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Payment Acceptance Policy

Payment Acceptance Policy

Cheapfaremart honors credit and debit cards issued in the US, Canada and several other countries as listed in the billings section. We also accept AE/AP billing addresses.

Kindly note that your credit/debit card might incur multiple charges summing up to the final total. If, for any reason, your payment method faces issues or is not accepted, we will notify you within 24 hours (for non credit/debit card payments, the notification period may be longer). Before successfully processing and accepting your payment, if there's any change in airfare or other details, you'll be informed. You have the right to accept or decline the transaction only after such notification. If you decline, no charges will be applied.

Our Post Payment Price Guarantee assures that, upon successful payment processing, we will honor the initially quoted total price for airline tickets, irrespective of any subsequent changes in airfare.

Please be aware that hotel, car rental, and tour/activity bookings will be only confirmed by us upon delivering complete confirmation details to your provided email. Pre- payment may be necessary for some bookings.

Your data safety is our concern. Our payment gateway has been intelligently engineered to identify any fraud. Our credit card verification team conducts a thorough verification of your credit card before processing the booking amount transaction. In order to establish validity of such transactions, we may contact you or your bank.

For added security, when our systems identify certain transactions as high-risk, we will refrain from processing them until our credit card verification team deems it safe. To verify such transactions, we may reach out to you or your bank.

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