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2. Round-Trip Flight to Airport St Baghdad Iraq

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Best Times to Visit Baghdad

From November through March is the best time to visit Baghdad. During these times the temperature is between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. Apart from the Islamic festivals and rituals, you can be part of global events. Christmas is celebrated by the small population of Christian. The Babylon International Festival is based on the ancient traditions. The annual event happens from September 22 through October 1. The Assyrian New Year is celebrated on April 1. You can view the other form of arts throughout the year. The middle-year months are extremely hot. There is very less precipitation during this time. From June to August we find it as the second busiest season for tourists. Before you make the final decisions do check out the season and compare Baghdad airfares and low-cost flights to Airport St Baghdad.

Top Attractions in Baghdad

1. Jawadain Holy Shrine

It is so enlightening place and gives peace to the soul. This holy shrine commemorates Imam Musa ibn Jafar, an apostolic Imam. He was a great man who never let a beggar go away without having something. This Holy shrine is so rare and soothing to the soul that you slip into immense self-realization. This place has all that can have a mesmerizing effect on your mind right from the mirrored walls to huge chandeliers. Now, the magic of Pricey Persian rugs, the wonderful aroma and the light and tranquility can be felt. All this is in the middle of the sacred shrine. Go to the place and revive your soul through best Airport St Baghdad flight deals.

2. The Iraq Museum

The place has educational values, and it is a way to show some of the best and beautiful antiquities and artifacts of the history of Iraq. The Pre-Islamic period, the civilization of Mesopotamia and things written on the walls, all take us to the history. You must pay a visit to the place and make your day worth it. It takes you to roots where we all are from, and much beyond the material world. ‘Must see’ for all. Go and grab cheap airline tickets to Airport St Baghdad for you on our website.

3. Zawraa Park

You can spend quality time with your family here in the green field. It also displays fun and games. A lot of activities is seen here. May outdoor games can be played here as there is enough space for the same. The place has different games out here and with a clean water pool and wonderful scene all around. Cheap flight tickets to Airport St Baghdad are easy to get on our website. Go and grab them right now to avoid any further clash of unavailability.

4. Al-Mutanabbi Statue

It’s is located at the end of the Mutanabbi street, and is a site of a host of cultural activities. On Friday, the city acquires an altogether different charm. It is so classy to be there that it takes us to the old times. You can sip tea in the shahbender café. It is full of life. Al Mutanabbi Street is similar to Book Bazar.

Top Outdoor Activities in Baghdad

1. Babylon Mall

It is a mall famous here, and it is located here in the best area and makes it special for the localities. Tremendous types of food items are displayed here. We had restaurant here and situated on the fifth floor. It offers a wide range of services which makes it worth visiting. Hurry up!! Cheap flights to Airport St Baghdad Iraq are displayed on our website and waiting for you to pick on of your choice. Go for the best deals out there.

2. Saj Alreef Baghdad

It is a nice place to visit and make your trip special. It serves the best food and services across the country. Staffs are well trained, and they take much care of yours. Hospitality and hygiene are taken care of, and you would get best of the eastern dishes. It has the look of a café, and it is one of the beset at this place. We can even help you with the last minute flights to Airport St Baghdad.

3. Al-Areesha Restaurant

Based in Imam Al Adham Street and it has specialists for grilled chicken, and it is a lovely place to go for couples who wish to feel the thrill of the place. Quasi, the chicken over the rise and Iraqi tea, are available here.For the Iraqi delicacies and best services, you can visit the place and spend your quality time with your partner. She would love to be there. One way flights to Airport St Baghdad prices can be compared on our website. You can also look up for direct flights to Airport St Baghdad

4. Desert Safari

Travelling through the desert by Land Rover is a common sight in Baghdad, but it is an excellent source of thrill and adventure. You can have a view of the wildlife of the place and see falconry. You can have a camel ride and make it worth remembering forever. It makes you feel special, and you are at the top of the world. The scene is very soothing, and when it is coupled with music and delicious food, it adds to the pleasure.
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