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 Mexicana Airlines Flight Booking

Mexicana Airlines Insights

  • Primary Airports: Cancun International Airport
  • Headquarters: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Most Traveled Routes: Dubai To Doha Flights, Amsterdam To Berlin
  • Popular Destinations: Zacatecas, Managua, Lima

In-Flight Experience with Mexicana Airlines

  • Gourmet Dining Experience: Enjoy mouth-watering warm meals on all domestic and international flights of over 40 minutes to ensure a gastronomic adventure at 30,075 feet.
  • Snacks Throughout the Flight: During the flight, passengers enjoy a choice of snacks at their seats. A variety of possibilities means you have something to nibble on throughout your trip.
  • Refreshing Beverages: A good choice of beverages is offered on Mexicana Airlines flights, ensuring your journey is fulfilling.
  • Spacious and Comfortable Seating: In Clase Elite (Business Class), spacious seating will give you comfort at every mile, relaxing the journey with plenty of room to stretch and recline.
  • Boeing 767-300ER and Airbus 320 Seating: Mexicana Airlines offers various seating arrangements; among them is the Boeing 767-300ER, equipped with 23-inch seats that can recline at an angle of 160° and the Airbus A320 line, which includes a version with 22-inch wide seats that can recline about 105°.
  • In-Flight Entertainment: The futuristic In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system used by Mexicana Airlines includes a removable portable player that can store about 120 hours of high-resolution video and a potpour of music and games.

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Before You Take Off, Here Are Some Must-Know Things About Mexicana Airlines

Carry-On Baggage

  • Each trave­ler can bring a bag and an extra item, like a laptop, purse, or briefcase. Your hand luggage­ can be as big as 126 cm in total dimensions (length, width, height). It's allowed to weigh as much as 23 kg.

Checked Baggage

  • When it comes to checked baggage, executive class passengers are entitled to three pieces, each with a maximum dimension of 158 cm (length + width + height) and a total combined weight of 64 kg.
  • In the coach class, passengers can check in one piece of baggage with a maximum dimension of 158 cm (length + width + height) and a total weight of 23 kg.


  • Online check-In: With Mexicana Airlines, the convenience of online check-in enhances your travel experience. Passengers can check in online up to 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure, providing a seamless and time-saving start to their journey.
  • Airport Ch?ck-In: For dom?stic trav?l, M?xicana Airlin?s ?nsur?s a smooth airport ch?ck-in proc?ss, r?quiring pass?ng?rs to ch?ck in at l?ast 60 minut?s b?for? th?ir d?partur?. This allows for ?ffici?nt handling and boarding proc?dur?s.
  • Int?rnational Ch?ck-In: For int?rnational trav?l?rs, M?xicana Airlin?s r?comm?nds arriving at th? airport at l?ast 90 minut?s b?for? th? sch?dul?d d?partur? tim?. This proactiv? approach ?nsur?s ampl? tim? for n?c?ssary ch?cks and proc?dur?s, contributing to a str?ss-fr?? b?ginning of your int?rnational journ?y with M?xicana Airlin?s.

M?xicana Airlin?s Fl??t

  • M?xicana Airlin?s boasts a div?rs? fl??t, f?aturing a range of Airbus, Bo?ing, McDonn?ll, and Fokk?r aircraft. This vari?ty allows th? airlin? to cat?r to diff?r?nt rout? r?quir?m?nts and pass?ng?r capaciti?s. Th? fl??t is w?ll-?quipp?d to provid? a comfortable and ?ffici?nt flying ?xp?ri?nc?.

Fr?qu?nt Fli?r Program

  • Unlik? traditional programs, M?xicanaGO, the frequent flier program of Mexicana Airlines, focuses on ?arning points rather than mil?s. 

This program ?ncompass?s four m?mb?rship ti?rs, ?ach having its own b?n?fits for fr?qu?nt fly?rs:

  • W?lcom? Ti?r: Entry-l?v?l ti?r for all program m?mb?rs.
  • Explor? Ti?r: Attain?d by accumulating 25,000 points or completing 30 flights.
  • Discov?r Ti?r: Achi?v?d with 40,000 points or 50 flights.
  • Conqu?r Ti?r: Attainable after earning 80,000 points or traveling on 90 flights.

Mexicana Airlines FAQs

Q1. How do I become a MexicanaGO program member?

Interested passengers can sign up for the MexicanaGO program on the airline's official website or inquire at Mexicana Airlines' customer service.

Q2. Does Mexicana Airlines offer special services for passengers with specific needs?

Mexicana Airlines provides special assistance services for passengers with disabilities or special requirements, ensuring a comfortable travel experience.

Q3. What is Mexicana Airlines' baggage policy for carry-on items?

Mexicana Airlines allows one carry-on bag and one personal item per passenger, with specific size and weight restrictions.

Q4. How does Mexicana Airlines handle checked baggage?

Executive Class passengers can check three pieces, while Coach Class passengers are allowed one piece, each subject to weight and size limitations.

Q5. What dining options are available on Mexicana Airlines?

Mexicana Airlines offers warm meals, snacks, and refreshments, with a selection varying based on flight duration and destination.

Q6. How can I contact Mexicana Airlines customer support?

Passengers can reach Mexicana Airlines' customer support through the contact details provided on the official website or ticket documentation.

Q7. Do Mexicana Airlines flights offer special services for passengers with specific needs?

Mexicana Airlines provides special assistance services for passengers with disabilities or special requirements like hearing aids, wheelchairs, and so on, ensuring a comfortable travel experience.

Q8. How can I secure the best Mexicana Airlines deals?

If you book your tickets beforehand and stay flexible with your travel dates, you can get a good price on your Mexicana Airlines flight booking. 

Q9. How does Mexicana Airlines accommodate passengers with allergies?

Mexicana Airlines accommodates passengers with allergies by providing special meals tailored to specific dietary needs.  

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