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San Diego to NYC Flight Information

Airport in San Diego, CA

San Diego Airport

Official Name: San Diego International Airport

Airport Code: SAN

Location: 3 mi (4.8 km) northwest of Downtown San Diego, California

Quick Facts about SAN: The airport is a focus city for Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines

Arrival Airport Choices in NYC or Nearby

Kennedy Airport or JFK Airport

Official Name: John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

Airport Code: JFK

Location: Located in the neighborhood of Jamaica in the New York City borough of Queens, 16 miles (30 km) southeast of Midtown Manhattan.

LaGuardia Airport

Official Name: LaGuardia Airport

Airport Code: LGA

Location: 12 miles (19 km) from New York

Quick Facts: LGA is a hub for both American Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

Newark Airport – Nearby

Official Name: Newark Liberty International Airport

Airport Code: EWR

Location: 13 miles (21 km) from New York in the State of New Jersey.

Quick Facts: EWR is a hub for United Airlines and focus city for Frontier Airlines.

Operating Airlines from San Diego to Different Arrival Airports in NYC

Airlines Flights by Stop Departure Airport Arrival Airport Connection Airport
Alaska (AS) Nonstop SAN EWR Not applicable
United (UA) Nonstop SAN EWR Not applicable
Spirit (NK) 1-Stop SAN EWR Las Vegas, LAS
Spirit (NK) 1-Stop SAN LGA Dallas Fort Worth, DFW
United (UA) 1-Stop SAN EWR Chicago, ORD
American (AA) 1-Stop SAN LGA Philadelphia, PHL
American (AA) 1-Stop SAN EWR Chicago, ORD
JetBlue (B6) 1-Stop SAN EWR Boston, BOS
United (UA) 2-Stop SAN EWR Orlando, MCO; Houston, IAD
American (AA) 2-Stop SAN LGA Dallas, DFW; Phoenix, PHX
American (AA) 2-Stop SAN EWR Charlotte, CLT; Phoenix, PHX
American (AA) 2-Stop SAN JFK Charlotte, CLT; Dallas, DFW
American (AA) 2-Stop SAN JFK Washington DCA; Phoenix, PHX
American (AA) 2-Stop SAN JFK Charlotte, CLT; Phoenix, PHX

Flight Distance, Flight Time, Time Difference

Flight Route Distance Time Time Difference
SAN to JFK 2,446 miles/3936 km 04 hours 48 minutes JFK is 3 hours ahead
SAN to LGA 2,441 miles/3928 km 05 hours 23 minutes LGA is 3 hours ahead
SAN to EWR 2,425 miles/3903 km 04 hours 45 minutes EWR is 3 hours ahead


Factors to Mind: The flight time is only the time spent in air. Additional 15-30 minutes time is required by an aircraft to take off and g round at the arrival airport to the respective gate where passengers can de-board it. If there is a technical stop-over or layover, the travel time gets further increased.

NYC Climate Information


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  • Humidity%

NYC Tourism Season


Fall (October to November)

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Summer (June to August)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of departure flights take off on time at San Diego Airport?

81% of the total flight departures (12,120k) were on time at San Diego Airport in 2019, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Department of Transportation, US Govt. The average delayed minutes equaled 57.95 minutes.

What percentage of arrival flights gets delayed at JFK?

16.81 percent of the total arrival flights (14,192k) at the airport reported with a delay in 2019. The average delay minutes were 83.19 minutes.

Which is the best airline to fly to from San Diego to NYC?

Spirit Airlines tops the list of carriers operating on this route by on-time performance. The data is sourced from OAG OTP Report (June ’18 – May ’19)


Airlines On-Time Flight % Total Flights
Spirit Airlines 80.4 206,440
American Airlines 78.9 2,320,441
United Airlines 76.9 1,769,122
JetBlue 73.5 374,986
Frontier 69.4 127,358