevada during the time of the dinosaurs.

Las Vegas Natural History Museum is Home to the Dinosaur Mummy, Leonardo or Dinosaur Ball

Dinosaur, the animal which has provided a riveting concept to several sci-fi movies, will always remain the muse of kids and humanity. Though you can see their replicas across many museums, Las Vegas Natural History Museum provides a unique world of it. You happen to see the world’s most preserved dinosaur in the flesh, the Dinosaur Mummy, Leonardo! The 23-foot-long plant eater dating back to Cretaceous period was naturally mummified before it was turned into a fossil. So would you still resist Las Vegas flight deals?

It’s a Marine Life Gallery with Real-Experience inside a 3,000-Gallon Tank

Love to dive deep? Here is the best way to experience the aquatic world in a 3,000-gallon tank, and watch the species of sharks and stingrays. Sounds horrible? Don’t be scared folks; you are facing recreations of these creatures. Isn’t it the best time to take a selfie for Pinterest?

It’s a Rare Museum That Also Exhibits Live Animals

Las Vegas Natural History Museum is next to a zoo. In addition to exotic marine life, this is home to many terrestrial animals including Burmese pythons, tarantulas, scorpions, snakes and lizards. Hence, it’s a complete education trip for your kids. Let them understand the bio ecosystem with a vivid experience.

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It’s the World’s First Museum to Exhibit Detailed African Demography

Remember the food chain? Discover the coexistence of an array of lives in southern Africa and most importantly their predator-prey relationship visiting Gary & Matthew Primm African Savanna Gallery. So, the museum is not just about Las Vegas, instead, different demographics and geographies find a reflection here. The striking part of it is their scientific approaches in making visitors understand the rationale behind. Have you ever been to African rainforest? If haven’t. Book a cheap flight to Las Vegas and pay a visit to the African Rainforest exhibit at this museum. Have a close encounter with the animals hidden in the trees and thick bushes. Experience a thunderstorm of rain and lightning.

It’s the World’s First Museum Where you Can Celebrate a Birthday Party

Thinking to plan your vacation after celebrating the birthday of your kid? That would be a mistake. Booking a cheap flight ticket to Las Vegas, bring to you an opportunity to make the upcoming birthday a life-time experience. The museum will serve as the venue. It charges a moderate fee $300 for 15 children and 15 adults. A 50% non-refundable down-payment and signed Agreement are required to reserve your event. Food and drink you have to manage on your own. See what rest is included?

Las Vegas Natural History Museum Admission Prices

Booked your Las Vegas flight tickets? Take note of the admission prices for different ages and groups.

  • Adults: $12.00
  • Children (3-11): $6.00
  • Seniors, Military, and Students: $10.00
  • Children (2 and younger): FREE
  • ASTC Travel Passport Program (Two Adults & Two Children FREE)
  • Group Rates Available for Groups of 10 Paying Customers or More.
  • Local K-12 Teachers Get Free Admission with School Issued ID

Hours of Operation

Open daily from 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Opening at 11:00 A.M. New Year’s Day and Easter

Closed Christmas and Thanksgiving Day


Las Vegas Natural History Museum

900 North Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89101

Cross streets are Las Vegas Blvd. and Washington Ave.

The Museum is adjacent to Cashman Center.

Phone: (702) 384–3466 Fax: (702) 384–5343

Las Vegas Natural History Museum Reviews

The worth of the museum as a tourist attraction is well reflected in the reviews that it receives. On its Facebook page, it has managed a thumping 4.5-star rating from 625 reviews. On Yelp, it has got a 4-Star rating. Can you still resist Las Vegas flight deals?

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