Cleveland to Toronto Flight Deals

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Cleveland to Toronto Flight Information

CLE to YYZ is the 6th shortest route in North America

Flight Distance

167 miles or 268.76 km

Flight Time

1 hour (approx)

No. of Flights (2019)


Departure and Arrival Airports Information

Departure Airport in Cleveland, USA

Cleveland International Airport

Official Name: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Airport Code: CLE

Location: 9 miles (14 km) southwest of the downtown area and adjacent to the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland

Focus city: Frontier Airlines

Quick Facts: Cleveland Hopkins offers non-stop passenger service to 54 destinations with 174 average daily departures.

On Time Performance Rating: 3/5

Arrival Airport in Toronto, Canada

Pearson Airport

Official Name: Lester B. Pearson International Airport

Airport Code: YYZ

Location: Toronto Pearson is located 22.5 kilometres (14.0 mi) northwest of Downtown Toronto

Quick Facts about the Airport: over 75 airlines operate around 1,250 daily departures from the airport to more than 180 destinations across all six of the world’s inhabited continents.

Hub for: Air Canada, Air Canada Express, Air Canada Rouge, WestJet, WestJet Encore

Focus city for: Air Transat, Sunwing Airlines

Airline Choices

Operating Carriers

Airline Flight Type Connection Airport
United (UA) 1-Stop NY, LaGuardia (LGA)
United (UA) 1-Stop Newark (EWR)
American (AA) 1-Stop Chicago (ORD)
Westjet (WS) 1-Stop Chicago (LGA)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What percentage of departure flights take off on time at Cleveland Airport?

79.1 percent of the total flights (107,326) in 2019 were on time according to OAG.

Which is the best airline to fly from Cleveland to Toronto?

Though percentage-wise there is little difference, but citing the number of flights operated, American Airlines deserves the #1 position. The data is sourced from OAG OTP Report (June ’18 – May ’19)

Airlines On-Time Flight % Total Flights
American Airlines 76.9 2,320,441
United Airlines 76.9 1,769,122
WestJet Airlines 77.1 264,070

Which airline has the cheapest flight ticket?

United Airlines (UA)