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 Condor Airlines Flight Booking

Condor Airlines Insights

  • Primary Airports: Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich
  • Headquarters: Kelsterbach, Germany
  • Most Traveled Routes: Frankfurt – New York, Berlin - Tenerife
  • Popular Destinations: Las Vegas, Seattle, Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver, Boston

In-Flight Experience with Condor Airlines 

  • Business Class: When you fly Business Class on Condor Airlines flights, you will experience exceptional comfort and outstanding service. Relax in the lounge before you board, and refresh yourself. The middle seat is kept free for more space on short and medium-haul flights. On long-haul flights, enjoy privacy and relax on the plush seats, which are convertible into fully flat beds, whenever you want to rest. Treat your taste buds to some of the finest gourmet food and premium spirits. On the A330 neo, enjoy the quiet in the silent cabin with its adjustable mood lighting and illuminated handrails, elevating your experience. Every seat has direct aisle access, USB ports, and power outlets. The Boeing 767 has plush seats with flexible headrests and side tables on the armrests; the seats are lie-flat and recline to 170 degrees. Passengers are given blankets/duvets and pillows, pajamas, welcome gifts, and amenity kits for a delightful flight.
  • Premium Economy: Economy-class passengers can enjoy more legroom, a footrest, a backrest with superior recline, and a flexible headrest. Passengers receive a kit with essential accessories for a pleasant flight. They are also entitled to priority boarding and baggage claim.
  • Economy: Relax in modern, ergonomically designed leather seats, and enjoy entertainment on your personal seatback screens. Tuck into delicious meals and beverages served by the warm and hospitable crew.
  • Entertainment Services: Condor Airlines offers entertainment to passengers in all classes. Choose from over 250 movies and 160 TV shows, including comedy, drama, and child-friendly content, which you can watch on your seatback screen. You can connect your own Bluetooth headsets and enjoy music from various genres. Connect to Condor FlyStream and stream content, or play games on your device on short and medium-haul flights.
  • Connectivity: All A330neo aircraft are Wi-Fi enabled, and you can purchase the Chat, Basic, or Premium package, depending on your needs and budget. Connect with work or family, send emails and messages, or simply surf the web.

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Before You Take Off, Here Are Some Must-Know Things About Condor Airlines

  • Fleet: Condor Airlines operates a fleet of 49 aircraft. It includes Airbus A320-200s, A321-200s, and Boeing 757-300s for short and medium-haul flights, Airbus A 330-200 for short, medium, and long-haul flights, Boeing 767-300 ERs and Airbus A 330neos (one of the most efficient, comfortable, and sustainable aircraft) for long-haul flights.
  • Routes: The Condor Airlines is a popular leisure airline based in Frankfurt and serves over 100 destinations in Europe, USA, and Africa. They concentrate on exotic holiday destinations in Europe, the Caribbean, Central and South America, North Africa, and Canada.
  • Fare Categories: Condor Airlines charges different fares in all three classes so that passengers can choose the services and benefits they need. In Business Class, they can choose from Classic, Flex, and Flex Plus; with all other benefits remaining the same, these fares offer varying degrees of flexibility with regard to rebooking, name change, and cancellation. Premium Economy fares are also labeled the same, with flexibility regarding cancellation and name change. Economy passengers can choose from Light, Classic, Flex, and Flex Plus. This way, they can enjoy the same warm service and comfort in flying without paying for services they don’t need.

Condor Airlines FAQs

Q1. Are Economy passengers served meals on Condor Airlines?

Economy passengers on short and medium-haul flights can purchase meals and snacks from the ‘Taste the World’ menu starting from USD 7 and get free orange juice and water. Meals, soft drinks, and hot beverages are complimentary on long-haul flights. 

Q2. What is the baggage allowance on Condor Airlines flights?

Baggage allowance depends on the route, cabin class, and fare. Economy passengers can check in 1 bag of 20 kg (23 kg for US/Canada flights), Premium Economy passengers can check in 1 bag of 25 kg (32 for US/Canada), and Business passengers are allowed a bag of 30 kg, and 2 bags of 32 kg each for US/Canada flights; sports equipment of 30 kg is also allowed.

Q3. What are the extra benefits of Premium Economy over Economy?

Premium Economy passengers are served complimentary meals, blankets, extra-wide pillows, travel kits, welcome gifts, and headsets. They are also entitled to dedicated check-in and boarding and can have baggage tagged for priority handling.

Q4. What is the loyalty program offered by Condor Airlines?

The airline offers two frequent flier programs – Alaska Miles and Emirates Skywards. Earn Skyward miles when you fly Emirates or Condor and redeem them for Emirates tickets or upgrades on their flights. As a member of Alaska Miles, you earn miles whenever you fly Alaskan or Condor and can redeem your miles for Alaskan Airlines flight tickets. The higher your fare/cabin class, the more miles you earn.

Q5. Can I split the time of the Wi-Fi package?

No. You need to use your entire two or four hours at one go. You can purchase the unlimited chat package, which has no time limit.

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