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 Qantas Airways Flight Booking

Qantas Airways Insights

  • Primary Airports: Brisbane Airport, Melbourne Airport, Sydney Airport
  • Headquarters: Mascot, Australia
  • Most Traveled Routes: Brisbane - Sydney
  • Popular Destinations: Brisbane, Perth, Sydney

In-Flight Experience with Qantas Airways 

  • International Economy: You can enjoy your travel on the ergonomic, award-winning Recaro seats that can provide you with a foot net. There is a personal electronic device shelf, storage space, and mood lights to offer the best experience to the International fliers. 
  • Premium Economy: You can get the utmost convenience from Qantas Airways' cabin crew, who offer attentive service and luxurious space while traveling. The airlines offer excellent seat design, priority boarding, a dedicated check-in facility, and a private cabin for Premium Economy passengers.
  • International Business:  The international business cabins blend privacy with functionality, and you can get full bed-like flat reclining seats with 100% cotton duvets and mattresses. You can also get a pillow of European style. Use the table for work purposes as you fly.  Comfort and convenience get redefined for International Business Class passengers. 
  • Entertainment Services: You can choose from 20 radio channels, 1000 CDs, 80 different games, 100 different movies, and 500 TV channels on A380 aircraft as well as on a few B747 aircraft. Alternatively, on the 747 and a330 aircraft, you can choose from about 500 entertainment options. There are over 300 similar options available on the B737 and B800 airplanes.
  • Connectivity: You can use your mobile phones and personal devices onboard. There is PC power offered on a few international Qantas Airways flights and every a380 aircraft of this airline. 
  • Other Services: You can get help with seating arrangements, boarding and disembarkation, transit and transfer options, meet and assist services, disability assistance, and more. 

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To secure cheap flights

  • Be Flexible: If you want to reduce your flight costs even more, be flexible with your travel dates. Try catching flights during off-peak seasons or flying mid-week. 
  • Be an Early Planner: You can also get better rates by booking flights early because flight rates go up as the date of departure gets closer. When you act as an early bird, you get to weigh a lot of options before you freeze the final flight tickets.

Before You Take-Off, Here are Some Must-Know Things About Qantas Airways 

  • Fleet: Qantas Airways has an extensive fleet of 140 aircraft with passenger flights covering more than 20 domestic and global destinations. 
  • Extensive Services: You can fly to many important destinations across the globe, including Vancouver, London, Tokyo, Johannesburg, and New York. Qantas Airways has Codeshare agreements with a number of globally popular airlines like Japan Airlines and Asiana Airlines, catering to the flying needs of travel buffs seamlessly. 
  • Preferred Seats: In the Economy cabin class, you can pick from any of the preferred seats of the airline and sit towards the front section of the cabin. For Gold Platinum and Platinum One members, preferred seats are complimentary. 
  • Membership Exclusives: You can earn Qantas frequent flier points while flying with this airline. Choose a Qantas Bank card from around 20 banks across the globe and earn points with your chosen banking branch. You can get personalized cards from each bank, which allows earning miles daily for flying with Qantas.
  • Baggage Policies: In Premium Economy Class, First Class, and Business Class, you can take along one hand baggage of 10 kg optimum weight or two bags of 7 kg optimum weight each. In Economy Class, you can carry one handbag of 7 kg, which is the optimum weight. Check the official website for updated information.
  • Duty-Free Shopping: You can pick from various electronic items, fragrances, and accessories. Earn a Qantas point for each Australian dollar that you spend on buying items while onboard. Redeem the point later for additional rewards.

Qantas Airways FAQs

Q1. Is there a web check-in facility with Qantas Airways?

Yes, Qantas Airways offers an online check-in facility to all fliers. Domestic fliers can check in before 24 hours and, if running late, can still check in before an hour of the scheduled flight time. International passengers can check in between 24 and 2 hours prior to flight take-off time.

Q2. Can I enjoy complimentary meals and drinks on Qantas Airways flights?

You can get an extensive list of wines as well as a refreshing menu while flying in the Premium Economy class cabins. In Business cabins, you can enjoy a three-course meal or even get some snacks and drinks. In the Economy Cabins, you can get a self-service snack bar that offers fresh fruits, ice cream, and more. 

Q3. Can I make booking changes on Qantas Airways flights? 

Contact your local Qantas office for Qantas Airways flight booking changes if you cannot do it online. Look at your fare regulations and rules in the first place to find out whether changes are allowed in your fare type.

Q4. Do I need to undergo medical clearance before flying with Qantas Airways?

You might need to undergo the medical clearance process in special instances. If you are traveling injured or sick or going to a destination for treatment and the like, the officials might require medical clearance as per the protocols. 

Q5. Can I fly with Qantas Airways during pregnancy?

Yes, but after 28 weeks of pregnancy. You should carry a letter or certificate from a registered midwife or medical practitioner stating your pregnancy type (single/multiple), the estimated delivery date, and if it is a complicated pregnancy case. 

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