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 Czech Airlines Flight Booking

Czech Airlines Insights

  • Primary Airports: Václav Havel Airport Prague (Prague), Brno-Turany Airport (Brno)
  • Head Quarters: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Most Traveled Routes: Prague to Brno, Prague to Ostrava, Brno to Ostrava
  • Popular Destinations: Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Karlovy Vary, Pardubice, Vienna, Munich, London, Amsterdam

In-flight Experiences with Czech Airlines

The Czech Airlines hosts two cabin classes namely, Economy and Business. In these cabin classes, the airline offers different packages for traveling. 

  • Economy Class

LITE Package: This Economy cabin class is perfect for those looking to travel with light cabin baggage only. This way, the passengers will not to part with their baggage and wait at check-out counters. This is an ideal travel class for short distances, one or two-day trips, and every trip requiring to pack light and easily carrying luggage onboard. 

PLUS Package: This cabin class comes with an extra baggage check-in facility and added onboard service. Passengers can easily put their luggage for check-in and also carry a light baggage inflight. This provides for an optimal price/extent ratio. Passengers can also select the seats of their choice. 

FLEX Package: As the name, so is the service with this Czech Airline flight cabin class. It provides flexibility to travel with added services, an option to change booking, extra baggage allowance, preferred seat selection and SkyPriority service. 

  • Business Class

Business Package: This Business Class offers premium services with additional perks. Comfy chairs with extra legroom that reclines into a bed, ticket schedule changes, free cancellation and gourmet meal options. In addition to this, large entertainment screen with plethora of options to enjoy. Enjoy desserts with every meal.

Business LITE Package: The world of luxury unfolds with this cabin class. Enjoy premium services and delicious dining options.You can relish fruit bowls, ice creams and more for dessert. Cozy chairs that recline to beds, noise cancelling headphones, extra large screen for entertainment, socks, amenity kits and more await you in this Czech Airlines cabin class. 

In-flight Entertainment: The airlines provides ‘mywings’ magazine to remain entertained while flying. Also, passengers can remain updated about the flight on their individual seat screens. In addition to this, TV shows and movies are available with CSA Czech Airlines to remain entertained thousands of feet above.  

Connectivity: When flying with Czech Airlines, it is advised to keep your devices on airplane mode. You can however, use the devices on offline mode. 

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Before You Take Off, Here Are Some Must-Know Things About Czech Airlines

  • Modern Fleet: With aircraft like the Airbus A319, Airbus A330, and Boeing 737, Czech Airlines is proud of its modern fleet, committed to providing passengers with comfort and modern facilities.
  • Service Array: Being a top airline, Czech Airlines provides a wide range of services that are customised to meet the needs of different types of passengers. In addition to complimentary amenities and dedicated help for those in need, passengers can anticipate personalized experiences in all classes.
  • Seat Selection: When purchasing a flight with Czech Airlines, travelers can easily choose their seat in advance online, through mobile apps, or at airport kiosks. The seats are comfy and have plenty of legroom. Read the guidelines carefully before proceeding as some seats might be non-refundable or require cancellation charges. 
  • Benefits of Membership: Czech Airlines offers membership program called SkyPriority, which enhance the travel experience by giving frequent flyers access to special Czech Airlines deals. SkyPriority offers exclusive and swift services at SkyTeam alliance airports. Easily identifiable by its red symbols, this service ensures priority treatment from check-in to boarding and beyond, providing a seamless experience across airports. 
  • Baggage Policies: Before making a reservation, familiarize yourself with Czech Airlines' luggage policies. Following these guidelines may enable complimentary baggage check-in, depending on the route, degree of loyalty, type of ticket, and date of purchase.
  • Duty-Free Shopping: Shop for travel necessities, alcoholic beverages, makeup, and mementos at Czech Airlines' duty-free offerings. Savour in-flight shopping or place online preorders for in-flight delivery. With every transaction, earn points through the OK Plus program towards future perks.

Czech Airlines FAQs

1. What are the food options available for Czech Airlines flights?

Czech Airlines flight  offer scrumptious meal options that can be pre-ordered on all hauls which include, smoked duck, smoked chicken, grilled vegetables and salads, Salmon rillettes, tomato brunoise, bruschetta, beef, pork, quiche and much more with cold and hot options. They also serve children food and take note of allergies provided at the time of meal selection. 

2. Is there alcohol available on the flight? 

Czech Airlines serve Premium Wine selection onboard that you can select with the choice of meal.

3. What are some of the perks of Czech Airlines loyalty program?

The Czech Airline Ok Plus and SkyPriority program offers plethora of perks like priority check-in, baggage, security, immigration, boarding, and more Czech Airline deals. It's available for Czech Airlines OK Plus platinum and gold members, SkyTeam Elite Plus passengers, Business Class travelers, and those with tickets under the FLEX price package.

4. Is there some frequent flier offer for corporate?

Czech Airlines  provide for an OK Plus Corporate program that the organisations can enrol in and earn credits everytime they use the airline for business travel. These credits come with a number of benefits that can be redeemed for great perks and lounge accesses.

5. Can I pre-select my Czech Airline flight?

Yes. you can easily pre-select the choice of seat on a Czech Airline flight. Read the guidelines for cancellation and refund policies.

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