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What is the Best time to visit Auckland?

If you are from the US or any North Hemisphere location, then while booking your tickets to Auckland, you must take note of the behavior of weather during the planned vacation. The   weather here in Auckland would be exactly opposite. Summer in the US will coincide with winter in Auckland and vice versa.

So what is the best time to visit Auckland? November through March is the peak season for the travel industry operating in Auckland, so you might notice a stiff rise in the airfare and hotel accommodation rents during the period. So we recommend you to plan your vacation either with fall i.e. May or at the onset of spring, i.e. September. Apart from good savings with top deals of Auckland flights, you can expect thin crowd. After May, temperature starts declining and so does the tourist flux.

What are the Top Attractions in Auckland?

1. Sky Tower

This observation and telecommunications tower is the largest freestanding structure in the Southern Hemisphere, and 23rd tallest in the world, and according to a public report the tower is visited by almost 1, 150 people per day. Not just its height but also its unique architecture makes it one of the top attractions in Auckland. Several upper levels of the tower including Level 50 (Sky Lounge), Level 51 (Main Observation Deck), Level 52 (Orbit 360° Dining), Level 53 (The Sugar Club restaurant), SkyWalk and SkyJump and Level 60 (Sky Deck) are accessible to the public. So your imagination of a spectacular dinner (at level 52 or level 53, approximately 190 m (620 ft) from the ground) is likely to come true with Auckland flight deals.

2. Auckland War Memorial Museum

Located inside a magnificent Neoclassical building dating back to 1929 commemorating the martyrdom of New Zealand soldiers who fought the World War I, the museum is home to artifacts from the antiquity. The artifact collection narrates the history of New Zealand starting from its first Polynesian settlers to the present day. It significantly covers the natural heritage of the country. The Main Maori Galleries of the museum preserves in its four walls the best of Maori artistry that is believed to be existed around the 12th to the 14th centuries. Interested in learning New Zealand’s state policy and its influence in the world conflict? Waste no time in reaching out to the top floor that is especially for war memorials. Isn’t it the best value for Auckland airfares?

3. Auckland Harbour Bridge

This eight-lane motorway bridge, the second longest road bridge in New Zealand that connects St Marys Bay on the Auckland city side with Northcote on the North Shore side is an iconic architecture and a gem to the NZ Transport Agency. Owing to its resemblance to Sydney Harbour Bridge, its architecture has drawn some significant controversies as well.

4. One Tree Hill

Located in the lush Cornwall Park, this 182-meter-high volcanic cone has become an identity of the city. Surrounded with a series of flower beds and stands of trees, One Tree Hill is also a place where the holy soul of Sir John Logan Campbell rests in the peace. He is the man who is recognized for imparting greenery to Auckland.  The Hill that occupies the southwest corner of the park provides fantastic aerial view of the city.

Dining in Auckland

The recently released the Metro Peugeot Restaurant of The Year List features many startup restaurant businesses like Baduzzi and Clooney. Shattering the convention, these newbies are offering quality dining experience at a throwaway price. Hence, you can spot quality eateries in the area.  To take advantage of the thriving tourism industry, these businesses are also revamping their atmosphere, design and character.

Nightlife in Auckland

In Auckland, you have an array of night life options, but some are so unique that you will love to book flight tickets to Auckland again and again. Let’s take a watch at some of the interesting nightlife options in Auckland.

1. Head To A West Coast Beach

Despite offering everything that humanity aspires for, the nature doesn’t take any entry fee from her children. West Coast Beaches like Piha, Karekare and Bethells are one of those wonderful blessings. On the black sand, you can have an unforgettable picnic time with your beloved and family. Lying on the blanket, you can listen what nature has to say. Try to decipher the tides making a roar. The cool breeze and the pristine ecosystem might awake the Shakespeare in you.

2. Enjoy A Late Night Feed

After the sun goes down, the Aucklanders do their breakfast, and it’s an old saying when in Rome do as the Romans do. So While in   Aucklands, if you really want to get acquainted with the culture and people, you may head towards some of the best restaurants like the one in Sky Tower’s Andy’s Burgers to have a taste of the late-night food. Most of the nightlife spots feature restaurants that serve guests until 4 am.

3. Play Nighttime Golf

If you had the impression that golf is a daytime play, you were wrong. In Auckland, you can get entry into golf courses any time of the time from wee hours to late night. So smartly plan your vacation. If you have booked your Auckland flights, but don’t know how to play golf, it would be imperative to do some sporting homework. The nightlife in Auckland will be incomplete without a cocktail.  You are likely to see many alternatives from exclusive to basic at its pubs and restaurants.

4. Enjoy Some Live Music

Music has its own language that permeates the human psychology without taking help of any vowels and consonants. In Auckland, you can enjoy live concerts or performances around the year.  Ponsonby Social Club, Golden Dawn, Flight 605 and Orleans are some of the best places to get entertained.

Shopping in Auckland

Auckland provides some decent yet economical shopping options. Here is a glimpse of that.

1. Olly Olly

This is more than an art gallery. Besides being supportive to the local artists representing disciplines like painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media, collage, appropriation art, performance art, etc., it also makes subtle effort in alleviating food crisis and other issues plaguing the society. So when you shop at Olly Olly you are actually indirectly contributing to the community and the causes that matter to them.

2. Aotea Gifts - Britomart

The store is renowned for offering a wide range of merchandise including fashion and lifestyle merchandise, entertainment stuffs and delicacies to satiate appetite. One more unique thing about the store is that it remains operative 365 days a year. So no matter when you have got your Auckland flights booked, you are not going to miss what’s on sell in this store.

How to Reach Auckland

Auckland Airport (AKL) is the largest and busiest airport in New Zealand that provides a gateway to this vibrant and diverse city. The airport is located near Mangere, a residential suburb and caters to both domestic and international travelers. The transport system in Auckland is dominated by private vehicles. Rail and bus services are gradually gaining prominence in the city.

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