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Cheapfaremart brings to you an array of competitive Cairns airfares to choose from. Thanks to its liaison with key flight service providers. You can book tickets to Cairns online, or may call us to seek help of our customer service professionals in doing the same. So be ready explore this nature’s paradise marked by Daintree tropical rainforest to the north, the Great Barrier Reef to the east, and timberland to the west. Cairns, serving as a gateway to Queensland, is a mix of nature and modern hi-tech infrastructure. Yes, you heard that right, from picturesque and breathtaking lush green forests and sparkling coral reef to modern shopping malls and pubs, Cairns embraces leaves none of them. So you will have ample moments to capture in your camera.

What is the Best time to visit Cairns?

It’s always imperative to know the weather or the climate before visiting a place. We not just help you find the best deals on Cairns flights, but also make sure you hit the place at the right time. So what is the best time to visit Cairns? To know the answer, we collaborated with regional tourism organizations and travel operators. They all agreed upon the fact that August is the best time to visit Cairns. To understand the reason, let’s look at the climate during the year: (a) Average temperatures: Max – 26.5°C (79.7°F), Min – 17.4°C (63.3°F); Average Precipitation – 8 mm/day; and (b) Travel in this period means avoiding school holidays. Hence, you get a favorable weather to explore the world of beauty.

What are the Top Attractions in Cairns?

1. Great Barrier Reef

It would be crazy to book Cairns flight deals and leave this world’s greatest coral reef system, which is estimated to be some 600 years old unattended. To get acquainted with the marine nature and the lives therein thoroughly travellers often choose snorkeling. The reef is located on the Green Island, which is home to

2. Green Island

A forty-five minutes to one hour drive from Cairns takes you to the place. This unique ecosystem can be explored well either through a glass bottom boat or snorkeling. The former is for those who don’t want to risk anything or just want to stay dry, and the later who wants to have an adrenaline rush and spectacular view of the aqua lives. In addition, there is one more option, Seawalking, that’s exciting yet less risky. If you have kids interested to explore the marine lives, it would be the best option. One can walk on the floor of the sea as comfortably as walking on the ground. There are a range of culinary options available with the restaurant and café located in the proximity.

3. Daintree Rainforest

An hour and half drive from Cairns takes you to the Daintree rainforest, a tropical rain forest that is home to a wide range of flora and fauna. This pre-historic rainforest is as old as the history of dinosaurs. Some trees are around 300 to 350 years old. If you are scared of wild lives, then make your way through Aerial walkway and Canopy Tower. In the morning and evening, the moisture often forms a blanket of mist covering the forest that make the beam of sunlight to struggle to reach the ground. Warning signboards are common here asking travellers to beware of the wild lives.

4. Fitzroy Island

Booked your Cairns airfare deals, but wondering as what would be the ideal destination to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind? Fitzroy Island is the perfect answer for it. This is a destination focused a little more towards relaxation as opposed to the active side of things. Travellers booking Cairns flight deals with Cheapfaremart often recall their experience of visiting Turtle Rehabilitation Center. Travellers enjoy the educational tour organized by the center.

Dining in Cairns

Dining in Cairns provides you with unlimited choices to make from fresh local produce, particularly seafood cooked on traditional practices to  exotic international dishes that the globalizing economies and thriving tourism industry has roped in. Thanks to the restaurateurs and hoteliers here who know to honor the taste, budget, atmosphere requirements of their guests that you are never going to feel alien despite being away from home. So, whether you are an Asian, Chinese, French, Greek, Indian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, or Thai, or from other demographics, you will find a menu for you in Cairns.

Nightlife in Cairns

What does Cairns nightlife have to offer for me? You are not alone to have the question. Every traveller looking for the top deals on Cairn flight bookings is eager to know it in advance. Well, whether you are single, married or have kids in the family, Cairns nightlife presents you with all that you might have dreamt about your golden lifetime vacation. You are in for the best party in Cairns and make the most of your Cairns Airfares. The city provides you a wide range of hand-picked nightclubs, bars and pubs serving local beers, fruity cocktails or spirits or any beverage that you place an order for.

Well, if you are not interested in drinking, Cairns nightlife has something very special for you. Chalk out some night time tours to experience the local culture and adventure. Shows like Tjapakui By Night, Flames of the Forest, Paronella Park by night, to name a few, are to add brownie points to your travel experience.

Shopping in Cairns

Whether you want to shop to get well dressed to make a signature out on the beach, collect some souvenir like pearls, prints, etc., or just spend some quality time, shopping malls, galleries and avenues in Cairns welcome you wholeheartedly. From international boutiques to Australian ones, Cairns has got covered all of them at one place. If you got your tickets to Cairns booked, you may note down these shopping hubs: Cairns Central Shopping Centre, Cairns Regional Gallery, Doongal Aboriginal Art, DFO Cairns, Underart Gallery, Night Markets

How to Reach Cairns

Cairns International Airport is the key airport that connects the city to global and domestic places. It’s 7 km (4 mi) north of Cairns City, tucked between CBD and the Northern Beaches. The airport has got a domestic as well as an international terminal, and has been revamped to meet the growing demands of travellers.

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