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 Porter Airlines Flight Booking

Porter Airlines Insights

  • Primary Airports: Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Toronto Pearson International Airport
  • Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario
  • Most Traveled Routes: Toronto - Montreal
  • Popular Destinations: Newark, Sault Ste Marie, Halifax, Winnipeg, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Boston

In-Flight Experience with Porter Airlines 

  • Potter Reserve: This is the premium Economy class on Porter Airlines flights. Passengers with Porter Airlines reservations can enjoy dedicated check-in counters, priority boarding, and seats towards the front of the aircraft. Seat selection is offered free of charge. These seats are spacious and have additional pitch, flexible headrests, and ample legroom for a comfortable flying experience. 

Enjoy premium spirits, wine, beer, and sumptuous meals served by the efficient and attentive staff. There are two types of fares – Navigate and Ultimate; both offer the same benefits. Ultimate fare tickets are fully refunded on cancellation, while Navigate ticket holders receive a credit.

  • Potter Classic: With Porter Airlines reservations for the Classic class, you can fly in comfort without the high price tag and enjoy Canadian hospitality at its best. Enjoy complimentary snacks, wine, beer, and other beverages served by the in-flight crew. 

The four different fare types, Basic, Standard, Flexible, and Freedom, let you choose what matters most to you: seating, baggage, flexibility, or the no-frills version. All passengers are served meals and drinks regardless of fare type. Premium liquor and fresh meals can be purchased.

  • Entertainment Services: All Porter Airlines E195-E2 aircraft provide a wide variety of entertainment options specially curated for their passengers. Choose from the available movies and TV shows, or stream content onto your personal devices. The latest blockbusters, popular shows, and family-friendly movies are all available, so there’s something for everyone. Every seat is equipped with a power outlet and headphone port– so don’t forget your charger and headphones. 
  • Connectivity: Passengers can sign up for VIPorter before they fly and enjoy uninterrupted, high-speed Wi-Fi for free once they sign-in on the flight. You can browse the internet, stream content, check emails, and more!
  • Other Services: You can book hotel accommodation along with your Porter Airlines tickets, save money, and get amazing vacation deals.

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Finding the best fares for your next vacation can be a drag; so much time and effort is required to scour the internet…well, not anymore! At Cheapfaremart, we developed a travel portal keeping you, the traveler, in mind. We’ve made it smooth, quick, and easy for you to make your Porter Airlines flight booking. You need minimal effort! 

Just tell us where you’re flying from, where you want to go, and when. Cheapfaremart will curate the most ideal flights for you from the thousands of available options. In just a few minutes, you’ll be planning your itinerary as you secure the best Porter Airlines deals on your flight in seconds. 

Before You Take Off, Here Are Some Must-Know Things About Porter Airlines

  • Fleet: The Porter Airlines fleet is among the most efficient and sustainable in the world. They have a total of 56 aircraft of two types: The Embraer E195-E2E and the De Havilland Canada Dash 8-400. Both aircraft types emit less CO2 and are more fuel-efficient. 
  • Routes: Porter Airlines is a low-cost airline that offers enjoyable Economy flights to several destinations in Canada and the US. The airline serves 29 regular destinations and a seasonal one. There are plans to add 4-5 more routes in the coming year.
  • Frequent Flier Program: VIPorter is the loyalty program offered by Porter Airlines. Members can earn miles whenever they fly Porter, have privileges like access to the Porter Lounge in Toronto, Ottawa, and New York, and redeem miles for additional baggage allowance, ticket upgrades, etc.
  • Porter Classic Fare Types: Basic, Standard, Flexible, and Freedom are the four fare types for the Classic ticket. Flexible and Freedom fares entitle passengers to a free checked-in bag. All fares except the Basic one get electronic boarding passes; stretch seats are available free for Freedom fares, while the others have to pay for it. Freedom and Flexible fares have more flexible options when it comes to ticket cancellations beyond 24 hours, reschedules, refunds, and more.
  • Disability Assistance: Passengers with disabilities can request special assistance services from Porter Airlines. Passengers with mobility issues are given wheelchair assistance on the ground and right up to the seat on board. Passengers requiring respiratory equipment, service dogs, extra seating, hearing or visual aids, or personal attendants; passengers with allergies, medical problems, or cognitive issues are all taken special care of by the trained staff. 

Porter Airlines FAQs

Q1. Does Porter Airlines accept unaccompanied minors?

The airline offers unaccompanied minor service for children aged 8 to 17 traveling without an adult guardian on non-stop flights. The reservation for this service must be made by calling the airline’s call center. Charges vary according to the fare type and route.

Q2. How can I get the cheapest tickets on Porter Airlines?

You will always get the best fares on Cheapfaremart. Other methods include:

  • Flying on weekdays or off-season
  • Redeem VIPorter miles
  • Booking your flights in advance

Q3. What is the baggage allowance on Porter Airlines flights?

Passengers with Basic fare tickets can carry a personal item; all other fares are allowed a carry-on bag and a personal item. A baby bag is allowed additionally if you’re traveling with your baby. Freedom and Flexible fare tickets allow one checked-in bag and Navigate and Ultimate fare passengers are allowed two. Check the airline site for dimensions and weight limits.

Q4. What if I have a Basic ticket and need more services now?

If you need additional services after booking a lower fare, you can purchase bundles. Choose between Starter and Plus for your Basic or Standard Porter Classic ticket to add extra baggage, wider seats, etc.

Q5. Can my pets travel with me?

Small dogs and cats are allowed to fly with adult passengers in the cabin. Check the airline site for more details.

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