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 Norwegian Airlines Flight Booking

Norwegian Airlines Insights

  • Primary Airports: Oslo-Gardermoen Airport, Stavanger Airport Sola
  • Headquarters: Baerum, Oslo, Norway
  • Most Traveled Routes: Copenhagen – London Gatwick, Stavanger – Rome
  • Popular Destinations: Barcelona, Copenhagen, Gdansk, London-Gatwick

In-Flight Experience with Norwegian Airlines 

  • First Class: Before you board, relax in the lounge and treat yourself to refreshing beverages and delicious food with Norwegian Airlines reservations for the first class. Skip the line and get fast-track boarding at select airports. Reserve your preferred seat for free, and get comfortable in the plush seats with 109-117 cm pitch and 140 cm legroom. 

Transform your seat into a fully flat bed, and curl up with a blanket when you want to nap. There’s sufficient stowage for your personal items. Dine in style and enjoy complimentary drinks and Wi-Fi on board.

  • Economy: If you have an Economy Norwegian Airlines flight booking, enjoy Nordic hospitality from the efficient flight crew and relax in your comfortable seats, which lets you stretch your legs for a pleasant flight. You can choose snacks and beverages from the menu. Certain Economy fares entitle you to a complimentary blanket, meals, wine or beer, and a headset; if not included in your ticket, you can purchase them.
  • Entertainment Services: Norwegian Airlines flights have a wide choice of the latest hit movies, music, and TV shows in various languages. Children can enjoy a selection of animated films and other kid-friendly content. Passengers can enjoy audio or video entertainment on other flights via mounted TV panels above.
  • Connectivity: Passengers can connect to onboard Wi-Fi immediately and even upgrade to high-speed Wi-Fi if there’s urgent work to be completed. You need to put your device on flight mode and enable Wi-Fi to connect to Norwegian Internet Access. 
  • Other Services: Norwegian Airlines passengers can use the Arlanda Express to commute between Arlanda Airport and Stockholm in just 20 minutes. The Gatwick Express provides a similar service between Gatwick and Central London.

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Before You Take Off, Here Are Some Must-Know Things About Norwegian Airlines

  • Fleet: Norwegian Airlines fleet comprises 58 Boeing aircraft – 737s and 737 Max 8- known for fuel efficiency. Their aircraft feature unique livery. They feature iconic Scandinavian or British heroes on the tail fin in monochrome, with their names and professions.
  • Routes: Norwegian Air is a no-frills carrier based in Oslo, Norway. It mainly offers ‘shuttle’ flights to Scandinavian destinations. The airline also flies to London, holiday destinations in the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, the Canary Islands, and some cities in the US. Altogether, the airline operates more than 400 routes to over 145 destinations. 
  • Fare Options: Norwegian Airlines reservations can be made for the following fares: LowFare – the cheapest, which allows one carry-on bag weighing 10 kg or less to be stowed under the front seat; you pay extra for any additional service you need.  


LowFare+ entitles you to an additional overhead cabin bag and a checked-in bag of 23 kg. The Flex fare allows you to check in two bags of 23 kg each and two carry-on bags weighing 15 kg and enjoy expedited check-in and boarding at select airports. 

  • Frequent Flier Program: Passengers who sign up for Norwegian Reward can earn miles when they fly the airline and its partners or spend money at partner stores and hotels. The miles can be redeemed to book their next Norwegian Airlines flights, get discounts, upgrades, additional baggage, fast-track check-in, etc.
  • Safety: Norwegian Airlines is known for its stringent adherence to safety standards and continuously conducts drills and checks to ensure everything is in order.

Norwegian Airlines FAQs

Q1. Does Norwegian Airlines provide special assistance?

Yes, if you need wheelchair assistance, a service animal, medical equipment like respiratory devices, or are visually or hearing impaired, the airline will provide all assistance to ensure you have a comfortable flight. The staff are well trained to care for such passengers.

Q2. Does Norwegian Airlines offer online check-in?

Yes, passengers can check-in online from 48 hours prior to departure. This can be done by clicking on check-in in the Travel Assistant App and scanning the barcode on the digital boarding pass or by going to the My Travels tab on the website.

Q3. Can my pets fly on Norwegian Airlines?

Service animals and small pet dogs or cats are allowed to travel with passengers in cabins in the EU region. Two to three small kittens or puppies in a crate count as one animal. Big animals must be flown in the cargo hold in proper crates or kennels. 

Q4. What is the Norwegian Air Gift Card?

It’s a unique offering that lets you gift loved ones with an amount of your choice. They can use the money to purchase tickets to their preferred destinations.

Q5. Can I make changes to my booking?

Passengers with Flex fare tickets can make changes free of charge. LowFare and LowFare+ passengers will need to pay for changes like seat reservations, name changes, and so on.

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