Los Angeles to Dallas Flight Deals

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Los Angeles (LA) to Dallas Flight: Insights to Save Money on Ticket Purchase

Dallas/Fort Worth Tourism Season Trends


“Early spring, and autumn”

Months: March, April, early May. Lower mercury limits pick up slowly from the lows of 60s°F to the lows of 70s°F. Mind the Spring Break timings.


“Early summer, and late winter”

Months: Mid-May, June, July. Temperatures move to the 80s and lows of 90s°F. Humidity touches 74.8%. But as crowds recede, airfares and hotel rentals go affordable.



Months: December, January, February.  Driest time of the year. Avg. lows equal 63°F and highs touch 77.9°F. Days are short, but enough to let you explore top attractions and outdoors.



Months: August, September, October. Temperature (lows of 90s °F), humidity and rainfall (16days per month) are at their zenith. Hurricanes and gales are a common thing.

Ticket Cost by Month ($75-$278)

  • Airfare

Cheapest: February to May

Costliest: November, December, June

Moderate: July to October

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Ticket Cost by Day ($88- $179)

  • Airfare (USD)

Cheapest: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Costliest: Sunday

Moderate: Monday, Thursday

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Ticket Cost by Carrier ($88-$362)

  • Airfare (USD)

Cheapest: American

Costliest: JetBlue

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Ticket Cost by Hour ($138-$390)

  • Airfare (USD)

Cheapest: 6.01 am to 7 am, 3.01 pm to 6 pm, 7.01 pm to 8 pm

Priciest: 4.01 am to 5 am, 10.01 am to 11 am

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LA to Dallas Flights: Airports, Airlines Information

Los Angeles International Airport

Airport Code: LAX

Location: 18 miles (30 km) southwest of Downtown Los Angeles

Airlines operating flights to DFW: American (Nonstop), Alaska (Connecting), United (Connecting), Frontier (Connecting), JetBlue (Connecting)

Number of nonstop flights to DFW per day: 24 (approx)

Nonstop flight duration: 03 hours (approx)

Number of connecting flights to DFW per day: Over 700

Connecting flight duration: Starts from 4 hours 25 minutes to 10 hours and more – depending upon the layover time

1. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Airport Code: DFW

Location: Halfway (approx.) between the major cities of Dallas and Fort Worth

2. Dallas Love Field

Airport Code: DAL

Location: 6 miles (10 km) northwest of downtown Dallas

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to reach Dallas from Los Angeles by plane?

3 hours (approximately). The flight distance between Los Angeles and Dallas is 1240 miles (1996 km).

What percentage of departure flights get delayed at Los Angeles?

20 percent flights were delayed in last one year (November 2018 – October 2019). The average delay minutes for flights equaled 62.34 minutes.

Which is the best airline by performance to fly to Dallas from Seattle?

Alaska. However, it operates only connecting flights to DFW.

Airlines On-Time Arrival %
Alaska 80.7
American 76.9
United 76.9
JetBlue 73.5
Frontier 69.4

What airlines operate nonstop flights from LAX to DFW?

American Airlines

What percentage of arrival flights get delayed at DFW Airport?

23% of the arrival flights get delayed at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.

Data References

  1. Departure Date and Day: Last Wednesday of every month (Feb 2020 to Dec 2020)| Carrier: American | No. of stops: Nonstop| Departure Time: 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm. Departure Airport: LAX | Arrival Airport: DFW. December month fare is the avg. of previous two months as the airline doesn’t facilitate reservation beyond 331 days of its flight departure.
  2. Departure Day: October 19 to October 25, 2020 | Carrier: American | No. of stops: Nonstop| Departure Time: 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm | Departure Airport: LAX | Arrival Airport: DFW
  3. Departure Day: July 20, 2020 | No. of stops: Nonstop/Direct/Connecting| Departure Time: Anytime | Departure Airport: LAX | Arrival Airport: DFW
  4. Departure Day: Oct 25, 2020 | Carrier: American | No. of stops: Nonstop| Departure Airport: LAX | Arrival Airport: DFW
    All fares found on January 2, 2020.