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 Air Dolomiti Flight Booking

Air Dolomiti Airlines Insights

  • Primary Airports: Verona Airport, Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport
  • Headquarters: Villafranca di Verona, Veneto, Italy
  • Most Traveled Routes: Milan – Munich, Florence – Frankfurt
  • Popular Destinations: Milan, Rome, Venice, Bologna, Florence, Pisa, Genoa

In-Flight Experience with Air Dolomiti 

  • Leisure (Economy) Class: Flying in the Leisure Class comes with its own perks. Leisure flights give fliers free access to consumable content that is full-on entertainment for the whole family, making holiday trips enjoyable in the spacious, comfy cabins. Passengers can read newspapers and magazines, watch resourceful videos, play minigames, or listen to music. A bottle of water and a cookie come in handy as quick bites, while the real gourmet menu includes snacks and Italian dishes cooked by renowned chefs. There is a fine selection of wines as well. Alcoholic beverage lovers can access the SpazioItaliaBar by paying a certain amount. 
  • Business Class: Passengers in the Business Class are free to choose from the widest entertainment options across movies, TV shows, and music. You get access to top-tier hospitality on Business Class Air Dolomiti Airlines flight booking. Meals are served on individual trays accompanied by refined Chinese plates, classy cutlery, and glasses. Passengers can enjoy continental breakfast, cold lunch or dinner, an afternoon snack, and their choice of drinks. Fliers can sip from a fine selection of white or red wines by Italy’s top producers. Passengers can make special meal requests on Business Class flights of more than 75 minutes of flight time.
  • Entertainment Services: A collaboration with Lufthansa Systems, a trusted aviation IT provider, has redefined in-flight entertainment on Air Dolomiti Airlines. Award-winning magazines, engaging videos, games, various music genres, destination guides, info on special in-flight events, and the company’s new promo offers- fliers can consume all forms of content in three different languages: Italian, German, and English. 
  • Connectivity: You will never feel disconnected from the world while flying Air Dolomiti Airlines flights! Every aircraft is equipped with onboard Wi-Fi; passengers can switch their devices to airplane/flight mode and then connect to ENWIFI. This connection opens up a treasure trove of entertainment options through This service is free of cost and requires no special downloads or activation.
  • Contribution to Environment: Air Dolomiti is conscious of putting forward a socially responsible step and carries out its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with full gusto. Using 20% organic wine onboard and using FSC or recycled paper containers while offering on-board services has helped reduce plastic usage. 

Air Dolomiti Airlines concentrates on less fuel usage when moving on the ground via the Single-Engine Taxi-in method. Digitizing flight documentation, like an Electronic Technical Log Book, is another way to save paper. Additionally, various digital journals and newspapers are available across all Air Dolomiti Airlines flights.

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Before You Take Off, Here Are Some Must-Know Things About Air Dolomiti

  • Fleet: Introduced in 2004, the five new BAE 146-300 quadreactor jets are fitted with a special seat layout accommodating 99 persons and compliant with the industry standards. The latest addition to the fleet in January 2023 is two Embraer 190s, which are state-of-the-art and have brought the fleet size to 19. 
  • Preferred Seats: Seat selection options are available among window seats, aisle seats, ones close to emergency exits, extra legroom seats, and the standard seat offerings. Passengers can even opt for extra baggage (chargeable) at the time of booking/ check-in.
  • Membership Exclusives: Air Dolomiti is part of the A Star Alliance and provides a comprehensive frequent flier program under Miles & More. This program rewards frequent fliers by allowing them to save and redeem their earned miles across all Star Alliance partners and airline offers. Miles & More is run jointly with Lufthansa, so the opportunity to save and redeem additional rewards is extensive.
  • Baggage Policies: The actual baggage policy varies across the flight class and the season. As such, passengers are requested to check the website for the latest policy guidelines before packing. Usually, a maximum 8kg allowance is provided for hand luggage in the cabin.

Air Dolomiti FAQs

Q1. Is there assistance for senior citizens and persons with special needs?

You can place an assistance request by emailing or by calling the Sales Centre at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure and using various accessibility/ mobility assistance services. 

Q2. What other services does Air Dolomiti provide?

There are also 24x7 healthcare assistance services across the world with added insurance protection to protect fliers from the risk of loss or theft of their luggage.

Q3. Is there any scope for group booking?

Yes, Air Dolomiti has the provision for group booking, provided there are at least 10+ people who will be traveling together. Talk to the customer care officials for detailed information. 

Q4. Can I make updates to my flight booking afterward?

The ‘manage your booking’ section helps you with a number of things. You can change your Air Dolomiti Airlines flight booking with the help of the ‘modify flights’ button and go about choosing new flights or rebooking them.

Q5. How do I know about the baggage allowance policy?

The baggage allowance policy depends on the travel class and the airfare you have opted for. For specific baggage allowance rules, please check out the official website of Air Dolomiti Airlines.

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