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 Sunwing Airlines Flight Booking

Sunwing Airlines Insights

  • Primary Airports: Toronto Pearson Int'l Airport, Montreal-Trudeau Int'l Airport
  • Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario
  • Most Traveled Routes: Vancouver - Toronto
  • Popular Destinations: Vancouver, Gander, St Johns

In-Flight Experience with Sunwing Airlines

  • Elite Plus (Business Class): You can get seats with wider leg space and adjustable headrests. The seats are placed 35-39 inches apart from each other. Comfort and opulence define the experience of the passengers. 
  • Elite Class (Economy Class): The Economy Class cabins ensure proper comfort, with the seats placed 29 inches apart from each other. These have adjustable headrests. Fliers have a relaxing air journey when traveling in this class. 
  • Entertainment and Food Services: There is a huge collection of movies for you to enjoy. You can even indulge in complimentary wine, non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, and meals on Sunwing Airlines flights. 
  • Connectivity: Note that cameras, laptops, and mobile phones may be carried only in the cabin, not checked baggage. Fliers are not allowed to carry any battery-powered device or batteries as a part of their carry-on baggage. 
  • Other Services: You can avail yourself of a wide range of special services by Sunwing Airlines. There are self-service kiosks for disabled passengers who cannot go through conventional processes or automated check-in procedures. There are Relay services for speech-disabled, hard-of-hearing, and deaf people. 

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Find out the trick to get the lowest airfares at Cheapfaremart

  • Flexible Travel Dates Matter: If you wish to reduce your flight rates, it is important for you to be flexible with your travel dates. Try to catch mid-week flights rather than flying during the weekend when flight rates are higher. Plan and travel during off-peak seasons, when the flight costs go down due to reduced demand for travel. 
  • Book in Advance: Plan proactively and book your tickets in advance to avoid last-minute price surges. When the departure date approaches, increased demand tends to make airfare rise. 

Before You Take-Off, Here are Some Must-Know Things about Sunwing Airlines 

  • Fleet: As a top-rated leisure carrier, Sunwing Airlines has a fleet with aircraft like 40 Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737 MAX. It has the most fuel-efficient fleet, helping the airline lessen its carbon footprint. With high-end technology and an eco-friendly stance, the airline enables travel buffs to visit more than 45 popular destinations across Central America, Florida, Mexico, and the Caribbean. 
  • Sunwing Airlines’ Extensive Network: There is a wide range of flights to choose from, which include non-stop and direct options. These help fliers reach their destinations with utmost convenience. You can get more destinations covered by this airline, such as Aruba, Atlanta, Liberia, Cincinnati, Winnipeg, St. Petersburg, and London, given the fact that Sunwing Airlines has codeshare agreements with Corsair International and Arkefly.
  • Preferred Seats: With advance Sunwing Airlines reservations, you can easily book the seat of your choice. For USD 30 (including taxes) each way, you can upgrade to a preferred seat. On the official website, you can obtain further information about the same. 
  • Baggage Policies: In Elite Plus, two checked baggage items within 30 kg and carry-on bags within 5 kg are allowed. Elite Class passengers can carry two checked baggage items not exceeding 20 kg. You can run through the official airline website for more information. 
  • Duty-Free Shopping: You can get duty-free products on offer for pre-purchase when you fly with this airline. Fliers need to visit to take a look at the catalog and pre-purchase items when flying with Sunwing Airlines. 

Sunwing Airlines FAQs

Q1. Can I make booking changes when flying with Sunwing Airlines flights? 

You can make changes within 45 days before departure and pay a USD 50 fee each time you fly. A refund cannot be obtained if the rates are reduced after making modifications. If charges increase and your changed flight happens to be pricier than your prior flight, you have to pay some additional amount. 

Q2. Is this Sunwing Airlines eco-friendly?

There are different initiatives used by this airline to promote responsible travel and lessen  carbon footprint. The aircraft of Sunwing Airlines are fuel-efficient, support community projects concentrated on the conservation of the environment, and adopt eco-friendly operational practices. 

Q3. Can I get an online check-in service on Sunwing Airlines flights?

An online check-in service is offered to fliers to reduce time and hassles. The web check-in slot opens four hours before your scheduled flight. If you are running late, you still can go for the web check-in 90 minutes before your flight takes off. 

Q4. Can I travel with kids below 14 on Sunwing Airlines flights?

Yes, you can! And to make matters great for you, even if you haven’t pre-booked seats, the officials will see to it that you and your kid get adjacent seats on the flight at no extra cost. 

Q5. From where can I book cheaper Sunwing Airlines tickets?

You can check out our trusted online platform, Cheapfaremart, for the biggest deals and discounts on airfare. Plan and book early to get the lowest airfare to your chosen destination. 

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