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Airports in Baltimore

1. Baltimore Airport or BWI

Officially known as Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (IATA: BWI, ICAO: KBWI), Baltimore Airport is the primary airport serving Baltimore, Maryland. The airport is nine miles (14 km) south of downtown Baltimore and 30 miles (48 km) northeast of Washington D.C. The airport is focus city for two leading low-cost carriers, Southwest Airlines, and Spirit Airlines. Does it mean getting flights from Baltimore to Atlanta should be easier?

2. Martin State Airport

Martin State Airport (IATA: MTN, ICAO: KMTN, FAA LID: MTN) is a joint civil-military public use airport. A nine nautical miles (10 mi, 17 km) drive to the east of the central business district of Baltimore takes you to the airport. However, the airport is not much in use for commercial flights.

Airport in Atlanta

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport ranks as the world’s #1 airport by the number of passengers. According to the Airports Council International Report 103 902 992 passengers deplaned and enplaned at the airport in 2017.

Located 7 miles (11 km) south of downtown Atlanta, Georgia, ATL is 7 miles (11 km) south of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The airport has 192 gates: 152 domestic and 40 international.

Nonstop Flights from Baltimore to Atlanta

Looking for the quickest way to reach Atlanta from Baltimore? Use our flight booking engine to check airlines that operate nonstop flights on the route. Spirit Airlines takes the lead when it comes to offering nonstop flight from BWI to ATL.

If you are okay with taking a connecting flight, you more options emerge with American Airlines, United Airlines, Jetblue Airways and Alaska Airlines. With a connecting flight you may have your stop at Fort Lauderdale – FLL, Los Angeles – LAX or other airport.

How Long is the flight from Baltimore to Atlanta

The flight distance between Baltimore and Atlanta is 577 miles/928 km. The flight time is 1 hour 27 minutes. However, the flight time might vary based on the speed of the aircraft. Moreover, the takeoff and landing time will also get added up to the total travel time.

How to Book Cheap Flights from Baltimore to Atlanta?

Though Cheapfaremart empowers you with the travel technology, applying some proven flight booking hacks, you may maximize your flight discount.

1. Search for airfare as a single traveler

When you look for fares for multiple passengers, airlines will map the highest fare for every passenger. For instance, if there are four fares $70, $80, $90 and $100 respectively available, and you search for four passengers, the airline will show you $100 for every passenger. On the contrary, if you search for 1 adult, the search result is most likely to fetch $70 fare.

2. Flying with a redeye flight could be a money saver

Opting for a late-night or early morning flight. This time slot is less preferred for travelling as it spoils sleep. You are most likely to benefit from this fact. Considering the big savings it brings to you, it should be acceptable.

3. Look for a mid-weekday flight

Flights on weekends are going to cost you more than the weekday flights. The fact is understood. Atlanta sees a good deal of visitors on weekends from nearby cities and clashing with them means you will pay more for flight ticket. Depart with a flight on a mid-weekday like Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

4. Go in the low-season

June through August (summer) and December to February (winter) are the lowest seasons for tourism in Atlanta. In summer, the upper and lower temperature swings between the highs of 80s°F and lows of 70s°F while in the winter season, the lower temperature can dip as low as the mid-30s°F. Winter months also see 10 to 11 days of rainfall. Consider traveling in spring and fall to enjoy your vacation to Atlanta. The flight tickets and hotel rentals stay in the affordable range.

5. Fly with a budget airline

Presence of Spirit Airlines, the leading low-cost carrier, is your lady luck. However, pay attention to the ticket or fare rules. Airlines offer basic economy, which is considered the cheapest ticket at some restrictions – they are non-refundable, and for any changes, you may have to pay a fee. Further, they may compensate for the discount flight ticket cost by levying high fees on carry-on baggage.