A round-trip flight to Munich from New York City might cost you around $1200. Wondering what are the things that you can enjoy there for free? Well, to help you with, Cheapfaremart presents a comprehensive list of top 10 things to do in Munich either for free or paying a small fee.

Tourist Attractions in Munich

Olympian Sounds

This is the original venue that hosted the 1972 Summer Olympic Games. The venue is perched on a 564m-high hill. This is a lovely place and sees a good crowd particularly in the warmer months. If you happen to find Munich flight deals in August, it would be really rewarding because at that time you can witness Theatron Festival (theatron.de). The festival is characterized by the performance of live bands to the amphitheatre next to the Olympic Lake, playing everything from hip hop to gospel, pop to punk.

BMW Welt - Cathedral of Cars

If automobile design and innovation bring an adrenaline rush in you, check BMW Welt, an official showroom that sits just round the Olympic Stadium and the actual BML plant. Take a watch of the latest arrivals from sedans to Minis, racing cars to electric vehicles and even Rolls Royce coaches. The futuristic building itself is a jaw-dropper, all glass and steel twisted into a double cone and lidded by a roof reminiscent of a floating cloud.

FC Bayern München Training Facility

See world champions of soccer from leading teams, including FC Bayern München, Germany’s winningest Bundesliga without bearing any cost. You may watch star players taking their fitness regime and reinventing themselves at this headquarters of on Säbener Strasse, about 6km south of the city centre (a 10-minute walk from Mangfallsplatz U-Bahn station. We recommend you taking a look at the schedule of the FC Bayern München’s official website (fcbayern.de) before leaving for the place.

Englischer Garten

Englischer Garten or English garden is a public park with the vast area, and it is spread across the northeastern city. Its name is suitable to its style with happy faces all around the park. You can have ample areas full of grasses and a beautiful lake in the park. There is a small café within the park. You can enjoy the ice surfing. The surrounding is cool, and you can see people around you jogging, walking, and having a get-together and many more activities. There are sun-bathers, people doing cycling and strollers. The place is happening altogether without entry fee, and hence it comes under the free things to do in Munich.

Deutsches Museum

This is the world’s largest museum dedicated to science and technology and attracts almost one and half million tourists a year. There is a wide range of things to watch from science and technology. It exhibits natural sciences, astronautics, marine navigation and so many other aspects of Science and technology which is interactive and full of knowledge for children. You can capture the pictures from this place. It would take three hours of your time to have a detailed view of the place. The opening hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM. The entry fee for adults is $9.99 and for children is $3.75.

Asam Church

It is a Baroque church of Munich based in Southern Germany which was built somewhere around 1733-1746. You can see the two large rocks at the entrance. The church is an architectural wonder if you view its interior. It is breathtaking and mesmerizing to see the hidden gem of Munich. You can book cheap Flight to Munich which is available online at special discounts.

Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena is a stadium dedicated to football, located in Munich, Bavaria. It can accommodate almost seventy thousand spectators. The place is neat and clean and a dream place to go. It is designed in the modern style and has superb public transport system.

Bavarian Beer and Food Evening Tour in Munich

You can have Munich beer and food at reasonable price. There is a dedicated place for enjoying beer; ‘Beer Garden’ where you can spend your quality time. This place is famous across the world. This local guide will take you through the city. It attracts the attention of visitors around the world who like to have fun and rocking time with their family and friends. Go online and leave your worries us while you Book Cheap Flight to Munich, as there are exciting offers and discounts with cash backs awaiting you.

The sound of Music, Salzburg and Lake District Day Tour

While you check for the best Munich Flight Deals, you must plan to take a round of the main attractive sites of the city. You can book a tour at a low price of $63.179, and a local guide will be awaiting you at the pick-up point, and he will take you through the churches, squares and ‘sound of music’ filming locations. You can have a boat trip on the Lake and Lake Mondsee. Flight Tickets to Munich can be had at exciting prices, provided you grab them in advance.

Munich Bike Tour: This is so happening tour as you can go in for a three-hour bike tour and watches some of the most happening places of Munich like- Royal Munich, Parks, and gardens of the city, etc. You can take a break during your tour and have refreshments at Chinese tower beer garden. You can book for the tour while you search for Cheap Ticket to Munich. The cost would come around $36.54.

Fully Guided Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site Tour from Munich

You can enjoy this camp at a price of $43.36. It gives you a glimpse of the times of Nazi and the rise and decline of the Third Reich. It takes you on a train with a guide who takes you through the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. You can learn more about the historical incidents of the prison during your visit to the memorial. There is a museum which is classy and worth watching. For your curiosity, the local guide will help you through your questions about the place.

While you travel from New York to Munich, there are so many things to watch, and hence you must make your booking to visit all the historical sites of Munich. While you book your cheap flight tickets to Munich, you do not have to spend an extra penny to visit some of the exotic and magnificent places. This makes your tour more exciting and enjoyable. Grab your cheap flight deals to Munich at reasonable prices which are available online and forget your worries. You would never regret your plan to trip as you make your time worth spending.

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