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 Yemen Airways Flight Booking

Yemen Airways Airlines Insights

  • Primary Airports: Sana'a International Airport
  • Headquarters: Sana'a, Yemen
  • Popular Destinations: Dubai, Mumbai, Abu Dhabi

In-Flight Experience with Yemen Airways Airlines

Yemen Airways's in-flight experience is excellent and is sure to satisfy you:

Duty-Free Shopping

  • Treat yourself to high-end shopping without much hassle.
  • Check out the wide range of items you can purchase, such as perfumes, memoirs, or gadgets.

In-Flight Meals

  • The airline offers numerous food options which can be enjoyed during the journey. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are some of the meal options available on Yemen Airways flights.
  • Expect various drinks, such as different types of juices and hot beverages.

Spacious In-Flight Seats

  • The seating arrangement in the flight is generously spaced and offers enough legroom for you to stretch and relax. 
  • While traveling for pleasure or work, be comfortable beyond imagination with our spacious cabins and well-furnished seats.

Delicious Snacks

  • Yemen Airways provides various snacks served by the crew at the time of the flight for a pleasurable in-flight experience.
  • Make your trip more enjoyable with a selection of yummy foods.

In-Flight Entertainment

  • The in-flight entertainment on selected airlines may vary differently, with specific regions offering personalized content for passengers to enjoy during the flight.
  • Browse through different TV programs or watch thrilling Hollywood films on the flight. 

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Effortless Yemen Airways Flight Booking

  • When searching for Yemen Airways, rely on Cheapfaremart as your one-stop solution for booking your Yemen Airways flights. Our easy-to-use platform and intuitive features make booking your flight and traveling a breeze.

Advance Booking Advantage

  • Booking your flights 2-3 months in advance allows you to make affordable Yemen Airways reservations. 

Exclusive Coupons and Deals

  • On Cheapfaremart, there are many different options for getting discounts and special offers.
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Flexible Traveling

  • Traveling during non-peak seasons or mid-week saves a lot of money.
  • Get cheaper rates and efficient travel by adjusting your Yemen Airways flight booking by a day or two.

Before You Take Off, Here Are Some Must-Know Things About Yemen Airways Airlines

Yemenia Sama Club

  • Join the Yemenia Sama Club to enjoy exclusive benefits and earn miles effortlessly.
  • There are three membership tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, each offering unique privileges.
  • Earn bonus miles, enjoy priority services, and access exclusive perks based on your membership level.
  • Explore additional opportunities to accumulate miles through hotel and car rental partners, enhancing your rewards.

Baggage Regulations for Your Safety

  • Yemen Airways' baggage rules are in compliance with the General Carriage Conditions and associated guidelines from the 'International Air Transport Association'. These rules and regulations best represent how to take care of your valuables.Passengers can efficiently browse through these guidelines and find solutions for all their baggage related queries. 
  • There are some restricted items that are prohibited to carry in your baggage. These items include, but are not limited to; compressed gases, firearms, ammunition, rifles, knives of lengths greater than 6 inches, explosives, chemical reagents of any kind–or similar dangerous goods that you could use to harm others in some way; mercury--you can't transport molten metal across international borders anyway–and poisonous matter.

Additional Security Measures for Specific Flights

  • For flights to and from the United States of America and European Union countries, extra security measures apply.
  • Liquid and gel materials, including toothpaste, liquid cosmetics, and perfumes, are prohibited in hand luggage.
  • Cigarette lighters are not allowed in any baggage.

Yemen Airways FAQs

Q1. What qualifies as a group when booking with Yemen Airways?

A group is defined as a party of 10 or more passengers (excluding infants) traveling together on the same flights, both outbound and return, and for the same travel dates.

Q2. How can Yemen Airways assist groups in planning their trip?

Yemen Airways has a dedicated group team that understands the unique needs of traveling in a group. They are committed to providing assistance to ensure a stress-free trip. Groups can reach out to this team for support with their travel arrangements and to address any specific requirements they may have.

Q3. How does the seat request card work, and when is it issued?

The seat request card allows you to be placed on a standby list if a seat on your flight is unavailable. It is issued in combination with other boarding documents and serves as a contingency plan in case your preferred seat is not initially available.

Q4. My printed boarding pass has parts cut off. Is this acceptable for check-in?

No, for successful check-in, your printed boarding pass must appear fully on one page. If parts of your page are missing or printed on multiple sheets, we recommend adjusting your Page Setup. Set your margins to not exceed 1" and print your page in portrait mode for a complete boarding pass.

Q5. How can I fix the issue of parts of my boarding pass being cut off when printing?

To resolve the problem, adjust your Page Setup settings. Ensure that your margins are set to not exceed 1" and choose portrait mode for printing. This should help you obtain a properly formatted boarding pass for check-in.

Q6. Can children under 16 years travel alone on Etihad Airways?

No, it is not permitted for children under the age of 16 to travel without an escort.

Q7. What is required if there is an escort for a child's travel?

If there is an escort for a child's travel, the father's approval must be presented and approved by the official authorities.

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