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Allentown-Bethlehem: An Overview 

Allentown and Bethlehem are twin cities part of Lehigh Valley, ensconced in the Eastern hills of Pennsylvania. Allentown is a historical city with a rich heritage of impressive architecture. Wide open spaces, dense woods, gurgling streams, charming buildings, and hospitable people welcome and entice visitors. Enjoy the picturesque scenery, quaint towns, and rustic beauty offered by Allentown-Bethlehem. Book your flights to Allentown-Bethlehem and get a peek into valley life!

Flight Booking Through Cheapfaremart

Cheapfaremart is a travel portal designed to put an end to your flight and hotel booking woes. Now, you can go about your routine while we do the hard work for you. We make it easy for you to book cheap flights to Allentown-Bethlehem as our top-notch search engine picks out the best fares for you. What do you need to do? Tell us when and where you want to fly – it's that simple!

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Allentown-Bethlehem  

Fly on Weekdays

Weekday flights are less in demand as everyone wants to fly on weekends. But you can be smart and take a day off work, fly on a weekday – and save big on airfare. Flights with more demand are always priced higher.

Bundle and Save

Cheapfaremart also lets you book hotel accommodations at your destination; when you book flights and hotels on our site, we give you even bigger discounts and help you save a lot more.

Fly Low-Cost

Several low-cost airlines will fly you to your destination for a much lower price. While you may not get access to luxurious on-air pampering, you can get to your destination and save a lot of money on your plane tickets to Allentown-Bethlehem.

Choose Layovers

Hopping flights with layovers are likely to be cheaper compared to direct flights. Check out long-haul flights on our website and save money for your trip.

Watch for Sudden Price Drops

For numerous reasons, airlines announce sudden cuts in fares. Keep checking Cheapfaremart to see if tickets to your destination are on the list, or subscribe to our newsletter. We notify our customers as soon as we come to know of flash sales.

Best Time to Visit Allentown-Bethlehem 

  • April to May: This is the best season to visit these twin cities, with pleasant weather and produce-picking events at farmers’ markets. It’s also the season for wine tours, hiking, cycling, and other outdoor activities.
  • December to March: The winter season sees very few visitors, but if you love snow and winter activities, you will love it; it’s also the time that flights to ABE are the cheapest.
  • June to Mid-September: Pretty warm and humid weather brings out the hikers, kayakers, and sports lovers. There are several festivals like the Musikfest and many concerts that you can catch.
  • Mid-September to November End: Fall is the season to explore the changing colors of the foliage, pick apples and corn, and celebrate festivals like Oktoberfest, the Fall Festival at Grim's, and the PA Bacon Fest.

Allentown-Bethlehem: Fly with Major Airlines!

With Cheapfaremart at your service, you no longer have to worry about how to book your tickets to Allentown-Bethlehem! Just enter your travel details at Cheapfaremart’s search engine, and we filter out the best-value deals for you. Our portal will do all the work for you, while you pack your bags and make a list of places to see. We will help you choose from over 200 major airlines around the world, including United, American Airlines, and Air New Zealand.

Top 5 Places to Explore in Allentown-Bethlehem 

1. America on Wheels Museum

Take a walk down memory lane and look at vehicles from all eras – beginning with the very first one ever made. Cars, fire trucks, model trains, and motorcycles spread over two floors, with interactive exhibits for children.

2.  Coca-Cola Park

Visit this beautifully maintained ballpark, have a picnic in the designated area, and tuck into the wide variety of food available there. You should try and catch a game at this iconic minor-league ballpark if you’re lucky!

3.  Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom

This amusement park offers wholesome fun for the whole family. Kids are sure to love spending the day here; enjoy over 100 rides, including 8 roller coasters. You get two amusement parks for the price of one. Get your thrills and chills here!

4.  1750 Smithy

Go back in time and experience history at this ancient Blacksmith shop in Bethlehem. Check out the original vaulted cistern, see tools and metal objects of yore, and watch blacksmiths showing how they did it in the ‘good ol’ days’

5. ArtsQuest Center

This multi-purpose center of performing arts, spread over 65,000 square feet and four floors, offers jaw-dropping views of the blast furnaces of the steel plant property where it’s built. It’s the place to host concerts, exhibitions, festivals, and tours.


1. Why is the airport for Allentown-Bethlehem called Lehigh Valley?

Allentown and Bethlehem are two cities that make up the Lehigh Valley, along with Easton. Allentown is the biggest and most important, and Easton is the smallest.

2. What is Allentown-Bethlehem famous for?

Allentown-Bethlehem is the place where Crayola crayons and Martin guitars are made; it is also famed for its many museums like the Moravian Historical Society Museum, Da Vinci Science Center, America on Wheels, Mack Trucks Historical Museum, and others.

3. Can I cancel my ticket if I change my mind?

You have 24 hours to cancel your ticket from the time you book it if you want a full refund. We cannot guarantee you any refund if you cancel your ticket beyond this time. Call us 24/7 at 1-844-869-5222 to cancel.

4. What can I buy from Allentown-Bethlehem?

Fresh produce from the Farmers’ Market is one of the best things to take home from this place. You can also buy handmade organic beauty products, antiques, and locally brewed and distilled spirits.

5. What is the scavenger hunt in Allentown-Bethlehem?

Allentown-Bethlehem scavenger hunts are app-based treasure hunts with riddles and challenges that lead you to explore the city.

6. How many days should you plan to spend in Allentown-Bethlehem?

If you want to have a relaxed holiday and explore the valley and experience it in all its glory, plan to spend a minimum of three days, and a maximum of one week.

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