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    Top Deals on Buenos Aires Flight Bookings

    The cost of Buenos Aires round trip tickets mentioned on the website are inclusive of fuel surcharges, our service fee, and taxes levied by the airlines and the associated airports. You understand and agree that flight deals to Buenos Aires and the respective airfares are subject to their availability with the airlines. Cheapfaremart, its employees, or affiliates shall not be held responsible for any changes to the disclosed deals and the flight ticket cost.

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    Book Cheap Flights to Buenos Aires on Cheapfaremart

    Cheapfaremart in association with United Airlines, Copa Airlines, Air Canada, Avianca, Aerolinesas and many others brings to you the top Buenos Aires flight deals. We strive to help you book direct flight to Buenos Aires. However, at times, due to over demand, you may find Buenos Aires flight tickets available with 1 or 2 stops in between. Such indirect flights are likely to take extended hours.

    You can book Buenos Aires  flight tickets on your own, or call us on 1-844-869-5222 (Toll-Free). We can advise you to find the right flight and deals.

    What is the Best time to visit Buenos Aires ?

    Extreme cold between December and March deters travellers from booking New York flight tickets. Similar climatic condition holds vacation freaks back when it comes to booking Miami flights between February and July. But, fortunately, Buenos Aires  is a place where you can plan vacation any time of the year. The average high temperature stays around 22-23°C and the average low around 15-18 °C.

    If you want to skip some crowd, we advise  you to book Buenos Aires  flight deals either prior to the summer vacation that usually falls between late June or early July and Late September or early October, or once it completes. Most of the travellers prefer this timing as it helps them to book the cheapest tickets to Caracus as well as the return tickets.

    What are the Top Attractions in Buenos Aires ?

    Teatro Colon

    Recognized for being one of the best theatres in the world, the Teatro Colon celebrated its centenary in 2008.  The theater hosts an array of performances in categories as diverse as Ópera, Ballet, Conciertos, Festival Barenboim, Abono Verde, Colón Contemporáneo, Colón En Familia, Ópera de Cámara, Intérpretes Argentinos, Instituto Superior de Arte, Conciertos fuera de sede, Mozarteum Argentino, to name a few.

    If you want to usher in the world of acoustics and artistic sensibilities then we recommend you to  collect vital information from the contact information given below before booking

    Buenos Aires flight tickets.


    Calle Cerrito 628, Buenos Aires C1010AAN, Argentina

    San Nicolas



    +54 11 4378-7800


    If you are feeling exhausted after the day long sightseeing and adventure, and are looking for the perfect option to relax and rejuvenate, then head to Recoleta, an upscale neighborhood with unlimited choices from its array of cafes, boutiques and galleries and morphs.


    Junin y Guido, Buenos Aires, Argentina



    +54 11 4806-1594

    Puerto Madero

    If the riverfront area makes you witness the economic affluency of Argentenian in the daytime, it brings you the entertainment and culinary sensational once the sun sets. The area is flooded with pricey restaurants and fashionable clubs with offerings ready to satiate your gastronomical appetite and entertain you in the best possible manner. We hope the contact information shared below will help you make the best of best flight deals to Buenos Aires.


    Rosario Vera Penaloza, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Puerto Madero



    +54 11 4515-4600

    Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

    The museum is a pride abode for the  masterpieces of the great European artists dating pre-Renaissance days to the present, and beautifully narrates the culture and life of the progressive society of the era. You can also discover the 19th- and 20th-century Argentine sculptures and paintings. More details regarding the key events including exhibitions, publications, etc. can be collected from its website link given below.


    Avenida Del Libertador 1473, Buenos Aires C1425CKR, Argentina




    +54 52889900

    Dining in Buenos Aires

    From the classic parrillas or steakhouses and thick-cut chips to pizza joints, supper clubs and fine-dining establishments, Buenos Aires presents a diverse food scene. Focus on La Cabrera, La Lechuza, La Brigada and Lo de Jesus, if you have a great appetite for slabs of meat.

    Don Julio, Palermo

    Most of the travellers who have booked Buenos Aires flight tickets with us  so far have appreciated not just the parrillas served here but also the ambience, and the unique style of hospitality and the demeanor of its staff. Wondering what is a Parrillas or La Parrilla? Well it’s barbecued or charcoal-grilled meat, a popular cuisine of the locals particularly consumed in the spring and winter season. The restaurant strikes a perfect balance between traditional and indulgent culinary practices. Interested in knowing the cooking methodology? Don’t worry. The dining room looks into an open kitchen. So you can witness the making of the great dishes like the bife de chorizo (sirloin), lomo (tenderloin) and mollejas (sweetbreads) to name a few.


    Guatemala 4699, +54 11 4832 6058. For a main, drink and dessert expect to pay around 220 pesos per person (£16)

    Cuartito, Recoleta

    This traditional pizza restaurant as well as a steakhouse has a rich legacy that dates back to 1934. Though the beginning of pizza is associated with the immigration of Italians, its culinary practices have evolved over the time acquiring the classic taste of Argentina. The pizza it sells are of typical thick bready base, tomato and mozzarella. Other variants of pizza include fugazzeta (pizza base topped with curly onion strips) and fainá (a dense chickpea flatbread). The locals are so fond of the dish that you can find them flocking in cutting the barriers of ages and classes.


    Talcahuano 937, +54 11 4816-1758, galería cuartito.com.ar. Pizza slice, 12 pesos (90p)

    Don Carlos, La Boca

    Located in close proximity to blue-and-yellow Boca Juniors stadium, this is a historical parrillas that sees master chefs to the likes of Francis Mallmann who have earned astronomical success. The best thing about the sport is that the parrillas doesn’t have a pre-defined menu. The dishes are served based on the interests and preference of the customers visiting at the moment.


    Brandsen 699, +54 11 4362 2433. Get a taxi there and back at night. For a starter, main and dessert without drinks, expect to pay around 180 pesos (£14)

    Nightlife in Buenos Aires

    While talking about San Francisco flights, we appreciated the city for its live music and DJs and, likewise in the context of Las Vegas flights, we highlighted the entertainment and nightlife options available there. But they seem to be no match to Buenos Aires when it comes to 24-hour partying. Going for a dinner at 1.00 am doesn’t raises eyebrow here. At midnight, you can step down to take a stroll and have your ice cream.  There is no dearth of clubs and bars ready to serve the best of music, drinks, cocktails at your behest.

    Adventures in Buenos Aires

    The flight deals to Buenos Aires offers you a host of adventurous activities. From the ultimate city bike tour to sailing the river plate, to sculling tours around tigre and equestrian adventure, to playing soccer with the locals and exploring costanera sur avenue, and so on, there list of adventures goes limitless.

    How to Reach Buenos Aires

    Book tickets to Buenos Aires via the Buenos Aires international airport or the Ministro Pistarini International Airport. At times, if you are struggling getting Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo flights, or to cities in Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, we recommend you to try the booking from the Aeroparque Jorge Newbery airport, situated in the Palermo district.
    At Cheapfaremart, we bring to you the best deals on Buenos Aires flights. In addition, we can help you find the best deals on Chicago flights, Las Vegas flights, Dallas flights and so on. For further details, call us on 1-844-869-5222 (Toll-Free).

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