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Albany: An Overview

Albany has now become an up-and-coming tourist center with fine dining, tourist attractions, and events to visit. It is also near the Adirondack Mountains, providing adventure enthusiasts the perfect opportunity to hike in the summer or ski in the winter. 

History lovers can visit many significant historical sites and museums in Albany. If you are a fan of the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton,” then you can see the story come to life at historical highlights throughout the city. You can also take a guided tour through the Albany Institute of History and Art, founded in 1791 and one of the country’s oldest museums. Book flights to Albany NY, today to get the best of NYC.

Flight Booking Through Cheapfaremart

Cheapfaremart is a flight booking platform that makes all your bookings easy and convenient with its easy-to-use user interface. Additionally, if you are looking to travel in groups, you can also use our group booking feature to save big on plane tickets to Albany. What’s more? We provide a free cancellation within 24 hours for any airline. 

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Albany

  • Consider Nearby Airports: Albany International Airport may not always offer the cheapest flights. Check nearby airports, such as Syracuse or Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT, and see if you can find more affordable options.
  • Travel Light: Some airlines offer lower fares for passengers who travel with only carry-on luggage. Be mindful of baggage fees, as they can add up quickly.
  • Loyalty Programs and Miles: If you travel often, consider joining a frequent flyer program or using a credit card that accumulates miles. Over time, you can redeem these miles for discounted or free flights.
  • Student or Military Discounts: If you are a student or in the military, inquire about discounts that may be available to you when booking your flight.
  • Check Social Media and Newsletters: Airlines often promote special deals and discounts on their social media accounts or through email newsletters. Follow airlines and sign up for newsletters to stay informed.
  • Consider Layovers: Direct flights are convenient but can be more expensive. Look for flights with layovers, which can sometimes be significantly cheaper.
  • Group Booking Discounts: Many flight booking platforms offer group booking discounts, typically for groups of 10 or more passengers. If you're traveling with a sizable group, inquire with airlines directly or use group booking services provided by travel agencies to secure a better rate.
  • Flexible Departure and Arrival Times: Early morning or late-night flights tend to be cheaper than midday options. If you can handle odd hours, you might score a better deal.
  • Bundle with Accommodation: Consider booking your flight and accommodation together as part of a vacation package. This can sometimes lead to cost savings.

Best Time to Visit Albany

  • Summers

The best time to visit Albany is between May-end and mid-September. You can expect bright, rainless days during this period, perfect for outdoor activities. This is also the time when many events take place in Albany and other parts of New York. Attend the Lilac Festival in Rochester or the Tulip Festival in Albany in May. 

  • Winter

If you are looking for budget travel, then January-March is considered off-season. You can expect good bargains on hotel and bag cheap flights to Albany. However, if you are considering visiting during this time, pack winter clothes and be prepared for snowy weather. 

Albany: Fly with Major Airlines!

Fly with all the major airlines using Cheapfaremart’s flight booking platform. Our platform has partnerships with major airlines worldwide to provide you with the best possible deals on airfare. We provide 24/7 assistance related to any booking-related queries you may have. Additionally, we also provide flight discounts for group bookings. 

Top 5 Places to Explore in Albany

1. Empire State Plaza: Capital City Central

The Empire State Plaza in Albany is a complex of several state government buildings in New York. It was built between 1965-1978 and is a major tourist attraction. During your time here, you can enjoy the fountain pools, observation deck, year-round events, farmers market, museums, parks, shops, theaters, and much more. 

2. Palace Theatre 

Located on the corner of Clinton Avenue and North Pearl Street, the Palace Theatre is an entertainment venue in Albany. The theatre is operated by the Palace Performing Arts Center, Inc. Attend some of the finest events in the live entertainment industry, from public performances such as concerts, world-class ballet and dance, Broadway, educational programs, live comedy, and classic movies to private events such as weddings, dance competitions, corporate events, and graduations. 

3. USS Slater

The USS Slater is moored on the Hudson River in Albany and is a cannon-class destroyer escort that served in the United States Navy during World War II. You can opt for guided tours around the museum or go for a youth group overnight camping. 

4. Washington Park

Located in the Greenwich Village of Lower Manhattan, Washington Park is a public park. If you’re looking to socialize or meet new people, then this is the place to be with its social events and summertime fun. You can visit the park’s website for an event calendar and plan your visit. 

5. Times Union Center

The Times Union Center will give you the ultimate North American experience with its Hockey Leagues and other notable events. This arena can hold a crowd of 15,000 people. 

Albany Travel FAQs

Q1. Are there any hotels near the Albany Airport?

Yes, you can find several hotels near the airport. These hotels also provide complimentary shuttle services to/from the airport. 

Q2. How do I get around in Albany? 

You can use the taxi, yellow cabs, or the CDTA bus service to get around in Albany. 

Q3. Is Albany safe?

Although Albany is generally considered safe, there are areas with crime problems. Be extra cautious near the SUNY Albany downtown campus, Arbor Hill, or near the Lark, Madison, or other bar streets. 

Q4. What is a must-do in Albany?

Attend the public concerts at the Empire State Plaza, the Playhouse, the Mohawk Hudson River Bikeway, or the Corning City Preserve. Also, attend the First Fridays, held every first Friday of the month, where local artists and galleries get together for an exhibition. 

Q5. What airlines fly to and from Albany?

Many airlines fly to and from Albany. To name a few: American Airlines, Allegiant Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines. 

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