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Cheapfaremart is a standardized web platform to book cheap flights to Belo Horizonte in a fast and convenient manner. The total fare is constituted of base fare, fuel surcharge, service fee charged by us and taxes imposed by airlines and airports. Cheapfaremart won’t be responsible in cases of deviance in fares of flights to Belo Horizonte at the time of booking.

Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil: Overview

Belo Horizonte is the capital of the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. It is the first planned modern city in Brazil. The city is nestled in hills and mountains and has several large parks and native forest. The Jambeiro Woods (Mata do Jambeiro) nature reserve extends over 912 hectares (2,250 acres), with vegetation typical of the Atlantic Forest. More than 100 species of birds inhabit the reserve, as well as 10 species of mammals.

Belo Horizonte Airport serves as a popular gateway to Brazil and the city. Direct or nonstop flights are not available from the USA, but you can find a good option by comparing connecting flight options available from multiple carriers with a stop or two on the route.

Cheapfaremart helps you compare flights to Belo Horizonte and make a wise selection.

Search flights based on your schedule and convenience book cheap flights to Belo Horizonte. Whether you are an individual or business, secure your airline tickets to Belo Horizonte now.

Airport in Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte International Airport

Airport Code: CNF

Location: The airport is situated in Confins, hence, also referred to as Confins International Airport. The driving distance from Belo Horizonte to Tancredo Neves/Confins International Airport is: 25 miles / 40 km

Hub For: Azul Brazilian Airlines

Focus City For: LATAM Brasil, Gol Airlines

Nonstop Destinations: Belém, Brasília, Campinas, Campo Grande (resumes 1 September 2020), Panama City–Tocumen (resumes 18 September 2020), Rio de Janeiro–Galeão, Rio de Janeiro–Santos Dumont (resumes 2 September 2020)

Airline Choices from USA

  • Aeromexico (AM): Aeroméxico is an airline based in Mexico. Primary hub: Mexico City International Airport (MEX). Secondary hubs: Guadalajara International Airport (GDL); Monterrey International Airport (MTY).
  • American Airlines (AA): Book your ticket with flag carrier airline of the US, also rated as one of the top airlines in North America. The carrier operates with Vrg Linhas Aereas SA.
  • Copa Airlines (CM): If you are on a budget, Copa Airlines, flag carrier of Panama, could help you with its cheap tickets. The hub is at Tocumen International Airport (TCU), which serves as the point of connection. It’s the shortest route to reach Salvador. Hence, fares are cheaper.
  • Azul Brazilian Airlines (AD): When you book your airline ticket with Azul Brazilian Airlines, also known as Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras, your flight is most likely to have its connection at Belo Horizonte (CNF), Campinas (VCP), or Recife (REC).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to visit Belo Horizonte?

The best time to visit Belo Horizonte is from April to September, i.e., winter, which is comparatively dry.  The average highs in April are likely to remain around 82.4 °F (28 °C) and average lows around 68°F. The temperature starts slumping down and becomes more pleasant in June. You can witness highs around 77°F (25°C) and lows around 59°F (15°C).

As June draws in near, it becomes hard to find low-cost flights to Belo Horizonte. You shouldn’t expect the last-minute flight to come at a low rate. It’s recommendable you book it in March or April. The lows dip further by 4 to 6 notches in July, but the highs remain more or less in the same range. From August onwards, the mercury observes an upward move and reaches its peak in February and March, i.e., summer. The highs remain in the range 85-95°F (30-35°C) and the lows in 70-73°F (21.1-22.8 °C).

However, summer is the best time to visit Belo Horizonte if you want to attend the biggest 6-day carnival, i.e., the Carnival of Brazil. Keep in mind the schedule of the festival while booking your airline tickets to Belo Horizonte, Brazil. It begins with Friday before Ash Wednesday (51 days to Easter) and ends with Ash Wednesday midday (45 days before Easter).

What are the top attractions in Belo Horizonte?

Get your plane tickets to Belo Horizonte and explore the capital city of Minas Gerais. Do not miss out these top three places.

1. Pacar da Liberdade

Also known as Freedom square, this place is at the center of the city and designed as the hub of power and administration, government building and the public library. You can find Belo Horizonte flights and hotels inquiries centers near this hub to take a tour of the city on bus or bike rides.

2. Museu de Arte

This boiling built in 1940, stands high in the suburb area of Pampulha and is built by the famous Oscar Niemeyer which was converted in the art museum in 1957. It has works of local artists and collections from around the world, with graphics, painting, sculptures and more.

3. Parque Mangabeys

This park is at the edge of the city, where the slope of Serra doCurral and the streams of Rio das Vehlas converge. The park has a point of optical illusion display where the guides can direct you at and also has forests, lakes, springs, playing fields, etc.

What are the popular adventurous things to do in Belo Horizonte?

The meaning of the Belo Horizonte, a beautiful horizon, is apt to describe its beauty. After making so many fights for the best flights deals to Belo Horizonte, do you want another kind of adrenaline rush? Try out these adventures in Belo Horizonte.

1. Skypoint daytime climb

A guided tour of an entire day, this trip gives you an exhilarating experience of viewing the city from a higher point of perspective. With Café and buffet options, your hunger pangs will be satiated after you reach the Skypoint.

2. Skypoint Twilight Climb

This place has been regarded as the most visited place, and unlike daytime, when you do Twilight climb for the Skypoint, the weather is soothing, the city offers a picturesque view, and the climb shall be reasonable on your pockets.

3. Skypoint Observation Deck

This place offers you a relaxing place with 360 degrees of unique view of the entire city, from the mainland to the downtown. The café and bar at the observation deck offer you one of the most rewarding foods and beers and wine.

What are the top dining and nightlife options in Belo Horizonte?

Excellent wines, strong whiskey, and delicious food are the reasons that drive the crowd to any place. Lucky that Belo Horizonte offers all of them, so why to wait to book plane flights to Belo Horizonte.

1. Comida di Buteco Contes

The fest season in April and May invites hundreds of visitors for a vibrant and happening nightlife in Belo Horizonte. It’s the perfect place to mingle with the locals, fellow tourists and get a chance to be a part of various gastronomical and cultural events.

2. Savassi

Belo Horizonte has this one place that has options for bars, clubs, restaurants, and hotels suited to wallets of all range. Located in the downtown abbey of Belo Horizonte, this place has that sophistication and night culture of parties when the sun goes down.

What are the top shopping options in Belo Horizonte?

If you fly to Belo Horizonte, one thing you wouldn’t want to miss would be shopping your hearts out in the beautiful city of Belo Horizonte.

1. Mercado Central

This shopping delight in the middle of the city is one of the main enthralling charms of Belo Horizonte. You can find everything from meat, cheese, handicrafts, souvenirs, home appliances, and local beers which you can indulge in after your shopping spree.

2. BH Shopping

After you book flights to Belo Horizonte, add BH Shopping on your shopping list, which stands as the largest mall in the city holding for 30 years and counting. Ranging from clothing lines and home appliances, this shopping mall has books, cinemas, restaurants and so much more.

3. Patio Savassi

Since 2004, this place is the trendiest place to hang around in the city and get your fashion wardrobe updates. Apart from big brand stores, this place has excellent Amphitheatre, a food court, multi-cuisine restaurants, live music and more.

How far is Belo Horizonte, Brazil by plane?

The approximate distance and flight time between Belo Horizonte, Brazil and some popular US cities are as follows:

Departure City

Flight Distance

Flight Time

Time Difference

New York

4,569 miles (7352 km)

09 hours 38 minutes

CNF is 1 hour ahead


4,532 miles (7293 km)

09 hours 34 minutes

CNF is 1 hour ahead


4,564 miles (7344 km)

09 hours 38 minutes

CNF is 1 hour ahead

Dallas Fort/Worth

5,034 miles (8101 km)

10 hours 34 minutes

CNF is 2 hours ahead


3,963 miles (6378 km)

08 hours 26 minute

CNF is 1 hour ahead

Las Vegas

6,023 miles (9694 km)

12 hours 33 minutes

CNF is 4 hours ahead

What airlines have nonstop flights to Belo Horizonte from the USA?

No carriers operate nonstop flights to Belo Horizonte.

Which airline has the cheapest air ticket to Belo Horizonte?

Azul Brazilian Airlines, Copa Airlines, Aeromexico

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