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San Diego to Boston Flight Information

Airport in San Diego

Departure Airport

San Diego Airport

Official Name: San Diego International Airport

Airport Code: SAN

Location: 3 mi (4.8 km) northwest of Downtown San Diego, California

Quick Facts about SAN: The airport is a focus city for Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines

Airport in Boston

Arrival Airport

Boston Logan Airport

Official name: General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport

Airport code: BOS

Location: The airport is located mostly in East Boston and partially in Winthrop, Massachusetts.

Operating Airlines

Two-stop or three-stop flights operate on this route. The carriers operate with codeshare agreement. Popular ones are as follows.

    1. Spirit Airlines
    2. Frontier Airlines
    3. United Airlines
    4. American Airlines
    5. JetBlue Airways
    6. Alaska Airlines

Flight Distance and Time

Flight Distance: 1,891 miles (3044 km)

Travel Duration (Nonstop Flight): 4 hours 06 minutes

Time Difference: San Diego is in PST, and 03 hours behind Boston which is in CST.

Airlines operating nonstop flights on the route: No

Boston Climate Information


  • Max (F)
  • Min (F)


  • Rainfall days/month


  • Humidity%

Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of departure flights gets delayed at San Diego Airport?

Only 19 percent of 12,120k flights that had departure from San Diego Airport in 2019 were delayed. The average delayed departure minutes were 57.87 minutes.

What percentage of arrival flights gets delayed at Boston Airport?

Out of the total arrival (16,821k) at Boston Airport, 26 percent reported on time.

Which airline has the best on-time performance on this route?

Alaska Airlines is way ahead of its counterparts by the number of flights and their on-time performance, according to the OAG Report (June ’18 – May ’19)


Airlines On-Time Flight % Total Flights
Alaska 80.7 456,996
Spirit Airlines 80.4 206,440
American Airlines 78.9 2,320,441
United Airlines 76.9 1,769,122
JetBlue 73.5 374,986
Frontier 69.4 127,358