Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

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The table lists flights to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, PHX. Fares are non-warranted and subject to change. Fares are inclusive of base fare, fuel surcharges, airline/airport taxes and our service fee.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is Arizona’s largest and busiest airport, and among the largest commercial airports in the United States. The airport served a record 46,288,337 passengers in 2019, and was the 44th-busiest airport in the world.  Phoenix Airport is the hub for American Airlines and a focus city for JSX and Southwest Airlines.

Top Carriers by Passenger Share

(Period in consideration: January 2019 to December 2019

Carrier Passenger Share %
American 16,007 37.46
Southwest 14,998 35.07
Delta 2,780 6.50
Mesa 2,238 5.24
United 2,139 5.01
Other 4,581 10.72

On-Time Performance Summary

% of On-Time Departure 81% 83% 83% 80% 80% 80%
Delayed minutes (Departure) 51.30 53.66 52.08 54.80 58.14 58.09
% of On-Time Arrival 83 82 83 80 81 82
Delayed minutes (Arrival) 52.69 53.35 52.45 57.04 64.07 64.53

OTP ranking by Departure: 16

OTP ranking by Arrival: 10

Getting to or From the Airport

Phoenix Sky Harbor is served by two Valley Metro bus routes. Travelers will also find a convenient airport connection aboard the PHX Sky Train® from the Valley Metro Rail station at 44th Street and Washington. Intercity shuttle, taxi, and rideshare services are also available to and from the airport. Three taxi companies, namely, AAA/Yellow Cab, Mayflower Cab and VIP Taxi are under contract to pick up passengers at airport curbs, and their prices are regulated and set by City code.

List of Top Nonstop Destinations

Domestic Destinations

Rank City Passengers Carriers
1 Denver, Colorado 10,76,000 American, Frontier, Southwest, United
2 Seattle/Tacoma, Washington 9,08,000 Alaska, American, Delta, Southwest
3 Los Angeles, California 8,50,000 American, Delta, Southwest, United
4 Chicago-O’Hare, Illinois 8,45,000 American, Frontier, Spirit, United
5 Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota 7,00,000 American, Delta, Southwest, Spirit, Sun Country
6 Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas 6,84,000 American, Spirit, Sun Country
7 San Diego, California 6,71,000 American, Southwest
8 Las Vegas, Nevada 6,68,000 American, Southwest, JSX
9 San Francisco, California 5,81,000 Alaska, American, Southwest, United
10 Salt Lake City, Utah 5,60,000 American, Delta, Frontier, Southwest


International Destinations

Rank City 2018 Passengers Carriers
1 Vancouver, Canada 2,66,651 Air Canada, American, WestJet
2 San José del Cabo, Mexico 2,52,620 American
3 Calgary, Canada 2,48,955 Air Canada, WestJet
4 London–Heathrow, United Kingdom 2,42,543 British Airways
5 Toronto–Pearson, Canada 1,92,362 Air Canada, WestJet
6 Cancún, Mexico 1,55,483 American
7 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 1,55,368 American
8 Edmonton, Canada 1,21,257 American, WestJet
9 Guadalajara, Mexico 98,484 American, Volaris
10 Mexico City, Mexico 91,560 American


Note: On-time performance and passenger data is compiled by the US Department of Transportation (January 2019 – December 2019)