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 Latam Paraguay Flight Booking

Latam Paraguay Airlines Insights

  • Primary Airports: Silvio Pettirossi International Airport
  • Headquarters: Santiago, Chile
  • Most Traveled Routes: Lima to Cusco, Cali to Bogota
  • Popular Destinations: Sydney, Aruba, Salta

In-Flight Experience with Latam Paraguay Airlines

Enjoy a memorable and relaxing journey through LATAM Paraguay Airlines, where you can enjoy several in-flight amenities, including: 

First Class

  • Seats that recline all the way back so that you can stretch and relax. These seats are 22 inches wide and have a of 80-81 inches. 
  • You can relish delicious meals and beverages that are complimentary during your flight.

Business Class

  • Business Class is where you get angled, lie-flat seats for a comfortable flight experience.
  • Personal entertainment screens are available to eliminate boredom, and USB ports and power outlets are available, too, so you never miss a thing and are always connected. 

Economy Class

  • You get to have a  comfortable journey with spacious seats that are 18 inches wide with a pitch of 32 inches. Every seat features an individual power outlet.
  • Do away with your hunger pangs with the scrumptious meal and beverage offered during your flight, all on the house! 

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Before You Take Off, Here Are Some Must-Know Things About Latam Paraguay airlines

LATAM Airlines Lounge Access

  • Committed to enhancing your travel experience, LATAM boasts five VIP Lounges strategically located in major airports worldwide.
  • In addition, LATAM collaborates with other contracted lounges to ensure a comprehensive network of exclusive spaces.
  • While LATAM aims to offer lounge access to all eligible passengers, it's essential to be aware that access restrictions may apply if a VIP Lounge reaches its capacity limit.


  • LATAM+Seats provide extra legroom. The luxury of stretching out your legs makes even long-haul flights a relaxing experience.
  • Enjoy the privilege of priority boarding and landing.
  • LATAM+ Seats are located near the emergency exit so that you can easily travel. 
  • There is an exclusive space dedicated to carry-on bags for those passengers who have upgraded their seats to LATAM+Seats.

LATAM Cabin Upgrades

  • Upgrade by Auction: Propose the amount you're comfortable paying for the privilege of traveling in a superior cabin. Your bid will only be processed if accepted, and bids are accepted up to 4 hours before flight departure.
  • Instant Upgrade: For a fixed price, enjoy an upgrade to premium economy or premium business, subject to availability. Bids are accepted from 45 calendar days before your flight up to 12 hours before take-off.
  • Upgrade with Segments: This flexible option allows you to use your earned segments to enhance your cabin class. Bids are received from 48 hours up to 12 hours before take-off.

Latam Paraguay Airlines FAQs

Q1. What entertainment choices are available on LATAM Paraguay flights?

Passengers can choose from diverse movies, games, and TV shows offered on personal entertainment screens.

Q2. What are LATAM Paraguay Airlines' baggage policies?

For first-class passengers, two pieces of checked baggage are allowed with a combined weight of 46 kg, equally divided. Moreover, business-class passengers can carry two carry-on luggage. Check the airline’s website for more information.

Q3. Where can I find information about the location and the opening hours of LATAM’s VIP lounges?

Passengers are recommended to review detailed information about the location, opening hours, and other relevant details of LATAM's VIP Lounges on the airline's official website.

Q4. What benefits come with upgrading to Premium Business on LATAM Airlines?

Upgrading to premium business offers a range of exclusive benefits, including priority boarding, access to a gourmet menu, 180° reclining seat along with duvet and pillow, priority check-in, access to VIP lounges on international Latam Paraguay flights, and a superior cabin baggage allowance. 

Q5. What advantages does upgrading to Premium Economy provide?

Exp?ri?nc? th? top-of-th?-lin? upgrad?s on LATAM Airlin?s' pr?mium ?conomy, compl?t? with ?xclusiv? p?rks lik? a d?dicat?d cabin spac? wh?r? th? middl? s?at is block?d for ?xtra room, a p?rsonaliz?d in-flight ?xp?ri?nc?, and d?l?ctabl? options from th? pr?mium m?nu. 

Plus, priority boarding and ch?ck-in for an ?ffortl?ss journey, and acc?ss to luxurious VIP loung?s on all international Latam Paraguay flights. And don't forg?t th? g?n?rous cabin baggag? allowanc? for a truly sup?rior trav?l ?xp?ri?nc?!

Q6. Can I bring my pet on board LATAM Airlines flights?

Yes, LATAM Airlines allows passengers to travel with pets in the cabin on most routes, provided the pet fulfills the specified size and breed conditions.

Q7. In which cabins are pets allowed, and are there any restrictions?

Pets are accepted in Economy or Premium Economy cabins, subject to space availability on the flight. It's important to note that this allowance is applicable only on approved flights.

Q8. What is the fleet of LATAM Paraguay Airlines?

Currently, LATAM Airlines Paraguay has 5 Airbus A320-200 in service. 

Q9. How can I get cheap LATAM Paraguay flights?

Usually, booking your tickets in advance and traveling during the off-season or mid-week can help you land some amazing LATAM airline deals, making your trip cost-effective. 

Q10. What should I do in case my flight gets canceled?

If your flight gets canceled due to unforeseen reasons, you can either reschedule it to a newer date or you can request a refund of your Latam Paraguay flight booking. 

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