Your privacy is of utmost importance to us at Thus the way we handle information is of extremely high standards and at paragraph with the practices of prominent companies doing business online. Our policies and practices comply with all relevant laws and legislatures. This privacy policy describes all the practices regarding the procurement and usage of your Personal and other Information by our website. believes in helping you make an informed decision by providing a transparent system of our services

We will not collect information that can identify you personally such as Name, address and contact details without your permission. We will not disclose the Personal Information that you provide us with if you do not permit us to. Unless it is required by the law; We will give you control of changing and removing your personal information from our website. We will take paramount steps to ensure the safety and security of all the Personal Information that you provide us with.
Visitation of our website can be done without the need of identifying yourself or revealing your Personal Information. When you log on to our site, we will collect anonymous information which is not linked to your identity. This helps us in the analysis of the usage and traffic of our website. This is a common practice by most websites on the Internet. We use this information to make our website more user-friendly by personalizing it for you.
When you visit or any third-party advertiser that we are linked to, a small file called a ‘cookie’ can be placed on your system by us or the third-party advertiser. ‘Cookies’ are devices that are used for the collection of data to help us personalize and improve your day to day experiences on our websites. This data may be linked to the Personal information that you provide us during registration Cookies are automatically accepted by most websites but can be disabled or configured manually. However, if you decide to turn off cookies you may be unable to use some of the features that our website has to offer.
Third-party advertisers market their products and services on We may use cookies to determine the best advertisements for you. does not share your Personal Information with these third party advertisers without your authorization. This authorization is different from any authorization that you give us during registration The working policies and practices of these Third-Party advertisers is not included in this Privacy Policy
If you decide to procure our services, you will be requested to register and provide us with some Personal Information such as name, address and your contact information. combines your Personal Information and any other information you voluntarily share with us to form your 'Traveler Profile'. We also add your usage data of our website to your Traveler Profile. Information such as airline tickets, itinerary etc. can be collected from outside sources and be added to your Traveler Profile. All the information in your Traveler Profile is used to help us make your experience with us better in terms of quality and comfort. You can get a minute to minute update about your travel plans and get notified of any changes in them.
Upon registration we will start sending you advertisements, updates and promotions about our website services via e-mail. You have the option to opt-out of these e-mails. You will not receive any notifications about special offers on travel once you request to opt-out. Methods of e-mails and SMS that you have agreed to receive are used to communicate these. To measure the efficiency of our advertising and to help us make it better, cookies may be used on our website and in those emails.
We value your opinions and feedback. So we will ask you to fill out certain surveys from time to time to help us know your problems better. Your travel consultant will request you to fill feedback forms upon the completion of your booking or purchase. The participation in our surveys is completely anonymous unless stated. We may host many online contests with travel related prizes for our registered users. These contests will mostly require you to fill an online survey which may ask for your Personal Information which will be required to notify about the updates of the contest.
Booking, reservations and purchases related to travel as well as accommodation can be made through our website upon registration. Payment information such as your credit card details will be required for this. All this information will be added to your Traveler profile. All history of your travel and purchases shall be recorded in your Traveler Profile unless you choose to edit it.
You or someone other than you can receive minute-to-minute updates about your travel changes if you register through us via email or cellphone services. These alerts can be received by you or someone else. If they are received by someone other than you then some basic contact information of that person has to be provided. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that these recipients of travel alerts agree to your sharing their Information with us.
Your personal information is only shared with travel providers with whom you have made travel arrangements through our site, like the personal information needed by hotels, airlines, and car rental agencies etc. to confirm your bookings and purchases. We try to ensure that your Personal Information is kept private by these agencies too. Some other companies are contracted to carry out processes such as shipment, ticket delivery and credit card processing. We have an understanding with them to help keep your Personal Information private. Without your authorization, your Personal Information shall not be shared except: If it concerns the security of our website and our rights according to our Terms of Use; To protect ourselves from any liabilities; If it concerns any legal procedures; If the law requires us to share it; If it is regarding the sale of our business or company; If the government’s security regulations require it to be shared. We shall always provide advice when such unusual disclosures are made. Your authorization is automatically granted to forward information obtained or deduced by the Travel provider about religious and special diet meals. Travelers to and from the U.S will have their information stored with the U.S Homeland Security for up to 50 years which can also be shared with other U.S agencies.
If a purchase made by you or somebody who represents you, informs us that the purchase is for corporate travel purposes and uses a corporate credit card for the payments, or if we have entered into an agreement with the corporation to provide them information about the travels of their personnel, the required Personal Information will be provided to the corporation to help them track your corporate purchases.
If your Traveler Profile is used to make reservations for someone other than you, then you will be required to provide Personal Information of the traveler. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that these travelers agree to your sharing their Information with us. The Personal Information of these travelers will be retained in your Traveler Profile.
Our site has links to other sites. Once you click these links, you are leaving our site and entering another website over which we have no control and cannot be held responsible for. The privacy policies of these sites must be examined carefully before usage as they may be very different from our policy. Upon a purchase on our website, you may be directed to the website of our partner’s website who may ask for your Personal Information. Our policy will not cover how that site may use your information. We urge you to carefully go through each company’s privacy policy before you decide to give them your information.
You have complete control over the change and removal of your Personal or other Information from your Traveler Profile. Your Travel consultant can be contacted to change the information and preferences anytime enabling you to correct or update your information, If you make a request of removing all your information from your Traveler Profile we will promptly do so. Following that, all your travel records will also be deleted after being retained for seven months. We require this seven months’ time to ensure that the travel arrangements made through our site are properly accounted for. Your Personal Information may be retained in case we are legally obligated to do so. The information that we have gathered from Third Party sources cannot be changed or removed by you unless you make such an agreement with them. Taxation and other financial records may be saved for up to seven years due to legal obligations.
This privacy policy can be changed regularly from time to time. In the event there is a significant change in the policy you will receive the notification via email and a notification on the website will be issued 30 days before the change is brought in effect. If the change is not very significant, only a notice will be issued on the website 30 days before the change is brought into effect. If you do not find these changes suitable for you, you may request us to remove your Personal Information from our website.
Anonymous information that you and other users give during registration may be combined with the information of your usage other others’ usage of our site. This information will not refer to any individual and will be used by us describe our user base to Third Parties. Information about your travel experiences and travel preferences may be used by us to recommend packages to other users. For example, if you and many other users have had a good experience with a particular purchase or booking through our site, we will recommend that purchase to our future users. Aggregated statistical information about the users of our website and our services and product offerings may be shared with our vendors and partners. This statistical information that we collect cannot be used to identify you individually since it does not comprise of your Personal Information.
We employ highly qualified technicians and powerful software to ensure the security of your personal information. With the help of leading firewall technology, Virtual Private Networks and alarm systems, we secure your information from unauthorized access through the Web. The connection between your system and our server is protected from spying with the help of industry-standard encryption technology known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which will have encryption keys up to 128-bits depending on your browser. We continually assess new technology and SSL for protecting your information making sure that our security systems are in accordance with the highest standards and best practices on the Internet at all times.
The eligibility criterion for using our website is that the user must be of age 18 or above. believes that like parents, we should play an important role in the children’s on-line activities and should those activities should be monitored for the protection and safety of the minors who use the Internet.
You can contact us via e-mail at in case you have any queries regarding our privacy policy, information handling practices or our Terms of Use. We shall revert to your mail within 5 working days.

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