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San Diego to Philadelphia Flight Information

Departure Airport in San Diego

San Diego International Airport

Official Name: San Diego International Airport

Airport Code: SAN

Location: The airport is located 3 miles (4.8 km) northwest of Downtown San Diego, California.

Quick Facts About SAN: The airport serves as the focus city for Alaska Airlines (Major airline) and Southwest Airlines (the largest low-cost carrier).

On-Time Performance Ranking

Departure:8 | Arrival: 10

Arrival Airport Choices in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Airport

Official Name: Philadelphia International Airport

Airport Code: PHL

Location: The airport is 7 miles (11 km) from downtown Philadelphia

Quick Facts: The airport serves as the major Northeast hub for American Airlines. The airport is also a focus city for ultra-low-cost airline Frontier. The airport handles flights connecting to 133 destinations, as of summer 2018, in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.

On-Time Performance Ranking

Departure:17 | Arrival: 20

Operating Airlines

Airlines Flights by Stop Departure Airport Arrival Airport Connection Airport
Frontier (F9) 1-stop SAN PHL Denver (DEN)
American (AA) 1-stop SAN PHL Charlotte (CLT)
Sun Country 1-stop SAN PHL Minneapolis (MSP)
American (AA) 1-stop SAN PHL Charlotte (CLT)
Alaska (AS) 1-stop SAN PHL Seattle (SEA)
United (UA) 1-stop SAN PHL Washington Dulles (IAD)
United (UA) 1-stop SAN PHL Chicago (ORD)
JetBlue (B6) 1-stop SAN PHL Boston (BOS)

Flight Distance, Flight Time

Flight distance: 280 miles/451 km

Flight time: 1 hour 02 minutes

Time Difference: 0 minutes

The flight time is calculated by assuming the aircraft speed as 804.67 km or 500 miles per hour. The flight distance is straight aerial distance between the two points. Also, the flight time is only the time spent in the air, i.e., it doesn’t include the take-off and landing times. If there is a technical stop-over or layover, the overall travel time increases further.

Philadelphia Tourism Season


Spring (April, May)

Autumn (October to November)


Summer (July to September)

Winter (December to January)


Late Summer (June)

Late Winter (February, March)

Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of departure flights take off on time at San Diego Airport?

81 percent of the total departures 12,120k were on time at San Diego Airport in 2019. The delayed departure minutes stood at 57.95 minutes.

What percentage of arrival flights were on time at PHL or Philadelphia International Airport?

Seventy-nine percent. The airport handled a total of 13,399k domestic flight arrivals in 2019. The average delay minutes of the equaled 73.85 minutes.

Which is the best airline to fly from San Diego to Philadelphia?

American Airlines, the leading mainline carrier, leads by on-time performance rating. The data is sourced from OAG OTP Report (June ’18 – May ’19)

Airlines On-Time Flight % Total Flights
American Airlines (AA) 78.9 2,320,441
United Airlines (UA) 76.9 1,769,122
JetBlue (B6) 73.5 374,986
Sun Country 68.1 20,823