Cheap Flights from Orlando to New York City

The displayed fares were last found on: Thu | 02 June 07:40 PM(EST) . Fares are round trip.

The above shown Orlando to New York City flights are round-trip. Fares are based on a trend, non-warranted and subject to change. The fare includes all components including base fare, fuel surcharges, airline/airport taxes, and our service fee. The list also includes flights to EWR, a nearby airport to New York. Skip such alternate nearby airport flight options, if your travel plan doesn’t go well.

New York Tourism Season


  • Spring (Mid-March to April)
  • Early summer (May)
  • Fall (September to October)

Avg. low: spring 40 °F; fall 55.4°F


  • Early & mid-winter (December, January)
  • Late summer (July, August)

Avg. lows equal 32°F and 26.9°F in Dec and Jan.


  • Summer (June, July)
  • Holiday season (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year)

Summer temperature between lows of 60s and 80s°F respectively.


Late winter (February)

February remains cold with temperatures reading 26.6°F (-3°C)

Snowing and icy winds worsen the weather

New York Climate Information


  • Upper (°F)
  • Lower (°F)

Minimum: 26.9 (Jan)

Maximum: 84.1 (July)


  • Rainfall Per Month

Minimum: 8.7 per month (Sep)
Maximum: 11.2 per month (June)


  • Humidity (%)

Minimum: 8.7 per month (Sep)
Maximum: 11.2 per month (June)


  • Snowfall/Month

Minimum: 0 per month (May to Nov)
Maximum: 4 per month (January)

Orlando to New York: Factors Influencing Ticket Cost

Carrier Selection

  • Airfare (USD)

Cheapest Carrier: JetBlue (Nonstop)

Costliest Carrier: Air Canada (2-stops)

Moderate Carriers: United, American, Silver Airways

Data Reference (1)

Travel Month Selection

  • Airfare (USD)

Cheapest Month: January

Costliest Months: September, October

Moderate Months: Rest of the year

Data Reference (2)

Departure Day Selection

  • Airfare (USD)

Cheapest Day: Wednesday

Priciest Day:  Sunday

Moderate: Rest of the week

Data Reference (3)

Departure Time Selection

  • Airfare (USD)

Cheapest Time Slot: 02 PM to 10 PM

Costliest Time Slot: 06 AM to 10 AM

Moderate Time Slot: 10 AM to 02 PM

Data Reference (4)

Search, Compare and Book Flights from Orlando to New York City

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Departure Airport, Airlines, Nonstop or Connecting Flight Choices

1. Orlando International Airport

Airport Code: MCO

Location: Six miles (10 km) southeast of Downtown Orlando

About Nonstop Flights to NYC

Route Number of Flights per Day Duration (Minimum) Airlines
MCO to JFK 19 2 hours 38 minutes JetBlue, Delta
MCO to LGA 12 2 hours 33 minutes American, Delta

About Connecting Flights to NYC

Route Number of Flights per Day Duration (Minimum) Airlines
MCO to JFK 311 3 hours 49 minutes up to 9 hours Delta, American, United, Spirit, Jetblue
MCO to LGA 700 4 hours 06 minutes up to 9 hours American, United, Frontier, Delta

2. Daytona Beach Airport

Official Name: Daytona Beach International Airport

Airport Code: DAB

Location:  Three miles (5 km) southwest of Daytona Beach and is 53 miles from Orlando, FL

Nonstop flights to NYC: No

Connecting flights to NYC (JFK, LGA): Yes. Find details below.

Route Number of Flights per Day Duration (Minimum) Airlines
DAB to JFK 400 (approx) 4 hours 16 minutes up to 9 hours American, Jetblue, Delta
DAB to LGA 500 (approx) 4 hours 06 minutes up to 12 hours United, Delta, Spirit

Layover Airport: Charlotte – CLT serve as the layover airport, Atlanta (ATL), CVG (Cincinnati),  RDU (Raleigh, North Carolina)

Arrival Airport Choices

1. Kennedy or JFK Airport

Official Name: John F. Kennedy International Airport

Airport Code: JFK

Location: Situated in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens in New York, 16 miles (26 km) southeast of Midtown Manhattan

2. LaGuardia Airport

Official Name: LaGuardia Airport

Airport Code: LGA

Location: In the northern part of the New York City borough of Queens in the United States. It has arrivals from MCO and DAB. The airport has got 4 terminals – A, B, C, and D.

3. Newark Airport – Nearby Airport

Official Name: Newark Liberty International Airport

Airport Code: EWR

Location: 13 miles or 21 km from New York

Airlines with arrivals from MCO: United, delta, American, Spirit, Frontline, JetBlue

Flight Distance and Time

Flight distance and flight time vary with change in arrival-departure airport pair. We have estimated the time with an assumption that your aircraft has a speed of 500 miles or 804.67 km per hour.

Departure-Arrival  Airport Flight Distance Flight Time
MCO to JFK 944miles/1520 km 2hours,13 minutes
DAB to LGA 896miles/1443 km 2hours,18 minutes
MCO to LGA 950miles/1529 km 2hours,14 minutes
DAB to JFK 891miles/1434 km 2hours,17 minutes
MCO to EWR 937 miles/1508 km 2hours,10 minutes
DAB to EWR 884 miles/1422 km 2hours,16 minutes

Note: The flight distance and flight time are tentative. You should check with your airlines to have the precise information.

Tips on Finding the Lowest Fare

Travel on a weekday

Carriers try to make the most of the demand, which rises on the weekend. If yours is an extended vacation, and you are flexible with your departure day or date, skip weekends from your travel calendar. On Sunday, the airline ticket gets the most expensive one. The difference in fare between a Saturday and Sunday flight tracked above is $142, which is huge.

Book a morning flight to New York

Odd hour is slow for travel and cheap for ticket prices. It’s truly said. Looking at the airfare trend by time of the day, you can conclude that flying in the morning hours between 6 and 10 is good for your wallet, and also for your health. There is less traffic on road, and sky is also less crowded.

Identify the best month to travel

Look for times after or before the peak tourism. If any festival or event is not on your mind, wait for Christmas and New Year vacationers to return. Flight departures from mid-January to mid-February cost less. Likewise, summer (June to August) sees a good deal of visitors’ turn-out in NYC, resulting in increased fare and hotel rental.

Be realistic in your approach

Patience is good. However, waiting for an unexpected fare drop may not be helpful. If you come across a good flight deal, confirm your flight ticket immediately. If your travel dates do not clash with any major festival or event, confirm your flight reservation at least 8 to 12 weeks ahead of a scheduled flight departure.

Be flexible with your airport or airline selection

If you take into account the availability of flight options from or to nearby airports, you will have more choices. For example, there are many carriers that operate flights to EWR, a major airport located 13 miles (21 km) from New York, in New Jersey.

Check for Flight Coupons

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Orlando to NY: Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the cheapest airport to fly into New York?

LGA (LaGuardia Airport) is the cheapest airline to fly into New York. American and Spirit have nonstop flights to LGA. If you are okay with arrival at a nearby airport to NYC, then EWR (Newark Airport) is the next cheapest option. It has arrivals with Frontier, an LCC (Low Cost Carrier) carrier.

Which airlines do operate nonstop flights from Orlando to New York?

JetBlue, American, Spirit and Frontier have nonstop flights from Orlando to New York. United also joins the bandwagon of offering nonstop flights, but to a nearby airport, EWR.

How many flights depart from Orlando to New York on average per day?

There are over 26 flight departures daily from Orlando to NYC (JFK, LGA, EWR) with leading low-cost and full service airlines. Here is a breakup of airlines and the number of flights they operate on this route per week:

S. No. Airline Arrival Airport No. of Flights per Week
1 Spirit LGA 7
2 Spirit EWR 20
3 American LGA 8
4 Delta JFK 33
5 Delta LGA 41
6 Frontier LGA 7
7 JetBlue JFK 49
8 JetBlue LGA 21
9 United EWR data not available

Which is the cheapest airline on this route?

JetBlue emerged as the cheapest airlines in the airfare trend highlighted above. However, Spirit and Frontier are also top contenders in offering budget flight services.

Which airlines do offer free carry on or checked-in baggage?

All airlines allow  one personal item free as part of the fare (Domestic/International). Some airlines like JetBlue allow free carry-on along with the personal item. Regarding checked-in baggage, some may allow one or charge a fee. It also depends on the airfare rules, and or frequent travel status. For instance, JetBlue allow one checked-in under Blue Plus fare, a flexible fare type. American Airlines do not offer free carry-on as part of Economy fare. We display the free or charged baggage options available to you. Our experts can also guide you over the phone.

What items are considered as personal items. Are there any size limitations?

Shoulder bag, purse, laptop bag or other item that fits under the seat in front of you are considered as personal items.  Take a look at the permitted size dimension (Depth, Width and Height in inches) with different carriers.

S. No. Airline Dimension
1 American 8×14×18
2 Frontier 8×18×14
3 JetBlue 8×13×17
4 Spirit 8×18×14
5 United 9×10×17

How popular is the Orlando to NYC flight route?

This is one of the most popular domestic US routes. We can see all major and leading LCC offering one-way and round-trip services.

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Note: All arrival airports including JFK, LGA and EWR taken into considerations