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Tourism Season in Orlando, Florida


Spring (March, April)

Winter (Feb or March)



(May through July)



(December, January)


Late Summer, Fall

(August to November)

Bentonville to Orlando Flight Information

Departure Airport

Northwest Arkansas National Airport

Airport code: XNA

Location: In Northwest Arkansas in Highfill, Arkansas, 15 nautical miles (28 km; 17 mi) northwest of Fayetteville. 10 nautical miles (19 km; 12 mi) northwest of Springdale

Number of Nonstop Flights to Orlando (per day): 0

Number of One-stop Flights to Orlando (per day): 133

2-stop flights to Orlando are also available: 150 plus

Connection: MIA (Miami), EYW (Key West), IAH (Houston), DFW (Dallas), PHL (Philadelphia), ATL (Atlanta)

Arrival Airport

Orlando International Airport

Airport Code: MCO

Location: Six miles (10 km) southeast of Downtown Orlando, Florida

Transportation: Mears Destination Services (MDS) is the Aviation Authority’s Ground Transportation Concessionaire. It has ground transportation facility to many destinations within Orlando and beyond via bus, sedans, limousine and shuttle van.

Operating Airlines

  1. Delta (DL): Connecting
  2. United (UA ): Connecting
  3. Frontier (F9 ): Connecting
  4. American (AA): Connecting
  5. American (AA): Connecting

Flight Distance, Time

Flight Distance: 932 miles/1499 km

Travel Duration (Nonstop Flight): 2 hours 22 minutes

Time Difference: MCO is 1 hour ahead

Currently, no airlines operate nonstop flights on this route. Mind the layover or stopover time when traveling with a connecting or direct flight.

Orlando Climate Information*

Temperature (92.6-43°F)

  • High Temp (°F)
  • Lower (°F)

Hottest Months: June, July
Coldest Months:January, February

Rainfall (2 to 30 days)

  • Heavy Rainfall Days/Month
  • Light Rainfall Days/Month

Wettest Months: April to July
Driest Months: January to March

Humidity (65-72)

  • Humidity

High Humidity Months: February, July, August
Least Humid Months: April, May

Fog Days/Month (7-29)

  • No. of days

Months with maximum fog days: May
Months with minimum fog days: July

Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of arrival flights gets delayed at Orlando Airport?

22 percent of the total arrival flights (21,210k) were delayed at Orlando Airport in 2019, according to the United States of Department of Transportation.

Which is the best airline to fly to Orlando Airport from Bentonville (Arkansas)?

Airline On-Time Flight % OTP rating out of 5
Delta (DL) 83.4 4
American (AA) 76.90 3
United (UA) 76.90 3
Frontier (F9) 69.4 2

Which is the best season to visit Orlando?

Spring (from March to May) is the best season to visit Orlando. Expect pleasant weather with temperature between the lows of 40s °F and highs of 50s°F. Airfares and hotel rentals also stay in the affordable bandwidth.

Data References

Climate: *NOAA.GOV