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 Rwandair Flight Booking

Rwandair Airlines Insights

  • Primary Airports: Kigali International Airport (KGL) 
  • Headquarters: Kigali, Rwanda
  • Most Traveled Routes: Kigali (KGL) to Nairobi (NBO)
  • Popular Destinations: Nairobi, Johannesburg, Dubai, Brussels, Mumbai, London, Lagos, Accra 

In-Flight Experience with Rwandair Airlines

Rwandair provides travelers with a modern and pleasant in-flight experience, with all focus on the needs and comfort of the travelers with utter satisfaction. Let’s check out the best amenities of the airline:

  • Comfortable Seating: Rwandair offers spacious and ergonomic seating to all travelers, be it economy, first, or business class, to have a snug flight journey. Travelers can sit and relax with adjustable headrests after booking Rwandair Airlines flights.
  • Entertainment Options: There are various in-flight entertainment opportunities offered to travelers with various TV shows, games, music, and movies to stay energized on the aircraft. With Rwandair Airlines flights' seatback screens, travelers get an enhanced overall in-flight journey. 
  • Culinary Delights: After booking Rwandair reservations, you won’t have to worry about the culinary options as many options are available based on Rwandan and international tastes. The menu is well-designed with a variety of cuisines, keeping passengers’ taste preferences in mind. 
  • Connectivity: Based on the modern and well-designed aircraft, Rwandair flight booking offers the best in-flight Wi-Fi services, allowing passengers to remain connected with family and friends throughout the journey. 
  • Top-Class Hospitality: The cabin crew of Rwandair Airlines flights is the best to serve you with a smile and welcome you when on board and till you board the flight. Travelers get instant and satisfactory responses to all their needs and preferences.

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Before You Take Off, Here Are Some Must-Know Things About RwandAir Airlines

Before making Rwandair reservations, read these essential details. 

  • Baggage Policy: Before Rwandair flight booking, passengers should go through the airline's baggage policy to avoid paying any extra charges at the airport and undergo a smooth check-in process.
  • Check-In Procedures: There are various check-in processes to allow smooth onboarding with Rwandair Airlines flights. To allow smooth check-in, consider online mode. Also, it allows travelers to avoid the long queue and save time. 
  • Be Flexible: Before booking Rwandair reservations, be easy with the traveling dates and destinations. Sometimes, remaining adjustable with travel dates can help you hit the best Rwandair Airline deals. Also, consider booking at the last minute to catch up with the low fares. 
  • Book in Advance: Ensure you make a Rwandair flight booking before 60 or 90 days. By doing so, you get the best fares and book flights with no hassle. Also, you can prepare the itinerary and book hotels in advance. 
  • Flight Status Updates: Remain informed about Rwandair Airlines flight status by checking for updates on the official website or using the mobile app. Set the alert notification to get the current updates. 

Rwandair Airlines FAQs

Q1. How can I contact Rwandair Airlines customer service?

Rwandair flight booking is a smooth and easy procedure. However, if you need any assistance with the booking or want to know about the airline's services, you can contact the support team through their number and email ID on the website. 

Q2. Does Rwandair offer any loyalty programs or frequent fliers?

There is a loyalty program named “Dream Miles,” in which the airline offers various benefits through mileage accumulation, including free lounge access and flight upgrades. Be a frequent flier and earn points to get the privileges. 

Q3. What amenities are provided in Rwandair Airlines business class flights?

Business class passengers can enjoy premium services with spacious seats, delightful meals, and exclusive lounges to stay on a comfortable journey. Business class travelers also get private cabins to sit and relax with dedicated staff on their service. 

Q4. Can I make changes to my RwandAir reservations online?

Yes, after booking Rwandair Airlines flights, you can make changes to the booked flight within 24 hours of the scheduled flight. Visit the official website and enter the flight details to make changes to the booked flight. You can also cancel your booking or upgrade your seat. 

Q5. What is the typical baggage allowance on Rwandair flights?

Rwandiar Airlines has the standard checked baggage dimensions restrictions in which you can carry 62 inches or 158 cm, including length, width, and height. For economy class, 2 pieces of 50 lbs each are allowed, whereas for premium economy, you can carry 2 pieces of 70 lbs each. 

Q6. Can I carry my pet on Rwandair Airlines flights?

Yes, you can carry your pet with the flights provided that you have a health certificate from a vet that is not more than 30 days old. Also, additional health documents may be needed in some countries. 

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