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The Beirut, Lebanon airfares cited on this Cheapfaremart webpage are for round-trip flights, and are non-warranted and subject to change. The charges you pay for the plane tickets to return-flights to Beirut, Lebanon are inclusive of base fares fuel surcharges, our service fee and taxes mandated by airlines, airports, and government authorities.

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Cheapfaremart in association with the world’s leading IATA-certified airlines makes it easy for you to discover the best flight deals on Beirut, Lebanon air tickets. We work with the world’s top-notch airlines, including Virgin Australia Intl, Air Canada, Cathay Pacific, Qantas Airways, Virgin America and American Airlines. We make sure you always get the plane tickets to Beirut, Lebanon or from it to any city of the world.

1. Last-Minute Flight to Beirut, Lebanon

Discover the Paris of Middle East with last-minute flight options. We make it easier for you to find and book plane tickets to Beirut, Lebanon at the eleventh hour. Wondering about airfares to Beirut? Well, the two-way flight could cost you in between $500 and $950. You can discover last-minute one-way flight as well.

2. Round-Trip Flight to Beirut, Lebanon

Streamline your vacation with round-trip Beirut, Lebanon flight. Our AI (artificial intelligence)-powered booking engine takes heed of what you need and provides you with the best round-trip flights. We segregate the nonstop Beirut, Lebanon flight from the one that is available with one or two stops.

What is the Best time to visit Beirut, Lebanon?

Beirut has got a hot-summer Mediterranean climate featuring mild days and nights. Autumn and spring remain warm and, hence, are mostly preferred by the traveler. The winter is mild and rainy, and summer can be virtually rainless. However, it’s better to avoid extremely hot and cold seasons that fall in August, and January and February respectively. In the summer time, the average high temperature reaches close to 32 °C (90 °F), and January and February are the coldest months, with a monthly average low temperature of 11 °C (52 °F).

What are the Top Attractions in Beirut, Lebanon?

1. National Museum of Beirut

The National Museum of Beirut is one of the greatest museums of archaeology not just in Lebanon but also beyond it. The museum that came into existence in 1942 houses the memories of World War I. There are over 100,000 objects, most of which are antiquities and medieval finds from excavations undertaken by the Directorate General of Antiquities.

2. Mzaar Kfardebian

Just a one hour drive from Beirut takes you to Mzaar Kfardebian. It’s a paradise for ski enthusiasts from all across the world. The resort is also referred to as Ouyoune el Simane. Its current status was conceived way back in 1960 by a group of architects including Sami Geammal, Emile Riachi, and many others. Refugee hill is the most prominent place that rests in the region.

3. The Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque

The mosque, inaugurated in 2008, has got a splendid design and is also known as Blue Mosque. It bears the impression of evocative of the Ottomans’ monumental architecture. Under the shower of white moon light, the mosque acquires a different theme. A handsome donation by late Prime Minister Rafik Hariri helped in laying the foundation stone for the Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque in November 2002. It occupies an area measuring approximately 11,000 square meters and has a 48-meter-high blue dome and 65-meter-high minarets. The mosque stands out in the Beirut City Center skyline.

4. Planet Discovery

Science museum & learning center holds a collection of interactive astronomy, biology & physics. It’s probably something that makes Beirut one of the most popular family destinations of the world after Orlando, Las Vegas, Singapore, Buenos Aires, to name a few.

Adventures in Beirut, Lebanon

1. Paragliding

There are many paragliding Clubs in the area including Thermique. However, before embarking on any sorts of adventures, you must make sure that the club is duly certified and licensed.

2. Mzaar Kfardebian

If you want to challenge your fitness, Mzaar Kfardebian is the place to be. Brace yourself for the mountain hiking that originates at 1900m altitude and terminates at 2550m. If you succeed reaching the pinnacle, you can have a chance to see a small but serene church called Mzaar. Mzaar Kfardebian gives many reasons to travelers to book cheap flight tickets to the same. The winter is the best time to visit Mzaar Kfardebian.

3. Tyre Beach

Tyre Beach is supposed to be the cleanest and serene beach. Visiting the beach you get a chance to spend your time with native people and understand their social culture. Its marine world is worth exploring. Take part in Snorkeling and other sports enthusiasts. Who knows you can come with a pearl in your hand.

4. Lazy b Beach Club

An isolated but environment-friendly beach situated just 20 minutes south of Beirut (Lebanon) features a unique natural creek surrounded by a sandy beach, as well as three freshwater swimming pools, several restaurants, bars, and a relaxation area. The club is graced by a magnificent garden with regions stretching 25,000 square meters. Lazy B is your own private, relaxing backyard where you can rejuvenate yourself to face the challenges of the world, once you are back.

How to Reach Beirut, Lebanon

You can book your air ticket to Beirut with Rafic Hariri International Airport, located in the southern suburbs. The Port of Beirut, one of the largest and most commercial in the eastern Mediterranean, is another port of entry. As your family or honeymoon destination, Lebanon can be reached by ferry from Cyprus via the nearby city of Jounieh or by road from Damascus via the Beqaa valley in the east.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What cities in the USA have nonstop flights to Beirut?

Direct or nonstop flight operations are unavailable from any of the US cities/airports.

2. How long does it take to fly to Beirut?

The approximate distance and flight time between Beirut and some popular US cities are as follows:

Departure City

Flight Distance

Flight Time

Time Difference

New York (JFK)

5,618 miles/9042 km

11 hours 44 minute

Beirut is 07 hours ahead

Los Angeles (LAX)

7,472 miles (12026 km)

15 hours 27 minutes

Beirut is 10 hours ahead

Dallas Fort Worth (DFW)

6,905 miles (11113 km)

14 hours 19 minutes

Beirut is 08 hours ahead

Denver (DEN)

6,761 miles (10881 km)

14 hours 01 minute

Beirut is 09 hours ahead

San Francisco (SFO)

7,315 miles (11772 km)

15 hours 08 minutes

Beirut is 10 hours ahead

3. Which airline has the cheapest ticket to Beirut?

Turkish Airlines. Turkish is the flag carrier of Turkey. One of its hubs, Istanbul Airport (IST), serves as the connection airport for most of the connecting flights to Beirut from most of the US cities.

4. What is the minimum validity for travelers with US passport?

Valid for ninety days following entry, with no Israeli stamps or visas.

5. Is tourist visa required for US citizens visiting Beirut?


6. What is the currency restriction for US citizens to visit Beirut?


7. What is the contact information of U.S. Embassy in Beirut?

U.S. Embassy Beirut

Awkar (facing the Awkar Municipality Building), Main Street

Beirut, Lebanon

Telephone: +(961) 4-542600 or +(961) 4-543600

Emergency After-Hours Telephone: +(961) 4-543600

Fax: +(961) 4-544209


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