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While trying to book tickets, there are a thousand airline websites to browse from. Cheapfaremart goes further than most airfare engines in the world by searching over a hundred consolidator, airline and large online travel web sites from all over the world in a few seconds. Cheapfaremart has a simple and user friendly interface through which customers can search and purchase flights from hundreds of online travel web sites. Cheapfaremart presents prices and airlines objectively without any hidden priorities.
Consolidator Airline Tickets are discounted airfares that most major Airlines sell to help fill up their seats. These tickets are usually cheaper than the lowest published fare available directly from the airline company. Cheapfaremart has way over 2,000,000 consolidator fares from approximately 60 airlines.
You have to enter your departure and arrival information in the Cheapfaremart request page and our Search Engine performs a comprehensive search of the fares in the Cheapfaremart database and also on major airline sites so you receive a complete search. Next, you have to select a flight that suits your travel plans and make the payment. An E-ticket will then be sent you via e-mail within one business day hence completing your booking process with Cheapfaremart.
You can either book online on our 24- hour website or you can also call us directly to book your tickets.
Yes, we sell travel insurance. We understand that emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere. We help you be prepared.
An e-ticket or an electronic ticket is a time-saving way to travel. The conventional paper ticket is replaced by the e-ticket where we will send you an email confirmation regarding your booking which will contain your e-ticket.
Upon buying E-tickets, you will be sent a confirmation number and e-ticket by e-mail. This email will contain details of your ticket and is a proof of purchase. accepts American Express, Discover, Mastercard, VISA and Debit Card.
E-tickets will be e-mailed within one or two business days. In case you do not receive the e-ticket due to any reason, you will be contacted and a paper ticket will be shipped to you through FedEx.
People living outside of the United States, U.K or Canada cannot use credit cards to buy tickets from Cheapfaremart.
You do not need to register for shopping and booking on Cheapfaremart. But you are required to fill your personal details while booking. We keep this information safe from marketing companies. Read our Privacy Policy to know more.
Cheapfaremart accepts American Express, VISA, Discover, and MasterCard credit cards. All payments will be accepted in Canadian or US dollars. Your local currency will be converted to US or Canadian dollars if you use the credit card of another country. We do not accept bookings for travel within 3 business days of your departure through the internet in order to ensure delivery of your tickets prior to your departure. Please make bookings by calling in case of last minute flights Your reservation cannot be changed without large penalties, the cost of which depends on the airline International consolidator tickets are not refundable. Commencement with the first scheduled day of your travel, your tickets are completely non-refundable and usually cannot be changed. All changes in the schedule must be made before the original date of departure. All reservations must be made in the exact name of the person who is traveling. For international travel, the name must match the name on the passport. Cheapfaremart has established these procedures to prevent credit card fraud and protect our customers.
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